Wei family

Family Introduction

Otto II (1)

In a different period of history, the members of the family have served Ben, Burgundy, Italy, Bavaria (Bayne), Saxony, Nilk - Rüneburg, the rule of the ruling dynasty; Family members of the family members of the Outo of the family The Holy Roman Emperor (crowned 1209). From 1714, a branch of the family became the British royal family (Hannover Dynasty).

Family History

The Welf family originated from Germany, and has a vast territory in Shizhimen and Burgunda in the 8th century. Rudolf I (912 Solden) In the Burgundy, the Louguan is olighed; his son Rudolph II (937) is short-lived in 926 to 19926. Bavaria Duke Welf Thorn Thorn Konneggen and Italian Haomen's ancestors of Alberto Azzo II, which later the Wilf family practiced as a branch of Dest's family.

Azu II of the elderly Welf Vigen was sealed by the sacred Roman Emperor Henry II for the Duke of Bavaria; the son of Black Henry (1126) part of the land of Saxony - Including the most important territory of the future family - Into Bavaria. The lady of Black Henry (1139) is a woman who is a wife, a wife, a sacred Roman Emperor, and inherits Saxony, in the death of Lotten. The proud Henry has elected the Emperor's son-in-law, but the princes for his powerful doubts have chosen the Hohenz Taofen's Conrad 3 for the emperor (1138). Thereafter, two have an excel hatred.

Proud Henry's son Lion Henry lost Bavaria and Saxony in the struggle with Huohenzaofen's emperor's Philuiyi. Lion Henry's Son Otto II is the first Welf family member who won the Holy Roman Empire, and only one. His son Otto (ie the grandson of Lion Henry) got awards in Lemuse, Lüne, 1235 (also known as Rüneburg - Karrenburg, the more famous called Hannover) as a host attack, from then Start the rule of the Milly King Dynasty (until 1918).

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