Wuhan - Jianli Expressway

military prison synonyms generally refers Wuhan highway - Highway Jianli


Wu Wuhan to monitor highway into Lake (Han Hong highway), Honghu to Jianli (Hong highway supervisor ) two-stage construction.

Han Hong highway is the Southwest Corridor Wuhan eight fast export channels, a total length of 49 km, with a total investment of 2.426 billion yuan. Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, the starting point for the city's main thoroughfares River City Boulevard, the Zone, Caidian District, Hannan, then the end of the Han Jing highway Dongjin Bridge, and about to start Jianli Lake to Highway docking. Which dunkou Plum Road to Junshan 9.18 km six-lane two-way exchange, Junshan exchange Dongjin Bridge to the end of a two-way four-lane 36.911 km, was built in Hannam-exchange cable 2.542 km. The exit road southwest of the city is an important export channel, the main connecting Wuhan city circle of Honghu, Jianli and other regions. Along the way there are small army mountain, Hannan (Shamao), (Hannan) Sleeve, (Hannan) Xiang mouth, (Honghu) New Beach 5 out of toll stations, vehicle design speed of 110 km / h. It was opened to traffic May 28, 2009.

Hong supervisor highway from the new beach Dongjin Bridge, connecting the new beach town with new interoperability beach after beach road from the new industrial park west of the crossing, cross the ditch and happiness Hanyang ditch, to Shen Jia Wan cross in the Jinghe at Tai Shahu field five inter-provincial road 103, and connects Datong Lake, Grand Lake, Longkou, old Bay and other towns by Datong Lake communicate, move the old route across the north side of Huang Wan (Ieguchi) old (Bay) transfer highway, Courtyard at the embankment territory in Datong across the lake again within Jinghe, to Dongfanghong Wulin seven teams at the waist opening bank across town, the route into the Honghu flood diversion area carved blocks, cross within Jinghe, the creek into the edge of Honghu city, with a group of red Village office at the Lake Honghu city planning and construction of the access road and connected welcome Honghu Honghu city by setting the exchange, after the route is substantially parallel to Highway 103 before OK, new embankment across the river, new river embankment drainage, Luoshan main canal, Luoshan bank, the boundary river, home port in Korea to enter the territory of Jianli County, across the river Yang Lin, intersects with the mountain highway in Mao Qiaocun a group, to reach the terminal.

progress of construction

2009 Nian 5 28, Wu highway supervisor (Han Hong segment) highway opened to traffic. Drive from the Hankou, the Moon Lake Bridge, River City Boulevard, on the Han Hung high speed, the Honghu City less than two hours.

2012 to start the construction of the highway supervisor Wu Hung monitoring section (Hong prison Highway), invested 2.5 billion yuan in 2014 to complete the task, due to schedule delays, and not open to traffic by the end of 2016. Jingzhou City has decided to "high-speed military prison" project to recover, Hubei Province has been determined by the general contractor to trading.

2017 Nian 10 28, flood monitoring highway resumption of work, duration of 14 months, is expected to open to traffic before the Spring Festival in 2019.

2019 Nian 9 28 morning, flood monitoring new highway Honghu Honghu City Beach to the opening of trial operation period.

2019 Nian 11 25, flood monitoring highway Lake City to Jianli Tsugeki rural section 36.13 kilometers already passed the date of acceptance.

2020 at 16 o'clock on January 21 afternoon, Hong Honghu city to monitor highway traffic Jianli section. So far, all through flood highway operations supervisor, also marks the military prison Freeway through operations.


military prison highway north and Hong Kong and Macao Expressway (formerly the Beijing-Zhuhai National Trunk Road) intersects the outer section of Wuhan, Jing Yue Yangtze River Bridge south into by Shun will take Hunan Province Yueyang City, Hunan Hong Kong and Macao Expressway double-track (ie to linwu Yueyang expressway, planning completed in 2010), constitute two longitudinal tie-line area of ​​road transport a major thoroughfare, and effective sharing of Hong Kong and Macao Expressway traffic pressure. For the implementation of the project to supplement and improve national, regional highway network and the backbone road network in Hubei to play the motorway network efficiency, improve transport efficiency and strengthen the road network support capability it will have great significance.

After the flood monitoring Freeway, not only to strengthen Wuhan and Honghu City, the economic exchanges and promote social and economic development along the region, but also played a Hong Kong and Macao Expressway in Hubei Province on the southern section of double track from function function, relieve traffic pressure on Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao Expressway.

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