Western Europe


Terrain is dominated by plains, mountains; mountains are mainly distributed in southeastern United Kingdom and France. There are rivers such as the world's busiest shipping channel in English, the Rhine, Seine, the River, the River Thames.

Most regions are temperate maritime climate, we are located in the west wind strip, the climate is warm, and the precipitation is abundant and uniform. The inland area is a temperate continental climate and a small part of the southern part is a Mediterranean climate.

is the earliest area of ​​modern science and technology, and is also one of the most developed areas of the world economy. It has developed industrial, agriculture and foreign trade. Coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron, potassium salt and other minerals.

Important Harbor has London, Liverpool (English), Marseille, Brussels, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, etc. There are famous cities such as London, Paris, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Marseille. In addition to Monaco, the remaining 6 countries are members of the European Economic Community. Generalized Western Europe refers to all capitalist countries in Europe. Located in the western region of Europe, the central and northern parties. The highest in Europe is the south of the Alps, and its main dry extension is the Carpathian Mountains. It is extended to the southeast to the narrow Alpes Mountains. It is extended to the Yacheng Mountains and extends to the southworthy into the Billyn Mountains. The northern Scandinavian peninsula has Scandinavian mountains. The central part is mainly distributed. Southern and Icelandic multi-volcanic earthquake.

The Mediterranean coast is subtroveed in the summer and winter wet climate, and most of the remaining parts are temperate wet climate. There are mines such as coal, iron, oil. Most countries are developed capitalist countries, industrial, agriculture, foreign trade and transportation transportation.


Western Terrain

⒈ plain is mainly, the terrain is low, the plain is large, the important plain has Pod Plains, Western European plains; north and south There is a wide range of mountains, and the Navia Mountains in the north, there is a Alps in the South. Mont Blanc is 4810 meters and is the highest peak in the western Europe.

⒉⒉ 冰⒉ 冰 作 冰显

Northern: Effectiveness, Glacier, Bay, Ice Lake, coastline. The most typical in Scandinavian Peninsula.

Southern: Glacier planing, multi-U-Valley, Peak, ice hood, ice lake, and ice 碛, form a corrugated hill. The most typical in the Alps area.


⒈ World Location: The northwest of the Eastern Hemisphere, the west of the Asiana continent. West of Atlantic, Northern Arctic Ocean, Nanzhonghai, and Black Sea.

⒉⒉ Location: located 43 degrees north latitude --- Norta latitude 58, most of the northern temperature belt, a small part is located in the north tandem.

⒊ is located in the west of Europe, with an area of ​​about 5 million square kilometers, accounting for about half of Europe.

Regional ingredients

Multi-Water Island, Island, Sea, Bay

peninsula: 1, Scandinavian Peninsula 2, Iberia Peninsula 3, Yaping Ning Peninsula 4, Balkan Peninsula 5, Dideland Peninsula

Islands: 1, Great British Island 2, Ireland 3, Iceland

Inner Sea: 1, Baltic Sea 2, Mediterranean 3, Mediterranean 3, Black Sea 4, Aegean 5, Adriatic Sea

Edge Sea: 1, North Sea 2, Norwegian Sea

Bay: 1, Biyan Bay 2, Waves Nia Bay

Strait: 1, English Channel 2, Gibraltar Strait 3, Denmark Strait 4, Dover Channel

Plain: 1, Western European Plain 2, Port Plain 3, Danube Lowstream Plain

Mountain range: 1, Alps 2, Yaping Ningning Mountains 3, Billyn Mountains 4, Scandinavia Mountains

Main Rivers: 1. Danube 2. Rhine

Hydrological Characteristics

1, river network secret, high water volume, and long river. (Due to the contour of the contour of the contour and the mountain limit)

2, the water flow is stable (slow), and the water energy is small. (Due to the mainland's internal terrain)

3, the flow season has changed small, the shipping value is large, and the water transport is developed.

4, the lake is distributed in the north and south of the Northwest and the Alps. Finland has the "Thousand Lakes".

human species

is mainly a caucasian, the main distribution area of ​​Caucasian. One of the world's population dense districts. The world's natural growth rate is the lowest, and some countries have negative growth.


Most of the northern temperate belt, small part of the north cold belt, deeply affected in the Atlantic, marine characteristics, due to the special location of its geographical position, while having a cold belt climate, temperate continental , Marine climate and Mediterranean climate. Among them, the shape of the sea and land contour is facilitated in the Northern Atlantic warmth, and the marine climate extends to the vicinity of the Arctic Circle.


The climate is gentle in winter, cool in summer, the temperature is poor and the day is less. There are more precipitation, and the season is uniform. The temperature in the year is more and more different from the west. The more precipitation is getting more, and in general, the western Europe has gradually strengthened from the west to the west.

Ocean influence

  • located in the mid-latitude west wind belt Western Europe

  • low terrain Flat

  • blocking the West Breeze North and South to the mountain range

    Close to the ocean

    Northern Atlantic warmth temperature warmest

Climate impact

located in 43 ° N ~ 58 ° N, a west windbel, summer cool winter warm

ocean regulation, heating affects

is the most significant "positive deviation" area in the world's winter temperatures

has rain in the year: Western wind blowing

autumn and winter falling rain, especially reason: Western Europe Coastal Wet marine gas group and mainland cold air group rendezvously, bringing flow and rain.

The main factor affecting the distribution of rainfall: the mountains are in the wind, and the wind slope.

The five climate types are temperate continental climate, temperate maritime climate, Mediterranean climate; less tundra climate, plateau alpine climate.


More than 30 countries, the country is large, the area is small, including the world's smallest country - Vatican, less than 0.5 square kilometers, the population is only about about 798 people. There are also some small aspects such as San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, etc., called "Pocket Country". The territory is small, it is difficult to develop farming homework, but pay attention to the development of tourism, pay attention to high-tech products and handicrafts in the production of high, fine, and tip to increase national income. The per capita income of these countries is among the best in the world. Liechtenstein and San Marito have been famous in the stamp industry in addition to tourism.

Agriculture and animal husbandry

Plain terrain is suitable for developing animal husbandry and planting industries. Due to the warm and humid, Western Europe is suitable for the growth and the breast animals in Western Europe. Most local development of mixed agriculture, planting wheat, developing the breast industry, forming complementary. France is a country in which agriculture in western Europe.


Industrial status: The western Europe is the birthplace of the industrial revolution, and is one of the world's development in the world.

Industrial Features: Industries in the western Europe are dominated by manufacturing. (Manufacturing is a department that processes raw materials and makes various products.)

Industrial distribution characteristics: there are many industrial center in the region, distributed intensive. Since the UK to Poland, from the Scandinavian Peninsula to Italy, the world's famous "+" glyph industry intensive zone is formed.

Main Industrial Zone: France Paris Basin Industrial Zone; Ruhl Industrial Zone, Germany; Central Industrial Zone, England; Industrial Zone in London.

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry, people are called pastras to 'green gold'. British animal husbandry accounts for 70% of all agricultural values. In France and German agricultural output, animal husbandry specific gravity is also slightly higher in planting. Netherlands, Denmark and other countries are world famous breast animals. Among them, Denmark's milkstock products account for more than 30% of the total export, ham, bacon, sausage, and cheese are major export products. Western Europe is engaged in animal husbandry in animal husbandry, planting cattle, sheep, etc., planting cereal crops and pastures, mainly producing meat, fresh milk and dairy products, wool and other livestock products. Here the labor shortage, high mechanical and automation of agricultural production. For example, the breast industry has used modern mechanical operation from farming into milking from pasture and feed crops.


Prosperous tourism: natural conditions in the western Europe. Southern Mediterranean, summer sun, beautiful beach is beautiful; the northern fjord is slight, fascinating; the central towering Alps is a good place for people hiking and skiing. In history, the European people created a splendid culture. There are many ancient architectural sites, cultural and art cities and museums in this area, plus unique customs of wind and treasury, providing a good condition for the development of tourism. Tourism income in many countries has become one of the main sources of national income.

Famous attractions: Notre Dame, Big Ben, Fjord

Characteristic industry

⒈ Swiss country has narrow, industrial raw materials shortage. The main production consumption of raw materials and precision instruments, such as watches, etc., for a long time, is a "watch kingdom" of the world.

⒉ Sweden uses the country's high-quality iron ore and cheap hydropower, smelting high-quality steel, shipbuilding, automotive and machine manufacturing, etc.

⒊ Danish animal husbandry developed, pork, beef, cheese, butter, and ham, sausages, etc. Dairy marketing international market, "European ranch and food library".

⒋ Norwegian marine fisheries developed, per capita water products in the world.

⒌ The ​​Netherlands is known as the flowers of flowers, and there is a reputation of "Tulip Kingdom".

Food structure

Europeans use cow mutton and milk products as the main food, and they are common in steaks, lambles, cream, cheese and other foods on their table. Europeans have close related relationships with developed animal husbandry.


European military power ranking, the top three mutually doubt is Russia, France, the three old military strong countries in the UK. Although Russia has experienced huge damage after the Soviet Union, its potential and military strength and action have been absolutely leading in Europe.


France is also a relatively perfect European military strong country, from the perspective of the aircraft carrier, except the US, the nuclear power carrier is France, although this "Dai Gaole "The medium-sized nuclear driving aircraft carrier has a lot of problems, but after all, it is a useful eradic nuclear carrier, and there are three" northwest wind "-level amphibious attack ships," Triumph "-level ballistic missile nuclear submarine, M51 Nuclear strategic missiles are all self-developed, coupled with the four-generation and aircraft fighter, and the horizon-based destroyer, FREMM multi-function frigate, FREMM multi-function frigate, and NH90 helicopters, etc. Industrial independence, as an old military strong country, the external use force is still the still choice, far from the Gulf War of the 1990s, near the Libyan War of overthrowing Gaddafi, combating the War of Islamic State, the French army is actively involved, and even a pioneer.


UK, as the most colonial country in the world, the strongest country in the military industry, basically after World War II, followed by the United States, the role of the old brother, even strategic nuclear The missiles imported directly imported the American trident. After 2011, the nature of the aircraft carrier, the new aircraft carrier Elizabeth Queen has been served, but there is no carrier to be used, waiting for the US F-35B to be manufactured to it, not ugly What is the recession of the strength of the Big Empire, even so, its military power is still within the three European three, the reason is nothing more: 1. Have a nuclear blow ability, two, have a strategic business capability of experience, three, have Sufficient military research and development capabilities.


The population of the western Europe is dense, the country is numerous, and most of them are developed countries. European diet is mainly based on wheat products, and milk products, but also with agricultural structure.

The EU is the highest level of regional politics and economic groups today. Its predecessor is the European Community. There are 28 Member States.

EU role: The EU has established tariff alliances, achieving common foreign trade, agricultural and fishery policies, founded the European monetary system, and established a total budget system. Basically realize goods, personnel, capital, and service free circulation.

Economy in the world: The world presents a super-long development trend. The United States is a super-economic big country, and Japan is an economical country. The European Union is three-in power with the United States. In foreign trade in the western Europe, exports are greater than imports, and exports and imports are greater than the United States, accounting for an important role in the world economy.

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