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Basic Introduction

World Association (4)

Hakka is a non-people. After thousands of years, it has formed a large legendary group of the Chinese nation in the fight against nature and fate. More than 250 million guests have a growing role in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, and play an increasingly important role in the world's political, operation, and cultural life. Especially the guest entrepreneurs are more important overseas.

World Association insists that corporate membership services are purpose, pragmatic innovation. At the world, entrepreneurs can exchange, strengthen linkage, interaction, complementary advantages, strong combination, and strong combination, and strong combination. Promote cooperation between the global base of customers in various economic sectors of commerce investment, enabling Overseas Chinese guest entrepreneurs to grow economic development, and contribute to residential countries in economic development, thus improving Hakka in local politics Economic status. The World Passenger Chamber will guide the global entrepreneur to care about the development of the motherland, assist members return to the country to invest in entrepreneurship. On the basis of mutual benefit, contribute to national construction, for hometown, the interests. And enthusiastic to consult an assessment service in China's investment in China, providing legal aid assistance and coordinating the problem encountered in investment. The World Passenger Chamber of Commerce will actively organize and participate in social welfare undertakings.

World Passenger Chamber of Commerce will continue to absorb worldwide elites, entrepreneurs, Guangna Hakka, constantly growing their own strength, in order to promote Hakka culture, the spirit of the master, the construction of the motherland For the exchange of crossings on the strait, the strength of the motherland has contributed to the unremitting efforts of the world.

On October 27, 2003, the World Passenger Cultural Center, which is built by the World Passenger Chamber of Commerce, laid the foundation in Zhengzhou City, Hakka, and came to Zhengzhou. The World Association of the World Associated World Association and the leaders of Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, attended the foundation ceremony.

In July 2018, Sichuan Railway Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Sichuan Turbo) and the World Passenger Chamber of Commerce signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. According to the contents of the agreement, the two sides will focus on the implementation of comprehensive cooperation in infrastructure construction such as railways, highways, ports and rail transit in terms of infrastructure construction such as railways, expressways, ports, and project investment, and implementation of multi-win strategic objectives.

On November 1, 2019, the World Passenger Chamber of Commerce with National Investment Environment, Water Environmental Group held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation framework agreements. The World Passenger Chamber of Commerce, Beijing Hakka Overseas Association, relevant person in charge of overseas entrepreneur, group company President Guo Zhongjie, secretary of the Board of Directors, Wang Weidong, Strategic Development Department, State Investment Biology, Water Environment Group, participated in the meeting and signing ceremony.

In April 2020, the United States Chicago Hakka Association, the World Passenger Chamber of Commerce passed the Meizhou Red Cross, Meizhou Overseas Chinese Federation donated a group of materials to support Meizhou hometown against the epidemic.

Leadership member

World Overseas Chinese Journalist: Li Jinsong

World Overseas Chinese News President: Li Guowei

World Overseas Chinese News Editor: Old Guanxiang

Director of the World Overseas News News: Yang Ju Ping

Director of the World Overseas Chinese Newspaper Department: Liang Weichen

World Passenger General Chairman: Van Chengyi

World President General Chamber of Chamber of Commerce: Wu Bo Xiong

World President of the World Association: Qiu Meiyi

World Passenger Chamber of Commerce Honor Long: Xiong Ronglong, Deng Kun, He Yumei, Zhan Zhang Xiujiao

World Passenger Chamber of Commerce Executive Director: Li Guowei, Shen Feng Yun, Shangguan Qiu Yan

Vice Chamber of Chamber of the World Association: Xu Yingkun, Liu Xiushen, Huang Guixiang, Luo Zhiming, Tian Baowu, Liu Yuanshun, Fan Jiangbing

World Passenger Chamber of Commerce: Chuanji, Xie Meizhi, Liu Dazhen, Peng Wukun, Qiu Minxiong, Deng Xiufeng, Yan Yuan, Jiangantai , Pan Pengn, Fan Guangshun, Zhang Ronglin, Li Zhongrong, Lai Jiaji, Xu Haoyuan, Gu Qiuxiang, Huang Qiufeng, Xu Rui, Luo Fang, Qiu Hongbin, Jin Jun, Luo Huan, Yang Fengshuo, Tu Wenkui, Su Han Yong, Lu Jinyan, Gu Ming Biography

World Passenger Chamber of Commerce: Tang Fulong

World Association of General Chamber of Commerce: Chen Yuezhen, Gu Jianqi

World Association Supervision : Tu Wenxiong, Zhang Yongneng, Su Mingzhu, Peng Wanda, Qiu Guangyan, Xu Longsheng, Wang Yumei, Lin Ruiling, Zeng Yaling, Xie Huilan, Xie Yongmao

World Passenger Chamber of Commerce Secretary-General: Li Yuanhu

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