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Value China network has absorbed the financial community, media industry, Technical real-name systems and tens of millions of professional readers in all sectors of enterprises, and they are still growing rapidly. The network is society, regards users as citizens, professional people, and social people, rather than narrow definition as a general netizen, X passenger, value China network to create a professional service platform of all professional people. "Web2.0 is only a business environment and competition environment, not a business model, far from summarizing all the business ideas of China. Value China Network is working hard to build a 'Background very complicated, the front desk is as simple as possible" business ecology System ", value China Network CEO Lin Yongqing introduced the future of China.

Values ​​

real name integrity, equality and harmony, and create together.

Value China Net

Independent thinking, 100 pairs, professionalism.

occupational social, human accumulation, knowledge needs, resource sharing.

Creating a personal brand, achieving personal value, social value.


Network Community

"Value China Net" takes the lead in realizing online integrity protection mechanism, aggregating China Finance, Business, Management, Investment, Professional people in education, technology, medical, culture, and social, form a professional social, human accumulation, industry exchanges and business personal brands, is an industry authority, highly integrity, concept-leader + Blog's Web2.0 integrated community. Here are many professional people and experts and scholars to communicate with each other, fully enjoy professional words, with any observation perspective and any speech style expression for China's economic development. In order to promote the continued and stable development of China's economy, they will jointly contribute to the knowledge power and information. Each participating member can get more business opportunities and career development.

Trading platform

Aggregate professionals provide knowledge services for companies, institutions, governments, individuals, today's business society tends to be more professional, standardized, and personal The demand for professional consultation and knowledge services will become increasingly socialized. Each of us has encountered a similar problem. When a unfamiliar business needs, we need to find a professional consultation. When receiving an unfamiliar business, you need to mobilize almost all acquaintances to help find experts. Even if you pay a lot of extra cost, "Value China Net" has hundreds of thousands of individual industries, covering financial, commercial, management, investment, education, medical, science and technology, culture, and social, etc. Here, you can easily find the corresponding professionals and provide you with first-class expertise and consulting services.

Equity shares

Value China's innovative "equity sharing system" is known as many famous financial media in China and foreign countries as the "Blog Equity Revolution", as the world's leading "institutional innovation And virtual organizations "bold exploration, this move has always been the focus of domestic and foreign internet industry and media attention. Since 2005, Value gives 50% of the shares of the website to all registered users of the website, and the user is dynamically allocated according to the "discussion", "discongctive power of the network social contribution, etc. Since 2007, the website is curing the stock of registered users in August 2007, and two stock curing have been carried out in 2007 and 2008. At 10 o'clock on December 31, 2008, the user shareholders had obtained the website cash dividends according to the value of China's website.


"Knowledge Service Provider" is based on the value of 500,000 (and continuously) real-name system, specialized senior industry users, to solve the enterprise, individual The integrity service trading platform provided by professional knowledge service needs.

As China's leading financial / commercial new media, value China's mature, authoritative professional personal media platform will provide important, efficient personal brand and institutional branding.

"Knowledge Service Provider" platform utilizes a huge industry expert database, relying on trading integrity security system, providing various types of knowledge professional services for enterprises or individual customers, such as investment, finance, taxation, law, marketing, Management, human resources, consultation, planning, etc .; industrial analysis services for various industries, such as energy / new energy, new materials, biological / medical, IT / Internet, financial industry ... and many other important industries.

Here, each buyer's service needs will be found for thousands to tens of thousands of service providers. By bidding and search, the buyer will get dozens of candidate service providers. And I finally chose to provide services, and how much money to spend, or how much income will be achieved, everything can be achieved by the transaction. "" Knowledge service provider "integrity trading platform.

On the new "Knowledge Service Provider" trading platform: Service purchases will be able to quickly and low cost, find professional service providers that can solve business needs.


Personal Profile

Lin Yongqing, value China Blog Network initiator, the general manager of international capital company. London Political and Economics, New York University Business School, Paris Business School, United EMBA; Xiamen University MBA. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Employee Forum of the UKCO, China Green Commitment Special Fund, US Financial Society.

2004, Lin Yongqing gave up Intel's work and established a UNolforming Investment Company. In May, the value of China is established, claims that China's first real-name system website is only concerned about the professional direction of the business sector, has also caused a small argument. When many Internet media are fascinating, Lin Yongqing turned his attention to a "small" - business, academic, media, government departments, professional people, professionals.

Entrepreneurial inspiration

2005, Value China Network launched a plan to share equity with all authors, which has attracted many media attention. "The blog changes shareholders, there is no such model around the world, the Internet provides this possibility, not all business can do this." Lin Yongqing was very proud of this. The website's share options are open, in the specific operation, value China network retains 50% of the equity, and is also responsible for solving the funding problem of pre-input and post-development, the remaining 50% is the internal blog equity (option), with the author's contribution rate (article The weight of the number, click rate is calculated by multiplying the total number of shareholders. It is said that this practice is inspired by Lin Yongqing's inspiration in Nasdaq stock market during Work in New York in 2005.

"Entrepreneur's most important attribute is to create, of course this is the most difficult, most challenging from an incomplete process. I often say it for yourself, can you stick to one day. Only survival You can continue to tell stories in order to continue. "Anxious eyes flashed, followed by prepared confidence. "The mode is not the most important. The key is our entrepreneurial team and author resources. With this foundation, all advanced models can be used for me." Lin Yongqing regarded the creation of in 2004-2006, Plan 2007-2008 as the entrepreneurial phase. In 2009, it was a critical time of China's listing and internationalization.

Have a good job in Inner, why choose independence entrepreneurship? Lin Yongqing said: "Inten let me learn a lot, especially the spirit of innovation, let me feel deeply infected. However, every Individuals have their own ideals and pursuit, I want to achieve some ideas in their own way. I think entrepreneurship is a way of life. So, even if I have a big difficulties, I do try to face with a positive attitude. "

Why choose Internet entrepreneurship? Lin Yongqing said that he is a fanatical Internetian, I divide the entire history into Internet age and the front Internet era. He said that he believed that Niger's "digital survival" concept, he believes that people will eventually survive on the Internet. Lin Yongqing also believes that there is still a benefit of Internet entrepreneurship, which is that there is no traditional industry, and is not limited by some fancy and conservation. This is a brand new, no one can say that you are authoritative, and everything needs to be innovated. I also voted in the traditional industry when I invest in, I realized the trouble.

The highest target

What is the vision of China's network? Lin Yongqing said: The highest goal is to achieve common prosperity and all authors. That is to turn knowledge into wealth. The goal is to gather more popularity. "Also, we have a sense of mission, providing a business platform, a platform for China and world communication. Introducing China to China, introducing them to China. Since 2007, we have begun to provide this. "

Lin Yongqing summarizes: a knowledge of a serviced community, human community. Social backbone's power This group probably has a few million, I refuse to use the concept of "middle class", "middle class" is a consumer concept, and customers who value Chinese websites are creators.

As for the profit model, Lin Yongqing believes: "The most important thing is not a model, as long as there is a scale, you can use any model, we are also focusing on the development of the industry and exploring various possibilities Mode. Let's alone, we have achieved profitability, we have confidence, have the ability to try different models, this point I am not worried. "

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