related idiom

spring, sunny, Haoyueqianli, autumn, intolerable heat, snow, wind gluttonous child, a lightning bolt, rain-soaked, rather critical, Fruitful, springing up, surging, Chunsheng summer long, summer, winter Qiu Xia Ge, the twelfth lunar month till winter, storm, vanished, ice and snow, cold and windy, frosty, fine, clear, blue skies, cloudless

related proverbs

meteorological climate pillars sweating, heavy rain rolling.

cylinder wall outlet, the rain will fall.

termite lamp flying around, the days of hair (reduction) rain.

swallows flying, go out with rain clothes.

spider webs under the eaves, or go out in an umbrella Ma Li (hats).

big spike in cotton flowering good, small spines flowering good Maita.

Hock packet flea (fleas), the flea Mountain flower to sweep.

fog sunny spring, summer fog, rain, foggy autumn a little water.

hot (Day of the sun) Long day, two slip.

thermal head (sun) send mountains, sky (tomorrow) like a general.

a thermal head shot shot, rain fell overnight.

Moonlight hairy, mostly rain.

South Flash (electric) three days, when the North flash right.

Thunder to drink song, the rain Well have (not) and more.

long sunny see fog, rain, fog clear to see long period of rain.

swallows flying days will rain.

Swallows Nest bedding and more rain.

group Fei days cold to warm flying Yanbei group.

big banyan leaves trillion winter is not cold spell.

to cold pig grass title.

dogs will rain soaked day.

Bees Chigui wind and rain.

earthworm hole sealed with heavy rain.

Ye Han warm day, the East China Sea is also dry.

swallows flying snake aisle, heavy rain soon came.

sticky rice bowl, mountainside cirrus clouds and sunny.

Early birds coming year, more snow.

month cold dead pigs (cold dead turtle), February cold dead cattle, dead cold March sowing Tian Fu.

Ching eighth day of April, fruits and good harvest.

May, heavy rain south wind, southerly June fluttering clear; June 19, feng shui is also no roar.

June gale Taiwan, for July floods.

September - Hong Kong Wind

When the fog floating up against the top of the hill, smoke floating up sunny day, when it rains loose cross.

rain to snow, do not stop.

Zenith thunder, rain is not hard; horizon thunder, heavy rain and groaning.

rat nest, to the cold.

Heron Fly River, flooding a must.

ant, snake (snake) through road, heavy rain.

Early chicken (into the cage) eye, duck early (into the cage) rain.

dog food (drinking) water, days off (down) rain.

big spike in cotton flowering good, small spines flowering good Maita.

Hock packet flea (fleas), the flea Mountain flower to sweep.


fog sunny spring, summer fog, rain, foggy autumn a little water.

Thunder to drink song, the rain Well have (not) and more.

long sunny see fog, rain, fog clear to see long period of rain. Long sunny night of wind and rain, long rain the night wind sunny.

glow does not go out, sunset thousand miles.

dark clouds in the east, there is the rain Well fierce.

cross cloud sky cloud, rain dripping manner.

There are rain-hats, no rain the river from the cover.

looking top third, see the next eighteen.

rainfed Spring light, clear and bright sun species.

mist rose summit, there will be heavy rain; the mist scattered earth, no wind and no rain.

then clouds sun, dawn Thick trouble.

not burn out early, late firing line thousands of miles.

aconitic wind, rain bald.

Jiang pig (clouds) across the river (the Milky Way), heavy rain.

northeast, rain grandfather.

long sunny fog overcast, long overcast fog sunny; see stars long period of rain, more rain Ming mad.

have a half-section illustrating the zenith rainbow can dare to do typhoon.

twenty-eight arbitrary dress: February spring stepmother surface, August autumn tiger.

is not booted before winter, after the dead of winter cold.

cover fog cover does not open, Aberdeen Kamen brown Mino Dai.

fog-sun, summer fog, rain, cold autumn mist, fog winter snow.

quadrilateral light rain, no rain top light.

rain walk the streets, go typhoon alley.

no ox hair before the rain, not after the sunny ox hair.

it is to see change something to predict weather


"outer gossamer day to fly; long sunny can stage": outside gossamer days fly refer to < i> wool cirrus. This cloud appeared in isolation, a general description of high altitude is relatively stable; if not systematically increase thick cloud, generally indicates continued sunny weather.

"sky hook clouds, rain dripping on the ground": i.e. hook Cloud on meteorological Cirrus Uncinus . After the hook cirrus clouds appear tend to have low pressure trough or apparent shift, going to rain.

"scale days without rain wind Britain": means days cirrocumulus scale. This cloud is a sign of rain or windy.

"sky carp spot, do not turn out sun valley": carp spot light transmissive means High cumulus , often a sign of the high pressure control. It is generally short-term weather is still fine.

"Fort clouds, rain dripping": Fort high cumulus cloud refers castellations or castellations cumulus layer, often in the front portion of the trough, and indicates unstable air, rain.

"dark clouds then sun, rain at night Thick": refers to the Sun down the mountain, the western sky clouds catch the sun and clouds from west to East movement, suggesting the night rain.

"Northwest opening-day lock, Sun Ming big": when it is raining or cloudy, northwest of clouds split a piece of blue sky appears, saying "open day lock." It indicates that the rain will soon stop clouds disappear.

"Asaka do not go out, the sunset line thousands of miles": In the morning appeared Xia, indicating weather to rain; the evening appeared Xia, indicating the weather was fine.

"cloud cross clouds, rain dripping": refers to two layers cloud cross cloud or cloud layers of clouds moving direction is inconsistent, it is inconsistent description wind layers, which usually occurs in the vicinity of the cold and warm air interface, so harbinger of rain.

"The sun is now a now three days does not meet": spring or spring and summer transition period in rainy day, at noon the clouds once cracked, sun exposed a dew, but soon the clouds thicken and accumulate. This is usually a temporary phenomenon caused by convection diurnal variation, rainy weather will continue. Similar proverb and "sun laughing, splashing Pomiao", "Sun now, three days without meeting", "bright light, ten feet under" and so on.

"chaos sky top twist, wind and rain to many": "chaos cloud" refers to the sky clouds and more, there are several layers from top to bottom. "Twist" refers to the cloud and unstable, disturbing large, strong convection and down. These phenomena indicate wind and rain to come.

"bread cloud, Shaisi people": the sky out of the same phenomenon bread clouds (cumulus light), indicating that short-term fine.

"shuttle cloud, given fine": refers to shuttle pods high cumulus cloud, cloud this if the cloud is small, little change in a short period omen fine.

"cloud eastward, futile; cloud to the south, rain into the lake; the cloud to the west, Phi hemp fiber; clouds to the north, the rain did not have": From to the cloud to predict rain or shine. Cloud eastward, moving north, generally will not rain; clouds to the south, west Mobile, a harbinger of rain.

"There are rain-hats, no rain clouds down the middle": the cloud covered summit, called "mountain wearing a hat." Clouds blocked the mountain, we can see the summit, called "cloud down the middle." When rainy weather comes, low cloud, cloud base to cover the top, so Zhao rain; down the middle of the cloud, the cloud is generally due to the local night cooling generated, not thick clouds, it is clear trillion.

"Sunset striker, rain fell in three days": sun shot down from the gap in the clouds, "the Japanese striker." Japan striker evening appear, indicating strong convection, a harbinger of the future is going to rain.

"sky sheep, not strong rains": "sky sheep" refers broken cumulus . This cloud is generally not rain, even in the rain is very small, it swept away.

"hockey cloud, thunderstorm non-stop": summer, at the bottom of the black thundercloud sometimes wavy shape, a spherical cloud hanging phenomenon, indicating that big and strong thunderstorms, often accompanied by a short time northerly winds.

"Hongkou head east, west Rainbow Rain": rainbow appeared in the East, a harbinger fine; rainbow appeared in the west, the harbinger of rain.

"Midnight Rain, wind noon halo halo": the daytime sun halo appears next, before and after midnight to be a harbinger of rain; halo appears around the moon, soon to be a harbinger of wind. Of course, not necessarily only halo trillion rain, halo is not necessarily only mega wind, but the weather will turn bad explanation.

"Sunrise Carmine, no rain is wind": when the sun rises in the morning, the sky, like rouge red color appears, indicating an increase in water vapor, a harbinger of the storm to come.

"moon red umbrella support, heavy rain; Pholiota support moon, light rain; blue moon umbrella support, multi situation; moon black umbrella support, sunny": The cloud cloudless or less as the moon light of different colors around the wheel to omen barometer. It represents halo around the moon red abundant moisture in the air, followed by yellow, blue, black less.

"UOB clear, Xiaohua rain": Moon China increases around the described atmosphere gradually stabilized, cloud droplets or ice crystals becomes small, Katherine clear; the contrary, the smaller the Chinese, the omen rain.

"Star moisture, rain Advent": sunny night, sometimes see Star is surrounded by a bright ring, looks dawn, also known as' water. " This phenomenon is a harbinger of rain.

rain precursor:

swallows flying dragonfly, ants, fish water surface ventilating child, on his way to rain.

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