Walter Relie


who controls the sea,

whoever controls the trade;

who controls the world trade,

whoever controls the wealth of the world,

eventually to control the world itself.

fundamental to be a great novelist was a humorist, just like a big family romance simply have to be a poet.

- Walter Raleigh


Raleigh first landed in Trinidad, and claimed that the United Kingdom all. He then sailed to Venezuela's Orinoco River estuary. He anadromous and on, which lasted 15 days, and then back to Guyana and Suriname examines coastal regions.

1617 years, the Raleigh branch led another expedition to Ao Nuoke area. He was already over 60 years old, Trinidad fell ill and had to leave. Other members of the expedition reached the Orinoco, but where fighting broke out with the Spanish settlers, many people were killed. The expedition returned to England in disgrace. Shortly after, Raleigh was executed.

Raleigh in early life, he had planned tried to establish a British colony in North America, one of which is in North Carolina Roanoke Island mysterious "lost colony of Virginia." In 1587, 117 settlers landed there. Two years later, when the ship returned Raleigh, has not found traces of settlers, they had all disappeared. After

sailing background

Columbus's discovery of America, a sum of wealth through the hands of the Prodigal nobility of Spain and Portugal to a sum in the hands of the British bourgeoisie, however, this trend is even greater appetite for them, a series of adventure and piracy have become explain this purpose.

It advocates control of marine Rayleigh stage of history in this period, when Britain was in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, talented people, it is the golden age of British sailing.

There was a lyric to explain the British ambitions:

Rule, the United Kingdom,

Britain, ruled that vast waves waves.

Britain's theory is to conquer the world ocean.

This theory is Lei Liti out, high vision, and can even be called a prototype of sea power theory.

sailing start

Walter Raleigh (Walter Raleigh, about 1552 - 1618) was a military genius, but also a talented poet. In his early years at Oxford University law school, it can be said that academic Veda soldiers, and Drake are very different.

They flock to law school at Oxford Intermediate young people under the influence of Francis Drake's voyage around the world cite jazz, secret plan to go to America with a fortune. Among them there is Sir Martin Florin than the rest, Sir John Popham, of course, Sir Walter Raleigh.

moderate lawyer College is a fun university, close to London theater, is the center of judicial activities, as well as Queen Elizabeth the hands of pirates planning an ideal place for looting activities. Idea of ​​a British base in the Americas is indeed very attractive, the primary point is that it can provide a base for attacks on its biggest rival Spanish ship loaded with treasures for the British. Here, Raleigh honor to participate in the war planning of the Queen. When

1580 he participated in the suppression of the Irish uprising Leiliyintan rate criticized British policy in Ireland caused Elizabeth's attention, he was summoned to the Queen. And put forward their views in foreign policy and maritime trade, with the strong support of the Queen. He get a raise funds, establish and carry out expeditions fleet. Raleigh is the name of the queen's special envoy to mobilize vessels, so these fleets is also known as the "Queen of the vessel", the treatment of other navigators can not be achieved.

found that tobacco

Ridley sea from England, early to do some pirate activity, so we can have him a lot of stories about pirates seen in the data, "holding a book pirate ship long "his courtly Sir Clifford's image is perhaps the vague impression.

There are many legends, legends Reilly is an ordinary captain, not really, in the Tower of London and Oxford and Westminster still retains his name and deeds, his courtly, laughing demeanor, others with sincerity, wisdom and crafty enemy there.

The most typical is his attack on the Spanish vessel, otherwise he would not be the first name on everyone's pirate recorded.

probably in 1582, to set foot on the American continent Reilly deeper exploration of the journey to create a new colony. In later he had a rough voyage up the now Roanoke Island, Virginia, and this is usually talked about "Lost Virginia." A year ago, a relative of Raleigh Arthur Barlow had come to visit this place, go back, he strongly recommend this place to Sir Raleigh. He wrote: "Everywhere there is a tall cedar, clusters of grapes, leisurely deer, rabbits romp and a variety of birds." So here Reilly set up a not decent "colony" , leaving 117 people from the UK are willing to settle here.

This is the official UK immigration before US Thanksgiving, a prelude to the story of the Mayflower. Reilly has many followers among the scientific, John White, which specializes in drawing, he put Walter Raleigh's coat of arms is painted in a prominent position, which marks the possession of this land.

But the first group of British immigrants want to settle in the island but did not welcome them. Their residence around the dirty bear, full of swamps, disease became popular among them. These immigrants eager to have a boat to take them home, but the ship never came, the colony will simply disappear, no one knows the whereabouts of this one hundred young and old. Not to mention gossip, the adventure continues Raleigh, Raleigh sailed further south to the island of Trinidad and Tobago, where he discovered the asphalt, but failed to continue his voyage, the fleet supply is running into difficulties, and therefore had to return to the UK, Reilly tried to go to watch the living conditions of one hundred young and old, yet they disappeared. This became one of mystery in history.

Reilly also brought back from America a puff of goods - tobacco, it is this thing, after centuries became the most extravagant and most unhealthy human daily consumption, I do not know Reilly Sir Izumishita to know, what would you feel?

Raleigh adventure a success, with a high reputation.

minions poet

Because adventure achievements, he was a glimpse of the Jazz in 1585, two years he served as captain of the Queen's Guard. His suave, intelligence and language humor. He wrote poems praising the queen, won her favor, was once the favorite of the Queen was all more than anyone, she just completely perplexed him. Reilly and Queen was really really in love, Reilly also obtained reward others can not match. But the Queen can not get married for political reasons, so let Reilly by a lot of cold so faithless.

without the knowledge of his queen, and always had dealings surnamed Si Luoke Morton married ladies. He did so, so that Elizabeth was very angry, then to blacken the name of maids of honor and chastity, Reilly dropped into the Tower of London.

not difficult

But Reilly from being neglected. He supported the views put to death during the queen Queen of Scots was also later King of England James jealousy.

Reilly continued his adventure, when he heard about the legend of El Dorado, his ease in 1595 led an expedition to South America in search of gold.

Raleigh first landed in Trinidad, and claimed that the United Kingdom all. He then sailed to Venezuela's Orinoco River estuary. He anadromous and on, which lasted 15 days, and then back to Suriname investigated and coastal regions.

The expedition was a failure, no supplies, no gold, no gain. Back in England, it is more of a supercilious, more worldly.

He was imprisoned and then to overthrow the throne of trumped-up charges in 1603. He knows how it is. He was very open-minded.

sentenced to death

Then put to death because of the reputation of not being on probation, was imprisoned in the Tower of London, it is in the Tower of London was to be the longest a prisoner. Reilly flies very comfortable in the tower day. He even put his wife and son were picked up in. He grows tobacco in their own gardens, also a chicken coop into a chemistry lab. In her spare time, he even wrote a great book, "World History."

If remain so Raleigh will not be guillotined, but the nature adventurer ruined him. In 1616, Reilly wrote to the king, to persuade him to forget the past and sent him to twenty years ago, visited Guyana (Guyana) expedition. James agreed, Reilly was released on parole, to ensure that the premise does not infringe the interests of the development of Spanish gold mine there. But found nothing, and its subsidiary burned a Spanish settlements. Thus, according to James 1603 verdict, in 1618 he was put to death. At this time, Reilly're older, but very ill, it is fragile.

But he still showed his humorous personality. Face the executioner holding a sharp knife, he quipped: "This drug is the drug too fast, but I have a cure

artistic image

<. p> popular Japanese anime "One Piece" in the Roger pirates Deputy captain Sylvester Baz Reilly is with Walter Raleigh was created out of the prototype.
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