Valuable confession

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valuable confession

Liuzhen Kai

years of calamity, Yuanrong suffered, Li Shu suffer, four victims rampant, popular indignation, violation days on the heart, lower back public opinion. In the miasma mist of history, people perceive in misery, than savor the joy of the more unforgettable.

However, "none of the history of a great disaster, not in historical progress as compensation." This is the words of Engels. Is not it? After the reform and opening up China's stride is the compensation for the "Cultural Revolution" disaster. History, after all, won progress.

Valuable confession

years of calamity, it is left to the history of Chinese intellectuals in the mind of the twentieth century the most sorrowful chapter, leaving their purgatory, the bleeding heart is helpless, the book is a disgrace warning .

breath, feeling substitution of reason, ignorance triumphed over science, civilization and barbarism replaced. Bare body and soul of the people reached the pole, the development of human evil is to be added.

For that period absurd, chaotic, desolate years of knowledge, still needs time. Bitter experience, pain Ru indeed! Like us the inspiration and reflection from the torture of the soul.

Because confession marks a national conscience, and secret sins national psychology, psychological basis is often repeated evil. In fact, the "great class, as the great nations, learning every respect, not as from the consequences of their mistakes to learn faster" (Engels).

"Cultural Revolution" years of agonizing, people all harbor a cold and barren heart, exposure grudge, toast Xiaochou worry even more unhappy. However, the world of its own sharp knife to cut the mess, people finally bid farewell to the pain of the rainy season.

catastrophe both go, excitement and devotion subsided, all sigh: I see. This history of the many "So" component, which is "So" make us mature, truly understand life.

Creative background

For that period absurd, chaotic, desolate years of knowledge, still needs time.

About the Author

Liuzhen Kai, Shaanxi Mizhi people. In 1965 graduated from Shaanxi Normal University, more than 40 years in Xinjiang, most of the time taught at colleges and universities. 1955 began to publish poetry, prose works.

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