Valter Dramir


is born in Kentshire, a middle class family in 1873.

in the Chorus of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, he has worked in the school. Due to the promotion of the school, he graduated from an oil company after graduating from the age of 16 and worked for 20 years.

20 years old began to submit to each magazine.

1895, it began to publish poetry.

1902, use the pen name Walter Ramar to publish the first poem "Childhood Song", did not cause reaction.

1908, got a government annuity, and it was able to write.

in 1912, the poem "Listener" is published, making him famous. After that, "Poetry" (1920, 1935, 1942), "fire convex mirror" (1945), and two long poetry "Wings" (1951) and "Will" (1956) Successfully came out. During this time, a large number of poems, novels and prose for children are published, and the most famous is "three Mura Mura Mystery" (after the "holy monkey"), "almond tree" "(1923)," Skon "(1925)," Fish King "(1933), and" Scarecrow "(1945).

1953, the success of the success.

in 1956, struck Twicknham.

The book is more than ten poems, the most famous is "listeners and other" (1912). In addition, he also has five novels, five short novels.


Dea Mel's poem is exquisite, skillful, and has changed in the form of works, which is quite admired by Eliot, Otang and other sectors. However, his poem has inherited the romantic and even earlier English poetic traditions in the 19th century, with modernism and helpless. He declared in the long poetry "Speed": poetry is the use of language "faithful and perfectly saved the attempt to be expressed." Therefore, its poetry is simple and unwrout, and there is a narrative, description, and the beauty of the drama, often gives readers to have the room that is imagined. Its a large number of "children's poems" are simple and unusual, some people are more like William Black, but their work is never embarrassed. However, its theme is not "modern", and the color is dark, the lack of life, the sacred world is sorghum, and the sigh of the vocabulary, the sage, the center of the creation, although Otang said that his skills and wisdom constantly mature, until the end of life.

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