White burns

Main material

like 1 cut.


豉 豉 皇.


1, 1 象 拔 蚌, remove the shell, batch the film.

2, in the pot, half a pot water, the water is boiled, put the batch of meat, immediately remove the disc, mix well with the emperor.

Vegetables Characteristics

Meat tender and flexible.

Nutrition value

Nutrition enriched

象 蚌 简 简 <


拔蚌 原 产 于 美国 美国 北 优 大 大 大 大 优 优 优 大 优 大 大 优 优 大 优 大 优 优 大 优 大 优 优 大 优 优 优 优 大 大 大 优 优 优At present, the annual production volume of Canada is 2000-3,000 tons, mainly sold to Southeast Asia, with an annual income of $ 3-400 million. Among them, there is 1000-1200 tons per year, worth 1-1.5 billion US dollars.

蚌 类, the water temperature of the sea area is 3-23 ° C (after 3 years of development, it is currently adapted to the water temperature of 0-25 ° C, when the water temperature is less than 25 ° C Guangdong can carry out anti-season breeding in winter and in the spring of the next year, the salinity is 27 ‰ -32 ‰, the perch is mainly coated, the water is 3-18 meters, the buried depth is related to the individual size, generally 50- 80 meters.

Piece of the seedling is very strong when the shell is 5-10 cm, and it is only 5 minutes. Generally, it takes only 5 minutes; the shell is 15 cm or more, which is lost and dive, life, life No longer move.

It is rapidly growing in 4 years before the exuberant, 1 orchard is 5-6 cm, weighs 36-40 grams; 2-year-old shell is 8-10 cm long, weighs 200-250 grams; 3-year-old shell 10-12 cm long, weighing 400-500 grams; 4-year-old shell is 12-15 cm long, 500-800 grams. As the age increases, the seashell grows slowly, but the molluspension can continue to continue, and the life can reach more than 100 years.

The egg rate is high, reaching 60% -70%, of which the main edible part is the water pipe muscle, accounting for 30% -35% of total consumption, and 81 kcalts per 100 grams. , 14.4 grams of protein, 1.3 grams of fat, high nutritional value.

is like a female and female doomes, the annual breeding season is generally in May to July, and the period is from May to June. The individual produced ovulation of 1000-200 million, and the water temperature temperature was 14-17 ° C. The extravatal extent is 82 microns, and the fertilized egg is 4-5 days, developing a D-shaped larvae (1 20-130 microns); 10-12 days developed shells (1 60-180 microns); 30 days of larvae As the metamorphosis, the shell is from 350-400 microns.

The single-cell algae in seawater is food, and sediments and organic crumble can also be filtered. The main enemy of the pulse is a crab, starfish, snail and 鲽 and other fish, Chengbecha hits the sea, there is a strong protection ability

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