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"Article 8 Generation Decision", this sentence is Su Shi praised Han Yu in "Chaozhou Hanwen Temple", from Han Yu in the history of Chinese literature And its literary achievements, not the resignation of the proliferation.

"eight generations" refers to the "eight generations" refers to the Eastern Han, Wei, Jin, Song, Qi, Liang, Chen, Sui, these dynasties are 骈 文 文 文 文 骈 骈 到 时 时 时 代 代 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈 骈In addition, it is also possible to understand the "eight generation" from the perspective of the virtual perspective.

"decay" is a for the eighth generations. A "deci" word, expressed the deduction and dissatisfaction of Tang and Song Dynasty. From the development of 骈文, this description is not subjective color, but it is still very accurate. Because after the two promotions, 骈 文 风 气, 不 分 内容 内容, almost no text, no words, move towards the formalism; the contents of the wind flowers snowy moon, children's morality, diseaseless 呻吟, tend to fall.

to the Tang Dynasty, Han Yu, Liu Zongyuan launched a very vast ancient sports, advocating writing prose in the form of a single line of scatter sentence, making this prose gradually replaced the previous 骈 文 and last for thousands of years. In this movement, Han Yu's creation is not available, and with excellent theory and creation practice, the artistic life of classical prose has opened up a Kangzhuang Avenue for the historical development of the prose. Therefore, it is not easy to say that others' Su Shi is also in the "Chaozhou Hanwen Temple Temple".

Wen Creation Theory: He believes that the road (ie benevolence) is the purpose and content, the text is the means and form, emphasizing the text, Wenyo, with the road. Advocate ancient Qinshen Qin two Han Qi, and learn from Zhuang Zhou, Qu Yuan, Sima Qian, Sima Xiangru, Yang Xiong 's work. The ideological ancient ancient should be innovated on the basis of inheritance, adhere to the "words must be", "Chen speak". Pay attention to the moral cultivation of the writer, put forward health theory, "Qi Sheng's shortness of the shortness of the words is suitable" ("Answer Li Wei"). Propose the argument of "inequality". It is believed that the author's unequering emotions is the reason for deepening the ideas of works. In terms of work style, he emphasizes "odd" and is kind.

Han Yu 's prose, poetry creation, has achieved his theory. It has excellent achievements of various genresses such as guys, poems, 赞, 说, 传, 记, 颂, praises, books, order, lament, sacrifices, surnsic, shaped, table, and essays.

The discussion is an important role in Korean. In the middle, long articles, "原道", "原 论", "origin", "master", "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " Mobilizing the current scriptures, short stories, "Miscellaneous", "Len Lin Xi", metaphor, is unusual, sent to the extension; long articles such as "send", "into the learning", use the question and answer form, the brush touch, concept, front Painted. Discussion on literary thoughts and writing experience, genre, multi-change, image fantasy, and superb theoretical. The narrative is large in Korean. Learning the Confucian scriptures, such as "Pinghuai West Mountain", use "Shangshu" and "Ya", "颂" genre, the space is grand, the statement is strong, the "Draw" is a lot of characters, and the writing is deviated. "Shang Shu · Guifei", "Zhou Li, Queen". Inheriting the "Historical Record" historical prose, such as the name "Zhang Zhongyu passed the post-Syrian", integrated narrative, discuss, lyrics in a furnace. Learn "Historical Record", "Han Shu", depicting people vivid and unspentable, such as "Test Hair Review Wang Jun Epimdiction", "Qinghe Zhang Jun Tuli Ming", etc. Remember the literary friends, you can highlight different writers, such as "Liu Ziqi Teveling Ming", "Nanyang Fan Shaosu Textprint", "Mr. Zi Mr. Epitaph", etc. However, in a large number of tombstones and epitaph, Han Yu also has some "谀 谀", and it has been smeared.

The essence in the lyrics, a class of written flesh, use the prose form, break through the four words rhyme rhyme, such as "sacrifice 12 Lang Wen"; a class of friends to friendship and trouble life, four words rhyme, Such as "Sacrifice Henan Zhang Man", "Sacrifice willow". In addition, letters such as "Meringo Book", the gift, such as "send Yang Shaoyin,", etc., is also a masterpiece with certain appeal. Han Yu also has some prose, such as "Mao Ying Chuan", "Shi Ding Lian Shu Qin", completely from fiction, close to the legendary novel. Han Yu is abundant, and the road is open, the parity is interlaced, and the kindness is kind; or the storm, or the artistic features are diversified; sweeping the Six Dynasties.

He is good at abandoning the predecessor language, refining the spoken language, such as "Fly Camp" ("sending"), "The same work", "I have a harm" ("Entering" ), Etc., more in Korean. He advocated "Wen from the Words", created a written prose language in the speech, expanding the expression of the geography of the text. But he also has a crucifix. Self-calling "If you do not have time, you only have a self" ("send"), there is a certain impact on the later generation. Han Yu is also a famous poetry, and the artistic features are odd, and the light monster is mainly. Such as "Lu Hill Mountain Fire and Huangfu uses its rhyme", "Yue Eject Effect Yuchuan Make" is whimsy; "Nanshan Poetry", "Yueyang Building, Dou Si", "Meng Dongno lost", etc. The realm is majestic. But Han Shi is often flowing in the singularity, and is in a rhyme. Han Yue also has a kind of simple and natural poem. Korean poetry and near body workers, but there is a preliminary article. Such as the seven law "left move to the blue customs showed the sage Sun Xiang", "answer Zhang Xuan Cao", "Question", seven "Sub-Shaoguan first sent Zhang 12 Elders", "Question Chu Zhaowang Temple", etc.

The future generation is quite high for Han Yu, respecting him for the first of Tang Song Dynasty. Du Mu put Han Wen and Du Shi, called "Du Shi"; Su Shi called him "the end of the generation of eight generations". Han Liu advocated ancient sports, opened up the road of development in the Tang Dynasty. Han Shi strives to be novelty, heavy, and has an original work. Han Yu is a poem, introducing new ancient language, chapter, skills into poetry, enhancing the expression of poetry, expanding the field of poetry, correcting the mediocrity style since the calendar (766 ~ 780). But it also brings a talented, drain theory, and pursuit of distress. In particular, in the style of poetry, even the articles, the poems are written to rhyme, and the poems after the Song Dynasty have a negative impact.

Han Yu's profile

Article 8 generations of failure (2 photos)

"Working Eight-generation Decades" Han Yu, It is a legendary color. He is three years old and lonely, leaning on his adult. Huai Jin hit Yu, full of ruthenics, but the name, the hard work, Jingsan and the first. After walking into the hospital, I was straightforward. I didn't want to say anything. I couldn't blame the Yangshan, and I used to be a doctor, and the three gods were displaced, and they couldn't surprise the sea. From political officials, don't do it, benefit people; write a pen, diarrhea, bead, becoming a generation of masters.

Han Yu (768 ~ 824), Tang Dynasty literary staff, philosopher. Word retreat. Henan Heyang (now Mengxian) people, the ancestral Changli, the world, the world, Han Changli, in his later years, served, and also known as Han.谥 "Wen", also known as Han Wengong, Northern Wei aristocrat descendants, Father Zhongqing, for the bureaucrat. Han Yu 3 years old and funeral. Han Han will raise it. After the Han will derogate the official to Guangdong. After the brothers and sorrows, Zheng's north is returned to Heyang. Immediately moved to Xuancheng. 7-year-old reading, 13 years old, from the solitary and lonely, Liang Su is studying, the heart is ancient training, 20 years old, go to Changan, the trial, three tests. 25 years old, Join the scholar, then three trials, Hung Huoxue did not choose, and then went to Dong Jin, Xuzhou, Zhang Jianfeng, the second day of Zhang Jianzhan, and later, Zi Jing, official four doctors. 36-year-old supervisory history, because of the hunger of drought in the book, please reduce the taxation of taxes, reflecting the political affairs, being devalued as Yangshan. Shunzong is right, use the Wang Shuwen Group to carry out political reforms, he holds his opposition. Emperor constitution is in the country, and it is the country of China. Change the Henan Order, the relocated partner outside the lang, and the officials came to the prince. Due to the success of the official, the right is not ambiguous. 50-year-old, from the extent of the banquet, Wu Yuanji rebellion, Ren Wong Mission, implements the proposition of strengthening centralized centralization against the town departure. After the Huaixi is set, he will raise his man. He excluded Buddhism in his life. Yuan and fourteen years (819) Constitution welcomed the Buddha bark, he didn't care, and he was in the history of charting. Move Yuanzhou. Soon, I will return to the DPRK, and the Chinese bismuth will sacrifice the wine, the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry, the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of Military, and Jing Zhao Yin and others. When the Ministry of the Ministry of War, Zhenzhou Wang Ting took the rebellion, he went to the public and success. In the end, this stage is political. Han Yu life, there is a tree in politics and literature, and the main achievement is literature. He opposes the 骈文 骈 since Wei Jin, advocating ancient Chinese, and has conducted long-term fierce struggles. Because of his advocacy of Liu Zongyuan, I finally formed an ancient movement of the Tang Dynasty and opened up the road of the ancient Chinese since the Tang Dynasty. His poetry has an original achievement and has an important impact on the development of Song poetry.

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