Website vulnerability

Website Vulnerability Detection

is usually referring to the vulnerability database, by scanning, etc., the security and vulnerability of the designated remote or local computer system is detected, and one of the available vulnerabilities Safety detection (infiltration attack) behavior.

Website vulnerability

network Station Vulnerability Detection is a full-scale scan for your website, check if your current webpage has a vulnerability, if you have a vulnerability, you need to fix it immediately, otherwise the webpage is very It is easy to be hurt from the network or even hacked a loophochy, then the consequences will be unimaginable, but it is necessary to fix it right away.

Site Vulnerability Tools have two modes: software scan and platform scanning. Software scanning can be downloaded by downloading software installations. General website vulnerability software requires payment, relatively well-known x-scan; there is such a test platform like scanv, mdcsoft scan, and platform scanning is close In a few years, you must submit the website to the platform. By certification, you can submit certification. After certification, the scan results are sent to the user through the email, and the cloud is safe, the platform is generally free.

Website Vulnerability Repair

Discovery Vulnerabilities to complete half work. A complete solution, will tell you what measures will be taken for these vulnerabilities. A good vulnerability scan tool analyzes the scan results and provides a repair suggestions. Some scanners integrate these fixes in the report, and some links to product websites or other online resources are available.

Vulnerability repair tool, it can be used with the popular scanning tool, summarize the scan results, and automate the repair process.

You can use the MDCsoft-IPS tool to make defense.

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