Walter Pate


Pate is born in London in 1839, his father is a doctor. He worked in the Oxford University, graduated, engaged in teaching and writing, and visited Europe. But most of his life is in Oxford. He is born inside, and it is interested in people.

began to write "Westminster Comments" in 1867. In 1873, he published the research papers published on the representative of European Renaissance from the past years. The name "Renaissance Research", proposing the aesthetics of "Art", and the prose in this work. He won the reputation of "Former Rafael". When this book is re-edition, the name is renamed "Renaissance". The publishing of this book has brought a high reputation for Pate, and its publishing has been popular with young and beautifulists, Oscar Wilde said it is "Gold". This reputation is undoubtedly an encouragement to his creation.

1885, he published a philosophical novel "Music Malius". This novel expresses the aesthetic thinking of Pate in the social life of the Roman Emperor Marco Oleg Times, Roman Emperor Marco Oleg, through the perspective of the pursuit of beauty and the contradiction between rational understanding. This book is called "the only great prose work of the modern British literary world". In addition to the above book, he also has an "imaginary portrait" (1887), "Appreciation" (1889), "Plato and Plato" (1893), "Greek Research" (1895) and autobiological works " "(1894) and other works. On July 30, 1894, Pelt ended his 55-year calm life due to heart attack.


Pate is the aesthetician and representative of the aesthetic movement of "art" as art "at the end of the 19th century. He and Rafael have a certain connection. Roster, Rosekin, had a lot of influence on him, but Pate's aesthetic view is more separated from social reality. He believes that the purpose of art is to cultivate people's beauty, seek beauty enjoyment, and should not be restricted by society or moral concept. His criticism has shown unique personality and appreciation. He is a rigorous and serious, a strong skill, strive to be perfect in the language, but the style is too carved. His aesthetic opinion has a great impact on Wang Wild's thoughts and creation.

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