Vladimir Claamnik

Synonym Claamnik generally refers to Flagamil Kramnik

Character Information

Chinese Name: Vladimir Claamnik

Russian name : владимир борисович крамник


Gender: Male

Nationality: Russia

Date of birth: June 25, 1975

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 100 kg

identity: chess portability

sports Project: Chess

Best results: defeat plus Casparov became the world chess king

international grade: 2801

mainly experience

Vladimir Kramnik (9)

Flagimir Claamnik, born in Russia near the Black Sea in 1975, 1979 At the age of 4, played chess, 10 years old in 1985, heard two international master. At the age of 11, when I entered Moscow, Casparov, who had just become the world's chess king, from this progress, and Casparov's evaluation is also high. After 5 years, I won the World Youth Champion, which occupied her own position in the world's highest chess. Kramnik graduated from the world's most famous Chess Sacred Land - Pottervinique. Casparov has also learned this. Kramnik accepted international chess culture is not only high, not only high, and the quality is full of instrumentation, and the style is 翩.

Main results

1992, 17 years old, representing Russia, attending the Olympic Games, winning the championship for Russia and got a personal session gold medal.

in 1995, the second opponent listed as Kasparov (the number one is An Gu)

In November 2000, the battle of Casparov became a world chess king.

As a member of the Russian team, three international chess Olympic Group Championships;

won the International Chess World Championships three times;

2000-2007 Chess world champion.

2019 national elephant ultra fast chess World Championship men's ultra fast chess series army

won the Honorary Award of the Chess, the highest personal award in May 2001 ";

14th classical chess world champion;

Russian sports honor masters.


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Marriage life

Flagimir Claamnik and family (8 photos)

After the Elista has achieved significant victory, Kramnik uses some valuable time to improve his private life. On December 30, 2006, he married in Paris. The wife Mary Rolle is a French reporter who worked on important newspapers. On February 4, 2007 after a few weeks, he invited the best friends to attend the private celebrations held in Dongzheng Church in Paris. Kramnik has a daughter, named Darea.
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