Work neighbor


The copyright of the copyright is a type of copyright, refers to the right of the copyright owner. Works adjacent authority refers to the works of the works, such as books, newspapers, recording, recording products publishers, artistic performers, etc.

The objective aspect of the copy of the book is manifested as the purpose of profit, violates the copyright management regulations, and violates the authority of the copyright authority, violations of the copyright of others are regarded as infringement, and the amount of illegal income is large or there is Other serious circumstances, to pursue legal responsibility.

Neighboring rights

Copyright refers to the general name of personal rights and property rights enjoyed by the author and other copyrights on literature, art, and scientific works.

Works adjacent the rights is the right of the works of the work provider to the propagation form of the work, is from the right to copyright, similar or similar, is from copyright One of the rights.

The difference between the two is mainly in the following:

(1) The main body is different. The subject of copyright is the creator of intellectual works, including natural persons and legal persons; the subject of neighboring rights is publisher, performer, audio-visual producer, radio and television organization, except for performers, almost all are legal people.

(2) The protective object is different. The object of copyright protection is literature, art and scientific works; objects protected by adjacent rights are processed after processed. The former reflects the author's creative labor, the latter mainly reflects the creative labor of the communicator.

(3) is different. Copyright mainly refers to the personal rights and use, benefits, disputes such as the work and the use, benefit, disposal of the copyright, and the content of the neighboring rights are mainly the rights of the publisher's book, and the performer's rights, audio and video producers The rights of audio-visual products, radio television organizations, the right of broadcasting, TV programs, etc.

(4) is different from protected. Works can be obtained from copyright protection as long as they are in accordance with statutory conditions; the adjacent rights shall be premised on the authorization of the authority and reuse of the work.

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