Synonym Write River Wetland Generally refers to the Naga Wetland

Geographical Environment

Tin Gunner Wetland is now autonomous region-level nature protected areas (Inner Mongolia Raga Wetland Autonomous Region Nature Reserve), located in the intersection of the root river, the River River, the Holbi Dry River and the Hawu River. Also include root river, Holbi Dry River, Haval River and river roofabams, willows, salt alkali grass, water and their tributary. The Ricuna wetland contains a particularly wide range of alluvial plains and has formed a delta. It is the most complete and largest wetland in my country today, is known as "Asian First Wetland".


The Trigona Wetland Tourism Area is a small part of the Nagon wetland, located in the northwest suburbs of Laburin Town, Hulunbeier, 3 km from the city, about 3 km from the city 3 square kilometers. The topography here is gentle, and the tributary roots of the Turgun River flows from here, forming spectacular and beautiful river wetland landscape.

River is like a silver jade belt curvedly on the flat grassland, because the river curved bending is straight and formed in the green grass in the green grass, like A string of gems, rivers, lakes, and vegetation have changed in four seasons, and the scenery has a clever painting. The natural scenery is not satisfactory.



Root river wetland scenery (4 photos)

尔 古 物 丰富, wild The vascular bundle plants have 404 of the 67th sects; the wild land spine has a 4-year 268 noodle 56 subjects. In the drought season, due to a more stable water, sufficient wetlands, it is a very important shelter, which is a very important asylum of birds, is the "bottleneck" of the global bird East Asian Australian migration route, and spending this every year, the breeding handle The birds reached 20 million, one of the most important breeding plants in the world, about 45 pairs, accounting for 4% of the total number of Global Dand Cranes: is also one of the important sides of the world's endangered species, about 2000 Only, accounting for 4% of the global total; the number of big and small swans who stayed here account for 17% and 19%, respectively, and here is an important area of ​​world bird protection.

The entire wetlands are very beautiful, a flat and natural. The landscape such as horseshoe is even more shocking. Different from the scenes of the four time, visitors can be viewed.

Transportation Information

Hailar ride to Rabin Town, Racona, from 7: 30-17: 30, a car every 40 minutes, car is about 2 Hours; go to Labin Town, then chartered or truck to the scenic spot, about 3 kilometers.

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