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Content Introduction

Thirteen included the "four books and five passages", founded by Confucius, the beginning of the emperor burn, after the establishment of Economics, the governor, the rulers of the past, Often a child, advocate the filial piety, to the Southern Song, Zhu Xi, Zhu Xi, is a must-have to test the special subject of Kaisher, and it is necessary to promote it. "It is useful to use", with the strong people in Titu, it is an important period of the ever-developed development.

In order to inherit this excellent cultural heritage, it is convenient for the readers who have a sense of exclusive study to read the 13th class, and Sanqin Publishing House, this article is hereby launched, and the translation of the translation of the translation.

All content of this book is a venue, and the experts have been compiled, powerful, and with illustrations, vivid images, and is also a treasure of the collection.

This book directory

"Zhou Yi"



dry first

Kun second


Meng No. 4

required 5

Point 6

than the eighth

小畜 九 第 九

Thai eleventh

No. 12

The thirteenth

of the same person has the fourteenth

Qian's fifteenth

Henan 16 / P> < P> With the seventh

第 18

episode 202

20 1

第二 十

stripping twenty-third

complex twenty-fourth

ineffection second fifteen

Astoat 26

颐 27 / p>

Big 28

Kan 29

from the thirtieth

salty thirty-one


遁 33

Daxiang 34

Jin 35

Mingyi 36

Family 37

睽 睽 38

蹇 蹇 39

解 第 第四 四四 第


Yizhi 42

夬 夬 43

姤 44

Extra 4th Five

Listening 46

Distressed 47th

Well 48

Leather 49 < / p>

Ding fifty

The fifty-one


gradually fifty-third

妹 54

Feng 55

brigade fifty-sixth


" Shang Shu "

" Book of Songs "

" Zhou Li "

" 礼 "

" 礼记 "

< P> "Er"

"Spring and Autumn Left"

"Spring and Autumn Ram"

"Spring and Autumn Valley Liang Chuan"

"Filial Piety"





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