Water Scenic Area

Scenic Introduction

The water scenic area is like a bright pearl in the Papeng River, in series, the ancient town, Puhua Dark River and Puhua Leisure Agricultural Experience Park. The planned area is 12.9 square kilometers, and the core scenic spot is 4.8 square kilometers. According to statistics, tourism resources covers 8 primary, 28 subclasses, 86 basic types, 189 resource monomers, extremely rich, have become a quite integrated tourist attraction. On December 29, 2020, the Minzhi Scenic Area was identified as the National 5A-level tourist scenic spot, and became the 10th tourist attraction of Chongqing, the first national 5A tourist attraction.

The scenic area has a building style, crossing the Appeng River and Puhua River, 658 meters long, the world's first wind, the rain, the bridge, the "Historical and Cultural Traditional Buildings Wan Tian Palace, Wanshou Palace, The "Three-Har Sixth Hospital" such as the Fanjia University, Fanjia University; the stone old street of Wuling Shenshan fossile, Gongjia Hall, the main hall of the dry bar, the country only saves the cool pavilion Street Eliography, the Dam Lecture Hall, China Qing Typical distributors of the city's money tickets. Human landscapes such as Tobacco. Nature gives birth to birthday funnel and extremely rare stone bridge "God-eyed" landscape; domestic similar caves, "Millennium Acupleals", naturally generated thousands of hill terraces, drip lotus, Puocular double strain, Buddha hand spring, etc. There are three natural landscapes such as three-falling water every day. There is also 260 acres of seven-color flower fields, 520 acres of Pu Garden, Gu Town Seven Cultural Court, the Wind and Cape Bridge Exhibition Hall, Papeng River Wetland Park, Duui Non-Mid-Beauty Food City, Tianli Conscience Exhibition Hall, Lighting Interactive Experience, etc. The project has greatly improved the richness and recreation value of the scenic spot. Bitzka Water Park reception size and play facilities are premier in the southeastern region.


Main Attractions

濯 水古 古 / 镇

濯 古镇 (2 photos)

The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Construction, China History and Cultural Town, Chinese Characteristic Town, China Film Association, Beijing Film Academy Creation Training Base and Art Poverty Alleviation Base, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Creating a Fine Art Training Base, was named China Union Society Cultural title, China National Architectural Research Association awarded "Chinese Traditional Architectural Cultural Tourism Destination", "Ecological Home · 濯水 古镇" boarded the national stamp. The ancient town has been named "Baiheba" and "Yugawa Dam", the overall pattern is the "Three Ways of the Third Street" and the street retention is complete.

Ancient town cultural accumulation, the indifference of the ancient drama, Zilang Kapu and other folk craftsmanship, the whantry culture, the merchants culture, the nation and folk culture, etc. The main attractions in the ancient town have the Red Army, the water teacher, the Tianli Conscience Exhibition Hall, the wind and rain bridge, Baixian Tang, Wantong Palace, Gongjia Hall, Tobacco Qianzhuang, Wang Benxiao, Wang's oil number, Wanshou Palace, etc. . The ancient temples of the ancient town are the ancient winds, and they all have ancient town charm, travel to the old street, just like the time and space, return to the water. The ancient town, the "moral monument", "moral monument", is the way of Liquan Shang Jia, for people, the world, and integrity, and the Puhuyun River "Heavenly eyes" is echo, becoming the core values ​​of the local tradition "."

World First Wind Corridor Bridge

World First Wind Diama Bridge (2 photos)

濯水 雨廊 bridge is 658 meters Due to its modeling and construction year, it can be divided into four-way appreciation. The first paragraph is "濯 濯 怀 远 远", the bridge is 310 meters long, and there is a layer of Tavang on the bridge, the highest point is the center. The entire bridge applies heavy orientation, and the top, the Tartare point will rise to the platform, the mouth is raised and multi-storey. It creates a unified and changing bridge form, which is especially simple and elegant. The second paragraph Tang Zhong Changyun is 105 meters long, and the central clock tower is 26 meters high. This section consists of a corridor and a bell tower, and the center is highly high-spirited on the top of the mountain, hanging from the Tang Bulp Bell. The third paragraph of Rainbow volts is 97 meters. The bridge across the Puhua River is a bridge that combines a single arch bridge body and the song, and the line is soft, like a beautiful rainbow. The fourth paragraph Puhua flying dragon is 146 meters long, combined with the curve roof and the modern Grid Bridge, the overall form of the dragon is the original shape, the metaphor and the water, the river.

The entire water-saving rain bridge is not only the first-length corridor bridge in the world, in terms of form, structural, and technology realized traditional and modern combination, Chinese and European combination, Oriental architecture and Western architecture The combination of aesthetics is a newly newly structural approach combined with the traditional wooden corridor and the use of glued wood and steel frame to achieve new exploration and attempts.

Puhua Dunka

Puhua Dunka (3 photos)

Puhua Dunka River is 1.6 km, a typical karst Geomorphology. The dark river is absolutely, water into the hole, the main attractions have water natural three bridges, the sky is glad, the river, the big funnel, the room, the nice, the cliff road, the Puhua River Canyon and other beautiful glasses, beautiful scenery is pleasant. Two-strait valley, such as a girl, hungry, staring, Puhua, Dark River, to go to the sea, and have not changed. The river river is clear, the egret is in group, and the fish and shrimp is rich. The average temperature in the Puhua Dunk is 15 ° C, the highest temperature in the summer is 31 ° C, wherein the temperature in the cavity remains constant temperature 22 ° C, and the "central air conditioner" is known.

The most strange landscape is "the sky is eye-catching", from the dark river, there are three widths that are basically consistent, lifting the eyes, and it is considered three bridges. The three bridges are two elliptical funnels, and the height is around 100 meters. Among them, the funnel between the bridge and the second bridge, the width of 41 meters, the funnel between the two bridges and the three bridges, the width is 52 meters, and the two bridge is the nose, forming a very rare "sky-eyed" landscape. The "Red Pocket" cave in the canyon originated from the legend of the Bikan god and the saline goddess. Inside the cave, there is naturally generated thousands of hill terraces, drip lotus, puocular double strains, Buddha's hands, spring, etc., beautiful, more beautiful, more than the "millennial pear" of the same level of similar caves.

Puhuhua River Leisure Agricultural Experience Park

Pu Garden is located in the west side of the beautiful 濯水古 古镇, Puhua Community, east of Puhua Dunka Scenic Area, two core scenic spots For one, it is just like a green silk. The park covers an area of ​​560 mu, with a total investment of 45 million yuan. The park is a "one-ring, one axis, multi-park, nine-garden", and builds a differentiated tourism product of the 5A scenic spot, according to the four seasons there are flowers, four seasons, four seasons, planted, local specialty fruit Mainly, at the same time, it is planted with ornamental value "name, special, excellent, new, thin" odd flowers, relying on local farming, farm tools, national farming culture, modern agricultural facilities such as group culture, fogging room to showcase modern agriculture Technology, the concept of "Yiyou, Imit, Imit, Imit, and Yun", forming a special agricultural sightseeing garden integrating leisure, sightseeing, picking and experience in Southeastern region.

Transportation Guide

Railway Transportation

The transportation network of the Jiangjiang Railway is increasing, will form the 渝 铁 路 and the completion, Zhang Chang Railway, Qi Zhao Railway, Qiann Railway, Chongqing to Qijiang Intercity Railway, Lijiang to Wanzhou Intercity Railway and other six railway trunk lines, high-grade road communication continuous expansion, Xiangxiang Expressway, Yuxi Expressway, 梁 high-speed, Compliance with high-speed, Zhang Expressway and other six high-speed transacular earth southwest North

Water Scenic Area

aircraft route

江 武陵山 airport, 3 km from Yunjiang City, is the southeastern region The only civil airport is an important part of the "a large four small" airport architecture in Chongqing. It is also a "important aviation portal and tourist transfer in Wuling Mountain" in the country and Chongqing. "I was rated as" China "in March 2015. Best Tourism Branch Airport.

Since the establishment of a navigation since November 22, 2010, the Minjiang Airport has opened Chongqing, Shanghai, Kunming, Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xi'an, Haikou, Zhuhai and other 10 routes, initially set up Range route network skeleton. The route network tends to be a reasonable architecture, and passenger throughput has also achieved substantial growth. The 2018 passenger throughput is expected to exceed 400,000.

Automotive line

Qijiang has two passenger car companies, three passenger stations, a total of more than 340 passenger cars, highway passenger traffic existing cross-provincial long Passenger line: 江 - Shanghai, Qijiang - Fujian Jinjiang, Minjiang - Guangdong Dongguan; cross-provincial passenger line Lujiang - Chengdu, Lijiang-Wuhan, Lijiang-Changsha, Lijiang-Hunan Shaodong, Minjiang - Hubei Enshi , Minjiang - Hunan Longshan, Minjiang - Hubei Xianfeng, Minjiang - Hunan Huaihua, Lijiang - Hunan Jishou; cross-zone line has Lijiang-Chongqing, Wanzhou, Fuling, Nanchuan, Shizhu, Xiushan, Fuyang, Peng Water, etc. land.

Scenic Culture

Folklore activities

folk activities (6 photos)

Hou River ancient play / b>: 濯水 后 古 古 古 is blended by the Hubei Chinese Opera, Hunan South Opera and Jiangxi's Kunshan cavity.

crying : crying, is a custom of the Tujia family, the Tujia daughter must cry, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying Marry songs, is a traditional skill.

Babao Copper Bell Dance : Tongbell Dance is also known as Babao Copper Bell Dance, the initial is a kind of ceremony in the sacrifice, and the religious color is more strong. Tujia continues to improve, improve, form a beautiful dance.

Bench Dragon Dance : Bench Dragon Dance is wide popular in Qijiang, is the traditional festive program of the Tujia people.

Mao Gushen : Mao Gus is a name of the original drama activity of the Tujia family, the original meaning is the story of the Mao people, reflecting the original survival of Tujia's primary.

傩 傩: 傩 傩 also called a wish or heaven. It is in masks, songs, dances, and white and other means, based on the drama elements of ghosts, gradually joining the secular character, plot and entertainment ingredients, form a folk ritual drama.

film and television works

The large-scale national song and dance poetry drama "濯水 谣" successfully performed in the Central National Song and Dance Theater and Chongqing Grand Theater; CCTV Hundred Set of CCTV Biji Document "Remember the hometown" episode 39 "Water - Great About the Letter", TV series "Hou Tianming's Dream" and Chongqing Satellite TV Classic Column "Foggy Night", in CCTV, Chongqing Satellite TV broadcast. The "one day transaction" movie filmed in the water scenic spot is shown in major cinema.

Cultural activities

China Wuling Mountain International Folk Culture Tourism Festival, "Because of the love · 邂 bridge" thousand youth blind date activities, China Coard Bridge International Academic Seminar, Miss Chongqing Super Contest and Barlahu Goddess Selection, "China's most beautiful Tujia Mei Shui Scenic Spirit" global collection selection activities, China Hushu Bridge, China Mountain Marathon Series Chongqing Qijiang Station, etc., also held in Yanshui.

Specialty food

special food (5 photos)

green beef, 江, green bean powder, Ye, horses, beans Sauce, group, big pot, egg tea, lazy tofu, five-scented 豉, burning tender, 炕 炕, roast red, konjac tofu, hiking, dome steamed meat, gold bag, rice tofu

Supporting facilities

Smart scenic spot construction

濯水 区 已 全成 成 成 成 成,, 区区 区, 区区Smart scenic facilities such as the next integrated platform. The water scenic spot is on a mobile phone tour, a map of the water scenic spot, using a characterful hand-painted map, combined with mobile app, to show important attractions and play facilities for visitors, provide special speech guides, guided service .

Poverty Alleviation Tourism Specialty Museum

Poverty Alleviation Tourism Specialty Museum is located in the Guiushui Guzhen (Gongjia No. 1 Building), a total of 1,000 square meters, mainly Tourism poverty chart, one of the first floor has three functional partitions (about 300 square meters), one is the display area; the second is the poverty alleviation sales area of ​​Qijiang Tuchai; third is the network platform live band. The second floor plan is to make an experience area, in the future, in the future, the experience and participatory projects are in the experience and participatory projects in the tea tea tea.

Main Honors

China's most charming town

Chinese historical cultural name

Chinese traditional architectural tourist destination

China Rhyme Culture Scenic Area

World Knis "Volt Dark River Tianheng Bridge is the most"

China's most popular tourist destination

First batch of municipal all-level tourism demonstration zones

National rural tourism poverty alleviation example case

Wuling Mountain Top Ten Personality Scenic Area

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