History Background

June 30, 1947, Liu Bocheng, Deng Xiaoping complied with the instructions of the Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao, and the Jin Yulu Yushan Army 120,000 main force jumped into the big mountain, in August On the 27th, victory arrived in Guangshan County. Since the unit arrived in a large mountain area, it did not accept the experience of soil, lacking the experience of mountainous waterfields, and continuous marching did not supply it, so that our military environment and conditions were very difficult. In this case, some comrades are not enough to rebuild the strategic significance and hardship of the roots of the big mountain. I doubt whether the struggle that can adhere to the big hills, the troops have been exhausted and disciplined, and they have been able to conscientious, missed Some fierce opportunities. In this life and death, Liu Bocheng, Deng Xiaoping and the Central Plains Bureau of the Central Plains decided to hold a high-end cadre meeting in the Sente Bridge Town, September 27th to 29th, and the history of the "Wang Dafan Conference", the military In history, it is also known as the "Gutian Conference" period during the Liberation War.

The site introduction

Wang Daban Meeting Site Memorial is located in Brick Bridge Town, Guangshan County, covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters, with a building area of ​​5,000 square meters, and the exhibition is 4,800 square meters. . It is mainly divided into a few parts of the Wang Daban Conference for the old site, Feng Garden, General Museum, Daba Land Mass Work Mall, Paper Paper Corridor, Martyrs Notes, Play and Tourist Service Center. In order to real reflecting the hard history of Liu Deng's thousands of miles, the memorial hall collected nearly 1,000 cultural relics, including more than 300 revolutionary cultural relics, nearly 100 pieces of information, and these precious revolutionary cultural relics showed that Liu Deng Dadron jumped into the big hill. Hero is a strong and heavy revolutionary history.

Conference for the old site of the Qing Dynasty brick wood structure, 16 existing houses, covers an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, Soluang, Yu, and Anhui architecture, mainly by "Fu", " Lu "," Shou "," "four four-in-courts, is an elegant resident group. Two in front of the score, there is a week of cloister for a week, and it is a day of well. The western wedding room exhibitions have Deng Xiaoping, Liu Bocheng, the exhibition, the second into the main hall has a thousand miles of the battle course in the land of the mountain in the mountains, and some of the real exhibitions, there is a West Lake, there is a small island in the lake. At that year, he participated in the place where the league geese of the Wang Daban meeting.

Important speech

At Comrade Deng Xiaoping at the Wang Daban meeting, he said: "The Party Central Committee has fully estimated the meaning of our actions. Not only guarantees and further consolidates the basic area of ​​the original liberated area, but also leads the war to Jiang's area, forcing Chiang Kai-shek to move the front of the Yellow River. Comrades can see how it is impatient under this step, how much is far. However, some people only see their own hardships, and they can't see the new changes in the national war. Individuals have even generate right-oriented and illegal and chaotic phenomena. This error tendency is absolutely not allowed. "


He is still seriously pointed out: The more difficult, the more advanced cadres must lead by example, and resolutely overcome the right to fight hard, discipline and more right thoughts. Liu Bocheng commanded a long speech. He asked the cadres to "take the lead in discipline, as a model", "string from the waist station team", should be "Warriors", improper "pus", etc.

The convening of the WANG Dawan Conference has greatly improved the ideological awareness of the war, strengthened the party's leadership, enhancing the concept of policy discipline, so that the troops truly understand the importance of entering the big mountain, seeing The great situation in the national revolution and the bright future, the establishment and consolidation of the land of the Dabie Mountain, which realizes the "historical turning point" that Mao's "historical turning point" to realize the strategic offensive policy of the Party Central Committee.

Construction Development

Wang Daban Conference Site Memorial As an important part of the red resources of the mountain, in patriotism, revolutionary traditional education, minors ideological and moral education, party members and cadres Mass route education and integrity education have played an extremely important role. In the past three years, the number of tourists from the memorial will continue to rise, and the number of tourists and the number of patriotic education reached 12.75 million.

In 1993, he relying on Wang Daban conferences, the construction of the second hand hoped by the National Second Hand Hand Holder after Xibaipo, every year, Tianjin, etc. Handle Summer Camp is held here. Tourists from all over the country, the footprints of the chasing Liu Deng and the fighting and living, and the revolutionary traditional educator is endless. There is often an interview with major media in the country, "thousands of miles into the big hill", "advanced into the Central Plains", etc. Many revolutionary themes, and the documentary is specifically for this shooting.

In 2005, the Wang Daban meeting site is included in the key red tourism development project of the National Development and Reform Commission.

2006 has been developed by the National Development and Reform Commission Red Project Development and construction funds 6.6 million yuan, province Compassing funds 2 million yuan. The Guangshan County Party Committee and the county government have established the "Guangshan County Wang Danwan Red Tourism Scenic Area Construction Leading Group", the deputy head of the county policy, and the deputy head of the deputy head of the county policy and the deputy magistrate of the tourism. Development work, established Wang Daban Cultural Relics Protection. Invite Zhengzhou University, Henan University, Henan Ancient Research Institute, Nanyang Ancient Research Institute and other units to plan and design.

named "National Youth Education Base" by the Central Committee of 2007.

September 16, 2019, the newly named 39 national patriotic education demonstration base in the Central Propaganda Department is famous in the list of the Silver Memorial Hall of Guangshan County. This is also the 4th year of Henan Province. One of the patriotic education demonstration bases.


National Patriotic Education Demonstration Base, National AAA Red Tourist Scenic Area, National Youth Education Base, Henan Provincial Patriotism Education Base, Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Unit, Henan Provincial Top Ten Creative Tourism Scenic Area.

Transportation Guidelines

Wang Daban Conference Website Memorial

Address: Town Center, Brick Bridge Town, Guangshan County, Xinyang City, Xinyang City, Xinyang City, Henan Province

Traffic Guidelines: Wang Daban Conference 37 kilometers away from the 312 National Highway, 37 kilometers, 30 kilometers, 8 miles of the Guangshan Exit of Shanghai and Shaanxi Expressway, 20 kilometers from the Guangshan Station of Beijing, 20 kilometers away from the Daguang Expressway, 200 kilometers away from Hubei Wuhan, 98 km from Xinyang City.

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