Warring States historical installment

Standards Warring States historical installment

About the start time of the Warring States era, there is no unified division, but there are three main statements:

The first 476-475, this is the statement of Zhou Zun, because this year is Zhou Yuan Wang Yuannian (the error caused by Zhou Jingwang). "Zuo Chuan · Ji Gong 19 Years": "Winter, Uncle Qing is like Jingshi, Jing Wang's collapse." Taking Zhou Jing Wang in forty-four years, the next year is Zhou Yuan Wang Yuannian, for the Warring States beginning.

The first 468, in this year, it is because it is Zhou Xing Wang's first year, and the second is because this year is the deadline of "Zuo Chuan", so it is continued.

The first 403 years, this year, Han Zhao Wei Sanjia from Jin Guo independence, league, and the group is competed, and "Conduct" will be started.

In order to divide the integrity of the period, it is generally the time since 475 starts as the start of the Warring States.

The first phase of 475 - the previous 403

The reason for the end of 403 was this year, Zhou Weilian king-Bookmaster Han Zhao Wei three is The princes, Han Zhao Wei has been from this to the independence of Jin Guo, and the "Qixiong" in the political sense began to appear.

This period is the brewing stage of the Warring States era, and Han Zhao Wei completed the three sings of the three sings in the name in the first 453, Qi Guotian also firmly controlled Qi Dang military and political power. The world has been integrated from nearly 100 small countries to have a local unity. As the productivity is further improved, the population has increased rapidly, resulting in the scale of war in all countries. How to survive in the competition, it has become the primary goal of various countries, and there is a change reform with "rich country strong soldiers". Among them, Wei Guo's "Li Wei change" is typical, so Wei Guo has also become the early days of the Warring States The strongest country. The curtain of the Warring States era is also opened.

The second stage of the first 403 -

before 341 years ago, the main force of Wei Jun in Maling is not covered in Maling, The master will commit suicide, and the prince has been captured. At the same time, Qin Zhao also attacked Wei Guo. Wei Guo's continued fiasco, from this way, the status of the super big country, is a second-class country. This is an incident in the Warring States Period. The so-called Warring States is actually starting from this year. From then on, the stage of the group is, which is generally the beginning of the mid-term of the Warring States in the year.

The second phase of 63 years is the time of Wei Guo's dominant, and it is also the time of the other vassational countries:

before 403, Zhao Guoli is beginning to change, Zhao The country began to be strong;

before 387, Wu Qi from Wei Zi Chu implemented the implementation of the change, after the rest of Chu Su, Chu Xuanwei's recuperation, Chu State began to be strong;

386 years, After Qi State completed the "Tanni", Qi Wei Wang's excitement, Qi Guo began to revive and moved to power;

before 384, Qin Xian public Wei Qin implemented a certain reform, plus The "Shangyi Change" started in 356, Qin State began to be strong.

This year in 353 is a watershed in 353, in this year, Qi Jun was defeated by the Weijun in Guiling, although Wei Jun lost his loss, and he took the affair of affair in the next year, but from Wei Guo was siegered by Zhao Qinqi Chu's four strong countries. Wei Guo's hegemony is very difficult, which also marks the situation of the Wei Guo's monopoly in the Central Plains, and the world began to enter the balance, "a super "" "Political pattern begins to form.

Before 344, Wei Guo was first called the king, and he was besieged after three years.

The third stage 341 - the previous 312 years

The reason for the end of 312 was this year, Chu State has in Danyang, Lantian and Qin Jun's battle was defeated, and since then withdrew from "three strong", it began to have a striped object of Qin Qi.

After the decline of Wei Guo, Qin Qizu is also three strong countries. In the first 334, forced Qin Qi Zhao to attack, Wei Guo began to Qi Qi, with Xuzhou Xiang Wang, eased contradiction, this is a major event in the mid-Warring States, marking the last authority of the week. Due to Qi Wei called Wang, the following year, Zhao Jun was defeated by Wei Jun, and Chujun defeated the army in Xuzhou. In the first 330 years, the Qin Jun defeated Wei Jun and recovered Hihe West. In the first 325 years, Wei Gong Sun Yan combined with other five countries to fight Qin Qizu three countries, but in the first 323th, he was defeated by Chu State in Yushu. At this time, Qin Han Wei was Qi Chu.

Before 318, Gongsun Daughter, the five countries to attack Qin, and Han Wei began to connect the Qin Qin, but it was still lost, and in the first 313, Qin Zhongyuan touched Ringwo was chu to attack, Zhang Yi deceived Chu Huai Wang, so Chu Qi is divided, and after being deceived, Chu Huaiwang has attacked the Qin, all of which were defeated, from this Chu State strong country status.

The fourth stage 312 - the previous 284 years

The reason for the end of 284 years ago is this year, five countries combined, Jessai defeated Qi Jun's main force, Yan Yili basically occupied Qi Guo, Qi State declined. This is a historical incident in the early days of the Warring States, marking the Qin Qi's two-pole pattern, from this Qin State.

This period is the hegemony period of Qin Qi, and Qi Guo is slightly in the wind. In the first 307 years, Zhao Wuling Wang wands in the ride, and Zhao Guo began to rise. In the first 306 years, Qin attack, Han Yiyang, Han Wei fear, traveling Qi, the same year of Chu, the strength, the strength is restored, but because the diplomatic diplomacy is indifferent, Qi Han Wei defeated the Chu army in the sand, the same year Qin attack Chu, suffering from Qi, Qin two-sided offense, plus the Zhuangjiao is broken, Chu starts quit and five cracked, from this decline. In the first 298 years, Qi Han Wei will attack Qin, three years after breaking the charter, Qin and Qin. In the first 288 years, Qin Zunqi is the emperor, and the interference is destroyed to the Song, Qi Qin again. In the first 286, Qi Qi Song, threatened the surrounding countries, plus Su Qin's anti-Q Qi activities, two years later, Qi Qi from this country.

The first 260 years

260 years ago, the reason for the end of the year, the end of Qin Zhao Changping, Zhao Jun Failed, there has been the strength of Qin Raise, from this year, the general trend of Qin State begins to be obvious, only the time problem.

After gain, Zhao became the strongest country in the East, but the comprehensive strength and neutrality difference were too far and unable to replace the impact. After the meeting, Qin Zhao began to divide the Central Plains. In the first 278 years, Qin attack Chu is all, capture the Chuyi Wilong Jiangshan, from this, Chu Yan, further decline. In the first 269th, Zhao Yu and the defeated Qin Jun, since then, Qin began to concentrate on Zhao. In the first 262, the battle broke out. After three years, Zhao lost the problem due to the problem of Zhao Xi Ce, lost 400,000 People, from then on, Zhao Guo faded, Qin State is unique.

The first 260 years - the first 221

, although several of the Eastern countries have achieved some progress, There is little impact on the situation. At this time, the six countries are just a place of disability. In addition to Zhao Chu, there is some strength, it is almost waiting for the lamb, through Qin and Yan's annual blow, Zhao Jun is exhausted, a large number of land loss.

The first 259th, Qin Jun took advantage of Zhao Tuo, intention to destroy Zhao Guo, aroused the strong resistance of Zhao people, in the three-year defense war, Zhao Guo lost heavy losses To Wei Chu, in front of the crisis, Zhao Guo Plain Jun Jiachen Mao Yi is induced by the King of King, and Wei Guxingjun will win the military power through "stealing Zhao".

Chu Wei Federation and Zhao Jun inside and outside the inside and outside, defeated Qin Jun, chasing the Hedong, and defeating Qin Jun, captive Qin Zheng Anping, and forcing Qin State to cut the affairs.

The first 242 years, Qin Jun attacks Wei, winning the 20th cities such as sour jujube, and the first 241, Zhao, Chu, Wei, Han, Yan five countries pushed the king as a long time Pang warmly made a coach of the coalition, combined with the Qin State, this is the last one of the Eastern princes to the military attack on Qin. However, the coalition was defeated by Qin army when he attacked the Qin army, and the coalition of the army and attacked Qin State, and he seized Rao An (now Southwest, Yanshan County, Hebei Province).

From 230 years to the first 221, Qin met the six countries. Among them, Zhao's strong combat power is strong. Qin is destroyed by Zhao after removing the name Li Mu. Chu is due to the huge land, Qin finally sent the old people to use 600,000 people. The middle is still a defeated. Qi Guo is the war after the war, I chose to surrendene, since then, Qin ended more than 50 years of division, unified the world.

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