Synonym, Taiwanese language, generally refers to Zhuang Yiyi

Language Overview

Zhuangyu Group Including Zhuang Zong, Yi, Wushu, 仫 语, Mao Nano, La Yi, Language, Mo, Li language, 仡 语, 布 依 语,,, etc .; including Vietnamese 语, etc. These languages ​​contain a certain amount of ancient Chinese vocabulary with Chinese, Tibetan language, Miao, Yao language, and therefore, these languages ​​are divided into the Chinese Tibetan language. However, because the rigorous voice correspondence between the common terms of the Zhuangwang race and other languages ​​has not been found, this property is just a hypothesis.

According to the level of the UNESCO on the vitality and endangered situation of the language, the level 0 is extinction, death language, no use; level 1 is extremely endangered, mostly a few ancestors Use; Level 2 is serious and endangered, mostly used by grandparents and more decent people; level 3 is obviously endangered, used by positive generations; level 4 is insecure, fragile, some children use this language in all occasions, or All children are only used in limited occasions. According to this division, the wood 佬 语 等 等 级 语 等,,, 等 属 等 等 等 级................... 语 语 语 语 语 语 语

This, the endangered level of language in the phrase group can be seen. According to Li Jinfang, a professor of the Central University for Nationalities, the four statements of the Taiwanese language group, the water, Li San has no obvious endangered situation, but some languages ​​with less population show the gage, shrinking the phenomenon or Some dialects are endangered; but the overall guidelines are facing serious endangers. According to a school survey, the mood language distributed in the bika of Guizhou and southeast of Guizhou has been dying in the 1980s and 1990s. Distributed in Guizhou, Guangxi, Yunnan and Vietnam northern, but only 5,000 people, and because dialect is much more, the use of the use of each language is also awkward, and most of them are middle-aged and elderly people. Other Central language are distributed in the Sino-Vietnamese border area, and the use of the population from more than 2,000 people, and it is in terms of endangered or extremely endangered state.

"The overall in the overall endangered state is not much in the overall state of the integrity."

"Zhuang Wi-language" is a language that the linguist is divided into a language. 70 languages, mainly distributed in Southeast Asia and southern China. This language is classified as a language family in the Hualic Tibetan language, called "Zhuang Ying" (or "Zhuang Taiwang", "Zhuang Taiwanese", "Taiwanese", "Dazai Qi Group", etc. National Girth 1997; Liang Min, Zhang Jun, such as 1996), but it has been considered an independent language.

Language characteristics

In 1942, a new hypothesis is proposed in the international, and it is believed that Zhuangwume (also Miao Yao) and South Island homologous. The morphology of Zhuang Qi language is generally monosy, and its voice structure can be analyzed as "no mother + rhyme + tone". The vowel of the rhyme is generally a length. Sounds generally have conflict of turbidity, this has a certain impact on the tone. Zhuang Qiang language is equivalent to the adjustment of Chinese flour, and is more than yin and yang; but non-language has 8 tuning. There is a series of clear nasal sounds in the language support language. There is a peer that tongue tongue sound and tongue reunion. There are many turbidists and nasalctuys with throat in each language. Multi-syllables are more synthetic words.

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