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Historical Edition

1877 (Ding Men) Stilsen Hachs founded the "Washington Post", 1880 reported the first daily publication of Washington DC Newspaper.

The owner of the 1905 "Cincinnapi Report" purchased the "Washington Post" most weight. In 1933, due to the operation of the "Washington Post", almost collapsed. Finant, the Fed, the President of the Fed, Eugene Mys, I bought "Washington Post" on the bankruptcy auction.

1946 Philip L. Graham is headed by Catherine after marriage of Catherine, the following year, the following year, Washington Post Company.

1954 "Washington Post" purchased its only daily report in Washington DC in Washington DC. 1981 Its major competitor "Washington Star" closed.

acquires "News Week" in 1961.

1963 Philip L. Graham shot and suicide; his wife Catherine Graham became the chairman of Washington Post.

1971 Catherine Graham led Washington Post, a stock price of $ 26 per share.

1972 "Washington Post" started article, said the Democratic National Committee was illegally broken into the office of the water door building. Detailed reports after Bob Woodward and Carl Burnstein play a key role in the resignation of the President Richard Nixon in 1974.

1973 Walun Buffett purchases the Washington Post's stock.

The 1980 "Washington Post" published the article written by Janet Cook about a 8-year-old child who breathe heroin, followed by the Pulitzed Award. However, after being exposed to the report, the jury recovered the award.

In 1984, Washington Post acquires the Sustle H · Kaplan Education Center with $ 45 million.

1986 Washington Post Company has bought a 350,000-service cable TV system for $ 350 million in the US Broadcasting Corporation to become the 20th cable company.

The retail price of "Washington Post" in 1981 has increased to 35 cents from 1981.

2004 "Washington Post" won the 18 PLP.

2008 Catherine Graham's granddaughter Catherine Wemouth is a publisher of "Washington Post".

In 2010, the company sold the "News Week" to Sidney Harman in $ 1 price.

On 5, 2013, Washington Post announced that the newspaper business within the Washington Post is sold to Beszzos with $ 250 million, ending the Grayham family. The maintenance of the newspaper. "Washington Post" will be renamed, and the new name has not been announced.

November 18, 2013, the old company "Washington Post Company" announced that it was changed to Graham-Holdings-Company, because the main newspaper "Washington Post" has been transferred Give Amazon's headman Besos.

On November 27, 2013, the US "Washington Post", Graham Holdings, which sells the headquarters of Washington under the headquarters building to Carl Real Estate in 159 million US dollars. (Carr Properties), which is expected to complete the transaction at the end of March 2014.

Hua mail will continue to find new office locations, and before September 2015, it is estimated that the headquarters building will continue to be rented. Amazon founder Besos completed the acquisition of Washington Post, after $ 250 million in October 2013, followed by the Washington Post Company. As early as the acquisition, Hua mail is looking for new office locations.

November 29, 2013, the old company "Washington Post Company" announced that the named Graham-Holdings-Company announced that the renaming will take effect from November 29, the company in New York The code of the stock exchange will also be modified from WPO to GHC.

News and Japanese influence

The United States "Washington Post" front editor Ben Bradley, he led the "Washington Post" to get 18 Push-props, one leap Become the most influential media; since Bried, 1965, he and the reporters have fought with the reporters, and the "Washington Post" is built into the world's most influential, most concerned media. One, providing new ideas for contemporary news surveys and created news reports, publishing and reading new models. In the "Washington Post", he has a great leadership and investigation spirit, and ultimately the US President Nicksong will pull the horse through the "Water Incident" report. On the event of the Pentagon document, in the face of the government's high pressure, he is not humble and the color will eventually rewrite the history of the United States.

Many people think it is the most prestigious newspaper after the New York Times. Since it is located in the US capital, it is especially good at reporting the US domestic political dynamics, and the New York Times is more prestige on international things. Some people accusing the "Washington Post" excessive concern politics and ignoring reports on other aspects.

Piencun China

July 2021, "Washington Post" after Wu Yifan incident, even a number of drafts will be associated with the "anti-harassment of the United States" Together, the black Chinese government is indifferent to "female rights".

September 15, 2021, local time September 1, "Washington Post" published a editorial "looking for viral sources", distorting the facts about new crown virus traceability, seriously misleading readers Awareness. The Chinese Embassy spokesperson responded to the newspaper committee, and requested to publish it, but rejected.


US local time April 16, 2018, won the 2018 Puli Report Report Award.

In December 2018, the World Brand Lab released the "2018 World Brand 500" list, Washington Post Rank 490.

Business range


"Washington Post" belongs to Washington Post. Half of the Washington Post Company's profit comes from the release of the Washington Post, in addition to this, the company also has "News Weekly", with 3.1 million "News Weekly", in the US domestic issuance is second only to the biggest competition The opponent "Times Weekly".

Washington Post purchased the "News Week" in 1961. "News Week" has reached this number in 1995, until 1997, operating profit reached $ 38 million.

Washington Post also has the "Pioneer News" of Efrett, Washington. On December 21, 2004, Washington Post announced to buy online magazine "Slate" from Microsoft.

Washington Post has also issued a series of weekly reports in the local military base, including "beam" in the Yangjun Air Force, "Trident", US Air Force, and Walter Reide Military The "Stars and Stripes" of the medical center.

TV station

Washington Post has about 6,000 employees, as well as 6 TV stations: WDIV / TV4 TV station, Miami / Fort Laudeldale WPLG / TV10 TV station, (exchanged with McRedis), Orlando's WCPX TV station, in 1998, in order to commemorate Catherine Meyer Graham, the WKMG TV station is renamed, (exchanged the Columbia Broadcasting Corporation with McRedz) After that, the WJXT / TV4 TV station in Jacksonville.

Washington Post also acquired Houston's KPRC-TV TV and St. Antonio Ksat-TV TV with Houston in 1994. In addition, the company also has a cable TV network. This cable network is purchased from capital city companies in 1986, and they already have approximately 360,000 users.

Washington Post Company Cable TV A cable TV station in Arizona Phoenix, through acquisition, their users have reached approximately 750,000 (also 239,000 digital cable TV users). The profit level of cable TV business is far more than the level of the acquisition.

Education Center

Washington Post has Stanley Kaplan (known as the Kaplan Education Center). Kaplan is responsible for providing students with a variety of registration qualification exams and entrance exams, including very popular learning ability exams. Kaplan also has San Francisco Schol, which provides post-class education services for children between 12 years old. The company has changed its name to Schkkaplan, and the company has an education center across the country.


June 11, 2021, Russian President Putin criticized "Washington Post" report: fake news, is "garbage".

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