Wenwu sand street

Construction Procedures

On April 9, 2021, the Wenwu Town, Fuzhou Mayor Toyo District, and established Changle District Wenwu Sand Street. On May 14, 2021, the Fuzhou Magong District government moved to this.

Street Introduction

Wenwu sand street transportation is convenient, crossing the roads through the road, 8 kilometers from Fuzhou Changle International Airport, Fuzhou Binhai New City Management Committee station, commission is Fuzhou University Data Center, East Lake Digital Town, Sport Park, Fuzhou Hospital Branch, Municipal Affiliated Hospital Branch, Wetland Park and other people's livelihood needs. Panasonic terminal 20 kilometers, with an annual average temperature of 20 degrees, annual rainfall is 1250-1420mm, and the annual sunshine is 1985 hours, no frost-free period 345 days.

Wenwu sand town is open, and the coastal enhancing place, the land fertile, the Harbor is long and horizontal, and there is a windproof sandwood belt in the coastal sandy beach. The 18-year-old pool of the long-kiln meter is built into the Haikou. There is a beautiful freshwater lake (East Lake) in the dam (East Lake), the golden sandy beach, and the kilometers of seawall blending into a great landscape. The famous Chinese and foreign Straits Olympic Golf Course are located in this; majestic "Wang La Rea" and the mother of the 9-meter mother is also distributed, one of the townships of our city.

Wenwu sand jurisdiction is flat, rich in resources, and the infrastructure is perfect. Here, there are shrimps, crab, 石, 罗, 鳗, 中 华 等 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海 海Yixiangyou 1577, Fengyou 22), white radish, mustard, silkworm pea, potato, lettuce, celery and vegetable pig, milk, egg duck, meat duck, etc.; industrial products mainly have polyester cotton yarn, nylon 6, polyester silk, Auto accessories, etc.

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