Wearing the moon


Yuan · Zheng Tingyu "The Break Bonder" first: "This big baby wears the moon, get a late sleep."


1, a combined;

2, as a predicate, attributive;

3, describe the night running.


If other ministers, after more than 20 days, we must take a few days after the sun. (Yao Xueyu "Li Zicheng" Second Volume 2 Chapter 20)

Idiom Story

Frost Snow Rainwear, everything will grow, people will be comfortable, disease Will not happen with weird disasters. Therefore, people say that the instrument describes, saying that he is wearing a big drooping dress, this is to say that he has few people!宓子 贱 治 单 单, 单 上 上 上 上 坐 上 上 贱 贱..,, The Woman Dynamic is wearing the moon, and the evening is retired, staying up late, dealing with various government affairs, seems to have a good treatment. The witch period asks the scorpion. The scorpion said: "My practice is called the use of talents, your practice is proud to use the strength. Of course, the person who uses the hard work, people who use talents are of course comfortable." The scorpion could be a gentleman. Make the limbs, eyesight, heart and level, and the government's various transactions have been well treated, this is what it is, but he only use the right way.

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