Water gate

Historical Level

Song Dynasty, the domain is divided into the Xiuyi and Lingho Township. Yuan to Qing Guangxu, the territory is divided into two or three, four capitals, twenty-eight. The Republic of China is in the middle of the Republic of China, and most of the domains are in the East (Western) district, local areas are the Middle East (Qingli) area and the lower East (Sand) area. In the Republic of China, it was established in water Luyan, and the martial arts, half-Wuwu, and hundreds of latters Zhuyang 3 UNOK, affiliated to the second area, 160% of 160.

Republic of China, 3 joint security, respectively, renamed the water door pit, Wuging, Cheng Tianqiu warranty. In the Republic of China, the Water Warranty and Tie Houli Warranty and the Wushu Township (Township Pit), Wuging, Cheng Tianqi Warranty and Hou Hushan joint security and Wu Ping Township, 2 townships have jurisded 29 guarantees. Internal water gates, longe, Yushan, Daping, algaeang, high plate, Jiang family, Qing Australia 8 affiliated to Yongshui Township, Wu Ping, Laoyang, Gull Bay, Xiaoyan, Bai Yan, Shangyang, Chiyi, Yun Road, Cheng Tian 9 affiliated to Wuchang Township. In the Republic of China, the Township and Wuling Township of Wushu Township were removed from Sansha Town and Pineen Township. In the Republic of China, the establishment of Fengping Township and the Rural Mongolia Station in Wuping, under the jurisdiction, including the Yushan, Watermen, Wushou, and 4 guarantees in the territory.

In the early 1950s, there is a water door, Wushi, Yushan, Cheng Tian, ​​Baiyi, Qing Aoxia 6 township, belong to fourth, fifth, ninth district. In 1958, it was established a water door people's commune. In 1959, Wuiping, Ocean, single bucket, hunar bay, water door, Daping, Qing'ao, Dangdou, Furnace, Yushan, Bai Wei, Cheng Tian 13 brigade. In May 1961, the Shuimen Commune was changed to the water door area, jurisdiction over 7 communes, 44 brigades. Since October 1966, the water door area is revised as a water-owned commune, and over more than 20 brigades. In 1984, the water-owned commune was changed to water door township. In 1985, the Watermentrophy Township was changed to the Watermenus Township and governing 23 administrative villages.

in 1990, the watermenus Township is located in the northeast of the county, the east neighboring teeth, southeast and Sansha Town, the West and Southwest and Baiyang, Chongru, State Township, North and Fuding The county junction, the administrative region of 149.6 square kilometers.

Water gate

Administrative division

After 2012, the water gates, Qingyu, the pier, tea, high plate, reedang, Ocean, Wuping, Libeyang, Huanling, Lake, Bridgehead, Cheng Tian, ​​Buchengqiu, Water Well, Xiaozhuwan, Longhu, Shangyang, Yushan, Baiji, Daxie, Daping, Qixou Hui and other 23 village committees, including Qingyi, tea, seven fighting , Daxie, Lake, Changhu, Hanluhang is the Village.

Geographical Environment

Geographical location

is located in East 29 ° 58'38 "~ 120 ° 7'10", 26 ° 54'8 "to 27东 东 东 部 部 部 城 城 城 城 城 城 市. 市 市 市 市 市 市 市 市 市 市 市 市 市 市 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交 交... 交 交 交. 交The township government is located on the 23rd, postal code: 355103, phone area number: 0593. 11.2 km from the county.

Water gate in the Township


The hills are undulating, the hills are complex, and the hills are between 200-600 meters. The main mountain peaks have jade peaks, 1098 meters above sea level.


is a Central Asian tropical marine season wind moisturized climate zone, which is abundant, and the four seasons are clear, and the rain is moderate. The average annual temperature is 16.5 ° C, and the annual average precipitation is 1100-1800 mm. There is a berymide mite that stores more than 20 million cubic, as well as kaolin and Yili Stone mine with exploitation value.

Natural resources

The water gate is coastal hilly mountain area, back the mountain sea, climate, wet, there is a "green treasure house", is the main production area of ​​Xiapu County, Zhuwu The hometown has a forestry area of ​​16,000 mu, of which 112,000 mu, the tea area is 13,000 acres.

In recent years, vigorously promote the construction of "four major bases", that is, 10,000-mu vegetable base, Lin fruit base, animal husbandry base, and the landlobal production and processing bases, especially the development of Chinese herbal medicines, and all township planting prince 2600 mu of foreign medicines is an important project for adjusting the industrial structure.

Population national

At the end of 2012, 23,461 people in the jurisdiction, including 3,156 resident population in townships and 13.45% of urbanization rates. In the total population, the Han nationality is mainly 18,443 people, accounting for 78.61%. There are 5,018 people, accounting for 21.39%. In 2012, the birth rate was 15.14 ‰, and the population mortality was 7.57 ‰, and the population natural growth rate was 7.57 ‰.

Economic Development

In recent years, the Shuimen Township government has insisted on implementing the development of "Science and Technology Xingnong", "Mount Fu Mountain", and takes agricultural development roads, and continuously promotes the rapid economic development of the economy. The social undertakings have been coordinated. The investment environment has become more and more improved. The comprehensive strength is significantly enhanced. The rural basics have basically realized a well-off goal. He has obtained the "Advanced Unit", provincial, and "national unity advanced unit", 2001 The total output value of the township society is 350 million yuan, and the per capita disposable income of farmers is 310 yuan. In the new century, the Government of Shuimen Township will lead more than 3,300 people to grasp opportunities, hard work, pioneering and accelerate economic development and structure, and complete the "10th Five-Year Plan" of the national economic and social development, and build Xiapu "green industry" Base, promote the development of mountain economy, and build a beautiful tomorrow.

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