Wang Shi Chi Pill


祛, spleen, sputum. Used for small breasts, phlegm, peek, water reduction, diarrhea, big constipation, four o'clock, cold and spleen and stomach weak, dysplasia; adult gastrointestinal unclear, 食 阻There is also an efficacy.

Wang Shi Chi Pill

Usage Dosage

Children and adults are orally in warm water. When the milk can be breastfeed, the micropel is attached to the nipple, and the lotion is in the milk. If the breastfeeding has been passed, the pill can be embedded in a small piece of soft and easy digestive food, which is as follows. Two or ablation of doctors per day. 1.6 months: 5 capsules for each 5-36 months: 6-36 capsules each time (plus one month plus 1 month) 3.2-7 years old: 0.1g-0.15g (40-60 grains each time) Each year is 5 o'clock) 4.7-14 years old: 0.15g (about 60 capsules) 5. Adult: An adult: 0.3g (about 120 capsules)

adverse reactions

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Pharmacological effects

1. Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach is the main foundation of the next day, spleen and stomach weakness, stomach fat, abdominal expansion, diarrhea, and is the main foundation for the disease. 2. Take the part to enter the stomach, large intestinal Chinese medicine rhubarb, Huang Lian and a set of Chinese medicine Nanxing, Chuanbei, etc. , Etiquette, sputum, sputum, and heat zone, respiratory disease. 3. Combination of medicines, coexisting heat and diarrhea, phlegm and asthma, diarrhea stagnation.

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