Wenjiang area

Wenjiang Status

existing Wenjiang District, located in the western suburbs of Chengdu, Chengdu Fourth Ring Road, the district government area 15 km away from Chengdu, Dujiangyan is a gravity irrigation, soil, water quality, climate suitable for growing flowers. Wenjiang flowers planting a long history, is the birthplace of Sichuan School bonsai tree stump, is the "national demonstration bases for the production of flowers and trees", "flowers and plants of pilot counties in Sichuan Province", "Sichuan provincial key market of flowers", is the largest of the West flowers and Sichuan School bonsai tree stump production trading center.

Here, 4,000 years ago was the king of the ancient Shu Yufu. Li Bai, Du Fu, Lu, Zhu Xi and other literati poet competing in this tour Psalm, leaving a "silkworm Cong and Yufu, founding what a loss" and other lines through the ages, but also famous modern social activist, musicologist Mr. Wang Guangqi hometown . Since the Western Wei Emperor Gong two years (AD 555) to build the county, Wenjiang been one of the important political, economic and cultural center of Chengdu Plain. Since 1935, the Sichuan Provincial Commissioner to rule first Chief Inspector, after the liberation of Wenjiang long-term prefectural administrative office is located, in 1983, was placed under the jurisdiction of Chengdu, Chengdu is an important satellite city. May 28, 2002, a county Wenjiang District of Chengdu city.


In the first year, the Northern government waste channel to the government, state, Department of Zhili province. In 2 years, the whole River designated as 7, the abolition of government, state, hall. The following year, changed the whole River is five, the implementation of provincial, road, and county system, is a Nishikawa Road Wenjiang Sichuan Province. After warlords to form a "zone system." In 24 years, the KMT ruled Sichuan, Chief Inspector implement the system, the whole River designated as 18 Chief Inspector (later reduced to 16), the first Chief Inspector of Wenjiang District, Sichuan Province, and the first chief inspector of the district commissioner Corruption autonomously.

Wenjiang area

1949 Nian 12 Yue 26 Ri Wenjiang liberation. 1950 was designated the whole River East Sichuan, southern Sichuan, western Sichuan, northern Sichuan four administrative district, administrative and Xikang belong to the Southwest, is a western Sichuan Wenjiang Wenjiang Administrative Administrative Office, Administrative Office of the Commissioner for the Wenjiang autonomously. In 1952, the revocation of western Sichuan and other four administrative district, formed to restore Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province Wenjiang Wenjiang is a prefecture (1968 changed Wenjiang region). In 1979 the Civil Administration to govern the region remains Wenjiang.

1959 March to April, once incorporated into the Wenjiang Sung Hing County, but has not been approved, only lasted more than a month that is the separation of reset. July 1, 1959, Shuangliu County into Wenjiang, Wenjiang Liu governance in cities and towns. October 20, 1962, the State Council decided to reset Shuangliu County. In the same year November 1, Wenjiang, double the official split.

1983 In March the State Council decided to withdraw Wenjiang area, under the Chengdu most of its political subdivision. In July, Chengdu Wenjiang official membership. On the occasion, Wenjiang area as a historical and disappeared.

involved range

"Sichuan Province, the first Chief Inspector", located in seventeen years (1928), spent in 1950. Which is probably for the future of the region "Wenjiang Zone", "Wenjiang area" to level "in Chengdu."

Commissioner set Wenjiang County, another county under the jurisdiction of Chengdu, Huayang County, Shuangliu County, a new county complex, Pi County, Xinjin County, Sung Hing County, Xindu County, Chongning County, Guan County, Peng County a total of 12 counties. After the withdrawal of People's Republic of China Huayang, Shuangliu, new fan, respecting the 4 counties, in addition to respecting the incorporation Pi, the other three counties are incorporated into the provincial jurisdiction of Chengdu.

1950 set up the "Wenjiang Zone", is the administrative district in western Sichuan. Wenjiang Wenjiang County area office of the Commissioner. Wenjiang County jurisdiction, Pi (Pitong in town), respecting the county, Peng county (now Pengzhou), the new fan County, Xindu County, Chengdu County, Hua County (in Zhongxing Town), Shuangliu County, Xinjin County, Sung Hing County (now Chong City), Guan County (now the city of Dujiangyan) a total of 12 counties.

1970 was renamed the "Wenjiang area" under the jurisdiction of Wenjiang County (now Wenjiang District), Pi (Pi are now district), Guan County (now Dujiangyan City), Peng county (now Pengzhou City) Shifang County (now Shifang City), Jintang County, Guanghan County (now Guanghan City), Xindu County (now New Town area), Shuangliu County (now Shuangliu District), Xinjin County (now Xinjin District), Pujiang County, Qionglai County ( today Qionglai), Dayi County, Sung Hing County (now Chong City) a total of 14 counties.

1977 years will Jintang, Chengdu Shuangliu County was placed under 2 leader. Wenjiang jurisdiction in 12 counties.

1983 "Wenjiang area" withdrawal, under the jurisdiction of Wenjiang, Pixian, Guan County, Peng County, New Town, Shifang, Guanghan Xinjin, Sung Hing, Qionglai, Pujiang, Dayi County, 12. Wenjiang area removed after the 12 counties are all placed under the Chengdu City.

State of the State Council [156] letter word document approved the establishment of the prefecture-level city of Deyang, Chengdu belongs to the time of August 18, 1983 Guanghan Shifang and Deyang City, two counties plan to escrow so far.

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