University Geology

Journal History

September 1995, "University Geology Journal".

December 2014, the issue became the first batch of academic journals of the China National Press and Publication Radio, Film and Television.

before 2017, for the quarter.

Since 2018, it is changed to a bunyamily, 160 pages 160, publicly released at home and abroad.

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column direction

  • report content University Geology

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    "University Geology" mainly publishes teachers and students of the National College Geology or Earth Academy (Department), and other scientific research, the manufacturer of the production unit is high in the earth science field, novel ideas, strong academic Research thesis, in addition to the collation of different academic perspectives, scientific research dynamics report, review papers and advanced methods research papers.

    • column setting

    "University Geology" column mainly: Energy Geology , Rock, deposit, geochemistry, deposit geology, coalbed methane infrastructure, sedimentary, coalbous exploration geology, South China granite and mine column, shale gas column, magma effect and deep geological process, mineral, rock and geochemistry , CO2 storage, deposition of petroleum geology column, rockology, structure and energy geology, structural geology, Nanling granite and mineral research column, Huiyuan system and reservoir geology column, sedimentary, petroleum geology, Coalbed metal development geology, constructive geology and geological physics, energy geology, geological and construction geology, mineral science and engineering column, energy geological and engineering geology, construction rock geochemistry, isotope, structure geological, geological physics Learning, hydrogeological and engineering geology, water resources and engineering geology, sedimentary and ancient biology, formation and ancient biology, geophysics, rockology and geochemistry, deposit, ancient biology and ancient environment, hydrogeology Study on the study of geology and geological study and geological and geological geology and geological development of geology and geological geology and geological chemistry, the fourth Ji Ji Geology and geochemistry, the second Ji Ji Geology.

    • column awarded

    2012, "University Geology News" academic discussion and contend "The column won the brand column award in the 4th Jiangsu Science and Technology Journal" Golden Horse Award ".

    editorial office of "University Geology" editorial office in April 2018, "University Geology", including the National University of China (including Taiwan University Professor of 46 geological experts from Hong Kong University), and academicians across the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 6 colleges and universities were hired as a special invitation committee.

    Journal results

    Collection case

    2004 is selected as the national geological core journal, and is included in the "Overview of Chinese Core Journals". As of September 2018, it is regularly included in China's domestic and international important retrieval publications and databases: US "Chemical Abstracts", Russia "Abstract Journal", Chinese Academy of Sciences "China Science Cites Database", China Science and Technology Information Research Institute "China Science and Technology Papers Statistics Source Core Journal", "China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database", "Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database", "China Geological Digest" and "Ancient Biological Digest".


    According to September 23, 2018, China Zhiwang shows, "University Geological Department" published a total of 1600 copies.

    According to the Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform on September 23, 2018, "University Geology News" is 1324 paragraphs.

    Impact factor

    According to China September 23, China Zhiwang shows that "University Geology News" has been downloaded 526591 times, total 33327 times, (2017 version) composite Impact factor 1.068, (2017 version) integrated impact factor 0.660.

    According to the Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform on September 23, 2018, the "University Geology" was introduced by 19504 times, the download is 42,633; according to the 2015 Chinese Journal Corgal Report (exposed The data shows that the 2015 influencing factor is 1.24, and the 650th place in all statistical source journals (6735), ranking 57th in the University (Astronomy, Earth Science) (226).

    Honor recognition

    2012, won the title of "China's most international influence academic journal".

    2014, the title of "China's most international influence academic journal".

    in 2014, the 5th "China University Boutique Science and Technology Journal Award" was obtained.

    Culture Tradition

    Image Identification

    Figure Chinese name, English is the English name of the publication.

    The purpose of the journal No.

    strives to establish the newspaper to reflect the window of the earth science research in China, and report the development and update of contemporary earth science research, and promote the development and update of geological disciplines. The important garden of academic thinking between accelerated academic ideas, promoting the cultivation of high-level global science talents, promoting the stand-outness of the new century, contributing to China's economic prosperity and prosperity.

    State Leaders

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    Directs Name
    Editor Wang Yicheng (Dean of Nanjing University Earth Science and Engineering ")
    Director Qiu Checheng
    Note: According to the "University Geological Journal" Editor's official website display
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