Wood accumulation

Synonym forest accumulation generally refers to the amount of wood accumulation


"accumulation amount", which is limited to the unmovable forest, continuous growth and continuous accumulation. It usually includes wood accumulation, split forest accumulation, bulk forest accumulation, "four side" tree storage. Generally, most of the volume of live wooden volume (such as one country, one area), can count the total volume of different live wood according to the tree species, diameter, material, etc., respectively. The amount of wood accumulation is an important indicator that reflects a country or regional productivity, and there is a regular change with the conditions such as tree species and grounding conditions.

Wood accumulation


The world's timber accumulation reached 31 million cubic meters, and the most small amount of timber accumulation is Russia, Brazil, USA, Canada, China, Indonesia. The highest per capita wood accumulation is South America (428 cubic meters), the minimum area (17 cubic meters) in Asia. The province, the province of China's timber, and the district is Heilongjiang (14.37 million cubic meters), Tibet (14.0 billion cubic meters), Yunnan (10.97 million cubic meters), Sichuan (1049 million cubic meters), Inner Mongolia (898 million cubic meters).

to 2030, China's forest accumulation will increase 6 billion cubic meters in 2005.

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