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Since a web page snapshots are stored in the search engine server, so to view the web page snapshots speed is often faster than direct access to the page. Web page snapshot, keyword search with a bright display, the user can click a bright color keywords to find keyword appears directly to the location, easy to quickly find the information they need to improve search efficiency. When the web search is deleted or link failure, you can use this page to view the webpage snapshots original content.



Why are we just in the keyword search box, enter the search engine you want to query, the search engine will immediately vast expanse of on the Internet, the web page that contains words All clean sweep in front of us. If you understand how search engines work, and would not think of. On each page there are a lot of hyperlinks, links to some other pages, but these pages still have a lot of hyperlinks, and links to others on the web, search engines Spider system in such a way, the Internet the large number of pages crawled down gradually.

Big Brother in the search engine Google, its name comes from a number of mathematics is almost unsurpassed in: googol, the number is 10 to the 100th, stored in its database pages billions of pages, those pages is through the above manner, grasping the Net Spider system and preserved. All of these pages, when displayed in search engine results, have been called Cached .


When users use a search engine to search the web, it is in fact a search on the Internet page of the search engine database, users mistakenly believe that search engines suddenly find pages that contain keywords on the Internet.

Web page on the Internet is not static, but constantly add, delete, change. Therefore, the search engine pages database pages also need to update both the web page on the Internet to re-copy it again, if you delete a page on your site, copies of the search engine database - Cached and not immediately It is deleted, but to a period before being deleted. However, Google's web page snapshot is a snapshot of the archive time mark, then, at this point in time, the page is certainly there. Example: July 20, 2008 to open a Google web page snapshot, and the snapshot is displayed on this Google search and archived on July 10. What's the meaning? This means: July 20, 2008, this page may have been deleted or updated, but, July 10, 2008, when Google archived copy of the page, the page is real.

search engine and snapshot

Search engines also trying to collect all the URL can be found, also contain the same keywords pages are queued purely commercial search engine uses a purely commercial principles , as well as page-per-click rate to qualifying, thus ensuring the highest efficiency of the user's search.

Search engine is just a tool, skilled driving it, you can find a very rich resources

In the Internet currently Cached most humane "Baidu", "Baidu Snapshot" google snapshot has all the features, but also increase the keyword targeting capabilities to provide users with faster, more efficient keyword search, in terms of convenience on the "Baidu snapshot" far beyond other similar search engines. Effect


web page snapshot of:

1, the web page snapshot to retain contents information before the modified pages.

2, page snapshot to reflect the frequency of spiders crawling the site.

3, page snapshot can crawl the content of the existing website content and spiders as reference.

4, page snapshot to reflect the status of the site content updates stage.

5, page snapshot to reflect the stage of search engine trust.

retreated reason

  1. own reasons: Webpage snapshot

Web content: the content of the construction site for the station long is not new, the site is divided into original content updated regularly. Will regularly update the site content Baidu and other search engines a habit to visit the site. Updated daily regular, long-term way, search engines will patronize timing, so your Baidu snapshots will be very regular updates. Original content is the favorite search engine, do not dwell on this issue, we should understand. For many owners, especially the individual owners, I am here to say is: If you establish an information portal for the order to enrich the content of the site, and a large number of uses information collected way, it will extremes meet. Collect a lot of information to make the search engine objectionable, thereby reducing the friendliness of search engines, there are likely to be punished lead down the right

Site TITLE: TITLE site changes. TITLE site should be established before you set a good website. TITLE should be chosen for extra attention. TITLE is the core of a Web page, if easily modified TITLE likely will be Baidu down the right, put the site back to the "sandbox", while Baidu has been transferred out of the snapshot is a snapshot, so Baidu snapshot retreated .

sites outside the chain to increase irregular: site outside the chain of Baidu although after a large update is no longer a factor directly affect keyword ranking site, but outside the chain if there is no law will also increase website Search engines are very unfriendly. Before very few sites outside the chain, the chain single day a lot more rather than continuing to increase, which would affect the site for search engine friendliness. Which could lead to search engines think your site in cheating, the site down the right, Baidu snapshot retreated. So remind owners, regular time quantitative increase in sites outside the chain of SEO optimization is a healthy way.

Links to be punished: Links being punished will hurt your website. This is no doubt a large number of construction sites experienced a lot of sites, at the time links of problems, if not promptly found and punished delete links, then your site will receive the same punishment was implicated. So here, to remind owners, check the site every day Links of work to be done is not only a must, but also a responsible attitude to their own hard business site.

web space problem: the web space has been all the more troublesome problem. Large service provider space is expensive, and equipment - procedures are more complex case, it is not conducive to individual owners use. But unknown service provider space and unstable. Often chime machine, it will reduce the search engine friendliness of the site will punish the website again sent back to the "sandbox", causing the site to Baidu snapshot retreated. Choose an affordable and stable space is the biggest wish of the owners.

Second, external causes:.

external reason is very simple, and it can only be a search engine algorithm update caused. If your site is not cheating, but the site has given rise to the phenomenon of pullback, then tell you, you just calm enough, after stabilization, your snapshot recovery. Their own websites have also encountered such a situation, but after a few days, Baidu snapshot restored. If you can not wait, you can also submit your site to Baidu and problems, such as Baidu respond to your question.


have the conditions

Cached need to update, you must have the following premise: the site has generated new information ; this information on the site can be crawled in the fastest time to take the spider; new content on the site recognized by search engines; if our site does not generate new content for over a month, so many search engines will think that the site administrator site may have been discarded, so the update for SEO content is a key post-maintenance;

spiders do not crawl

If our website regularly update, but the search engine spiders did not always come crawling, then we need to look at is not the first time that we let spiders to crawl our website. We have encountered some customers in sitemap.xml inside the home crawling frequency is set to come once a week, that is, using a weekly, this setting even if the site constantly updated content every day, search engines will comply with sitemap.xml the agreement, to once a week; there are some reasons not to spider sites is because a snapshot of other sites on the links updated more slowly, because the spider is accessible through the web page URL, so those snapshot update slow website a spider will come more slowly, with such sites to exchange links undoubtedly impossible to speed up the frequency of spider crawling;

spider visits not snapshot

If your site is often spiders visit, we also regularly updated articles, case then we will consider whether or not our article quality can not be recognized. Because a lot of SEO are more lazy, so in terms of article always I hope opportunistic, reprinted an article that minor changes can be deceived search engine, you can say that this new favorite, because it will save a lot of time, would not know a lot Search engines are able to intelligently identify those content is original, and those contents are reproduced or be copied, so we recommend SEO or update honest. Our advice is reproduced after the content you want to read, and read, and then re-use their own language to repeat these means, basically a search engine can still be recognized.


1, quality of site content; title of the article, head and tail sections You have to change, otherwise you are not even made up a collection of Baidu what's the use?

2, website content update frequency and time updates;

snapshot update rate and this relationship is great. If you want to speed up the Baidu website updated snapshot of it should also increase the frequency of updates site content. And should maintain a regular updated regularly, at least have to be pseudo-original content.

3, the internal structure of the site;

4, weight of the site, the authority of the content.

5, Links;

6, external links;

External Links website is an important tool to attract spiders often stroll forums, write a blog as long as it indexed by search engines, and not only get a backlink, but also the opportunity to attract spiders to visit, and this is by means of a near-Baidu snapshot.

7, LinkPopularity

China, someone translated as "link popularity", Baidu is the primary means used to judge the value of a website. The site includes links here internal links, and even a link connected to the link, the most important thing is the incoming links. The higher the link popularity, the higher the ranking. (This factor for Home and affect the overall ranking, not to affect the publisher of the article page. The link popularity link referred mainly to the site home page of links, so publishers do not have to in this regard article optimization. webmaster will actively increase the link popularity of the site, so that the whole site has a good ranking.)

8, keyword density

keywords in addition there needs to appear in the title, but also occurs with some frequency over the entire contents of the article inside. You need to in the title, the emergence of these paragraphs of keywords in the form of natural language. These keywords is not a word but a set of highly relevant. For Baidu, analysts shows that the article which can have a keyword density of around 5%. Further, according to the study Addweb, the frequency of occurrence of the keyword in the page which is 8 to 10 times better.

interpret the information

1: read spider frequency

website updated snapshot time and frequency from a snapshot time, and Search engines crawl the site frequency relationship, if the snapshot update frequency Web site soon, at least can explain the search engine spiders will visit the site regularly.

2: snapshot time and the current weight

snapshot update frequently or not, in our previous interpretation reflect the frequency of the spider, but also It reflects a trend. This trend is explained: Under the current rules the search engine, the site has been recognized by spiders. If in the case of the rules remain unchanged, according to the website or to the development of this trend, weight of the site will gradually increase, ranking will go up.

3: Date on snapshot rollback


Normally, the date the snapshot was positive toward the direction of travel. Of course, there will be stagnation or slow to update, which is due on the construction site or operating practices there have been problems.

However, the site suffered a snapshot rollback date belongs to more serious problems, which means that the site itself is a problem. Perhaps a lot of duplicate content, perhaps the site was linked to horse like affect the user experience. This time we must raise the alarm!

4: different keyword search out different date snapshot

different server snapshot time search engines have not fully synchronized there is the difference only.

snapshot method

The first point

increase the quality of external links websites


daily regular updates of original high-quality content


Home increased dynamic pages, such as: the latest articles, Hot Offers, and other random articles of increased home activity.

The fourth point

exchange high quality links, the site of the latest snapshot of the most appropriate site.

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