Wailajing Shel Gayevich Pavlov

gold synonyms Valentin Pavlov generally refers Valentin Pavlov


Valentin Sergeyevich Pavlov ( В.С.Павлов, 1937.9.27- 2003.3.30), the former Soviet Union Communist Party, economic activists, former Soviet Premier cabinet. 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt one of the participants.


Valentin Pavlov September 1937 26 (or 27) was born in Smolensk, graduated from Moscow Institute of Finance. Ph.D. in Economics. After graduation, mainly engaged in economic management, had worked as a tax inspector of police, in 1962 to participate in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union in 1979 was transferred to the Ministry of Finance, the State Planning Commission, to become an economist. Ministry of Finance as well as financial chief of costs and prices, in August 1986 the Soviet Union was elected First Deputy Minister of Finance, June 7, 1989, was elected Chairman of the USSR State Committee on Statistics price, and the Soviet Union announced the release prices announced the new economic measures in order to exchange old banknotes bills, making savings of the masses nothing, the masses were strong protests. July 17, 1989 - after January 14, 1991 elected Ministers of the USSR Ministry of Finance, in July 1990 was elected the CPSU Central Committee, August 19, 1991 to join the national emergency committee, want to take power, re-introduction of the new economic policy, but then failed national emergency committee, announced the evening of August 19 because of "high blood pressure" hospital. Was subsequently arrested and was expelled from the Soviet Communist Party Central Control Commission held by Jacob Yakovlev, sailors detained in prison silence Moscow in 1994 was an amnesty. 1996-- 1997 as an economic adviser in Moscow, a commercial bank. Deputy Chairman of the Russian Economic Association, March 30, 2003 died of illness at the age of 66 years old.

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