Under the knife



International Symposium on China Nuo Culture in Dejiang County, Guizhou Province organized, reporters saw a wonderful Nuo technical performance. Nuo masters of Kung Fu, so that every audience thrilling.


"ordered by" performance, reporter first came true and false test. A sharp blade will take up the reporter about to cut the plastic rope, and even test three is true, but more than 20 knife from the towering wooden cross through one by one in. After conducted a simple ceremony, carrying a child Nuo division climbed Daoti. Look lively audience held their breath. Nuo division waist and hips arched backward, stepping on the pace steady climb upward. Each step on step, the hearts of the audience will be nervous about, but Nuo division has always calm. Rise to the top, but also rhythmically smooth "down." Not so the audience's heart rate recovery, he has raised his foot to show everyone, really there is no damage.

has not ended here, there are removed from the stir burned crimson plows. Nuo division Picking Up, Xianxiang on the spit, when smoke Jumping, he quickly stride feet, across from the iron plow.

Under the knife

wonderful Nuo technical performance eye-opener, what is the mystery behind the stunt? Unfortunately, although interviews with local digital Nuo opera expert, reporter only to find some clues.


Dejiang County, literature and history of the CPPCC Committee Director Li Shihong, said, "ordered by" steps to "steady, accurate, relentless", a foot stable, must not move, so It will not be cut. "Under sea of ​​fire" that key in saliva, water is sprayed up the instant can serve as cooling agents, feet quickly across the insurable unharmed. Li Jue order Nuo opera experts say, in the past he has seen a sharp knife sashimi performances, Nuo division is also safe and sound. The key is the rapid disinfection, hemostasis, the medication is the magic herbs Tujia division of the ages with. Although the prescription is not known, but may be bleeding effect immediate.

The origin of the story

The origin of the story

People often "dangerous places" as a metaphor for the very dangerous place, and to "dare ordered by'm under a sea of ​​fire." They were regarded as warriors. However, in everyday life, "ordered by the next sea of ​​fire" is a rare, but in the Lisu annual Arbor Day, we have been able Watch thrilling "under fire, ordered by" live performances.

Arbor Day was held at the Lunar February 7 to 8. The first day was held "at sea of ​​fire" ceremony at night, the next day held "ordered by" ceremony.


"under the sea of ​​fire," Lisu warriors to worship the gods. Worship gods have a "white horse general", he is the legendary Ming Wang Ji bingbushangshu general. Wang Lu Chuan Hui Zhao Ji Sanzheng a traitor after the victims, while Arbor Day Lisu is in honor of General Wang.

After the worship the gods, everyone ready to move to Arbor chestnut wood floor, piled two long Tuo, a wide Tuo, Tuo a high pyre, then lit the pyre, raging fire rises higher. At this time, led by the warriors in the "Hom head" (chieftains dance event), a row of men dressed in blue costumes and followed by a chorus of blessing song, dance, singing and stepping neatly pace. Firewood to be burned glowing charcoal (as the "sea of ​​fire"), a warrior on a long list of exploding firecrackers, some dressed in red, the Warriors played along in single file. Their heads have colored paper and tie waist, hands dancing on both sides of a small red flag, around the fireplace after a few laps, he began "under the sea of ​​fire." Champion's bare feet on the step plate is directly red coals sparks flying; Fotan then wash with hands won, this is really a true "baptism of fire"; and a rough chains finally thrown into the fire, burned half red, then hand hanging flip play, the performance of a brave spirit earthly various constraints of defiance. Fire their body map was red-faced and, Youru Wei Wu's "Vulcan" lower bound. During the "jump the flames" of the activities, the others will have to continue to evil slayer effect of Aixiang end thrown into the fireplace, sparks flew, very spectacular. In the evening of the last instrument journey is: according to the number Arbor (36 or 72 knives) on the year to be with a lit incense stick lined arbor-like, by the warriors one step on the past. It is said that if the incense stick trampled down and make life difficult, you have to be disqualified on the arbor. After the baptism of the Warriors can not go home, everyone around the fireplace dance the night away.

"ordered by" also called "the arbor." The first is the tie stand Arbor. According to "six, Danian seventy-two small New Year's Eve," the number of knife determine the length of the shank, usually with nearly 30 meters of the original chestnut wood, bamboo with three gold pieces left and right reversed sharp long knife strapped Arbor superior. Arbor also the lower three levels and three castles. On the entire arbor tie yellow, white, red, green, and blue flowers and various paper rune flags. Arbor erected like a straight "ladder", stands in court Arbor. Then the ceremony was held for the sword of God. Arbor erected in the good, the general for a pig nine chickens. Arbor for a pig a chicken foot, four, four each for a chicken. By the priest (on the master Arbor, Lisu language called "Nigeria Pa") officiant, offering language can be read worship, song or dance read read. The main contents are: "There Vulcan fire, knife or sword of God, the gods demand sacrifice knife, security and peace to survive." Arbor is the climax of the festival, the most exciting moment. The color equipment warriors double buckle with both hands above the blade, then bare feet step on Daoti, climbing on step by step. They have no fear, smart casual, show foot majestic iron tough guy. The first to climb on the first warrior, set off firecrackers in celebration party mast, Kyrgyzstan and read four words: "bumper harvest, disease-free without disaster, domestic animals thrive, peace and prosperity." Some Warriors are still Arbor performing a variety of end handstand and other difficult moves. Congratulations for the success of the Warriors, people around the arbor "jump Ga", blessing the Warriors victory, congratulations happy holiday and wish happiness to people's health.


On Arbor vividly demonstrated the Lisu people of indomitable courage to climb, the pursuit of excellence in spirit

Yao stunt

Yao folk is more powerful nation, they worship, pray, exorcism ritual, often to a series of magic stunt to show the invincible spirit. Barefoot climb Daoti, is one of two thrilling stunts at the flames. Climb Daoti called "ordered on", is mounted on a wooden ladder rung as a sharp knife, barefoot tread on the cutting edge landed at kicking, foot skin actually intact. The flames had several forms: First, the number of red-hot iron plowshares, step by step to step on barefoot haste past; one is through burning charcoal "sea of ​​fire"; then there is the "go full light" That made with bamboo lamps arranged in rows, step by step walked a light, lights still blazing, really God!

After baking wood charcoal, from walking on barefoot glowing charcoal, hand holding the steel edge, climb barefoot stepping blade 12 meters high ordered

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