Ulami Lake Battle

The crisis of the empire

Abbas is determined to fight against Osman people, in addition to their new army has been roughly completed, the opponent has fallen into a certain crisis. Ottoman Empire, who used to be indistens, because of its excessive expansion, is disruptible by limb fertilization. Instead, the Persian of the Album Dragon Bell has passed, and the new rejuvenation has been promoted.

The crisis of Turks first, first from its inherent political structure. Unlike a lot of concentration empire, Ottoman is substantially a highly feudal system. Although there is a near-demand force station stationed in the capital of Dushan Constantinople and many provinces, most places are still managed by ancient feudal aristocrats. These grades of the West Pash Knights not only provide more than half of the troops, but also the grassroots personnel in the daily administrative team. Therefore, the Middle Austman Empire does not need to maintain a huge bureaucratic team and the central army.

However, when historical advances to the 16th century of modern start, many external factors have begun to understand the structural effects. As the largest opponent in the West Line - the Holy Roman Empire of the Habsburg family, it also controls the huge world of farcence. In particular, the American colonies belonging to the Spanish royal family provide a continuous silver capital for the Central European Empire. The global inflation thus triggered also affected the enemy Turks.

It is also facing financial risks, and the Habsburg Empire can help through the Italian bankers and delay the inflation pressure as much as possible. However, Osmanns lack such mechanisms can only meet the changes of social structure more fierce. As requiring the maintenance of local feudal owners, the court of Constantinople has always been in force of the land inheritance of the land of the Xipi Knight. When inflation is concentrated in people's livelihood, military and other fields, many lords face bankruptcy.

Osman Central Central Central Committee should be deactivated in the simplest and rude way. On the side of the Empire, there are excessive risks, continue to implement the expansion policy. At the same time, we also expanded the Near Guardian Forces and replaced feudal armed forces in the increasingly declined force. However, the results of each war will make the Habsburg family come from the New World. Through the field of circulation of Hungarian borders and Mediterranean port, quickly fill into the Oriental market, so that the crisis becomes more deep.

Therefore, the empire has shown a decline in the late 16th century. Especially in the Economic Orchestra, the local militia organized with Xipi lord, and set off a huge Jerari rebellion.

Both are the most important grassroots armed forces in the empire, but because they are not treated by the near-demand system. When Osman no longer turns his gaze to the East, they cannot get warrants and trophy income. In the end, it evolved into the power of the Turkey.

In addition, between 1593 and 1606, the Osman Empire was still in Europe in Europe. Most of military resources are used in countries such as Austria, Spain, Pope, Germany, Vara, and Moldavia. For the orientation of the Persian, it is naturally no time.

Persian's big counterattack

With Osman's favorable opportunity, Abbas Emperor's Persian army began a long-awaited counterattack. The goal is not only to recover the old capital, but also controls the Caucasus Mountains and Two River Basin again. This can be opened from the direct contact from the Indian Ocean to the Black Sea to expel the Turkish forces from East and West International Trade.

September 26, 1603, tens of thousands of Persian army first wanted to get difficult in Nahavad. There is an Osman's base in East River, and threatens Safai Suru City, Isfaham. Abbas's new artillery, under the guidance of the British instructor, successfully blows the exterior wall. The number of Turkish Naval Infantry is rapidly eliminated under the Gulha Mason's Gulam troops equipped with a large number of new fire. If Abbas order continues to advance, the Persian army will be able to force the two river in Baghdad.

Before the opponent's response, the Safi army rapidly north. On October 21, they surrounded the same lack of big rivals. Under the exquisite command of Abbas, the Persianillers rushed to the city defense facilities in a short period of time. I have already been dissatisfied with the public ruled by Turk, began to set off a large-scale riot, and many of the near-demands that have not been removed. After Abbas led the military into the city, the soldiers took the first level of Osman mortar in the longage, and held a special bloody armed parade.

Ulami Lake Battle

After a month, Abbas' s army continued to wear, surrounded by Eriwen, Armenia. Another pair of tients took the path to the Tbilisi of the mountain city. Several Georgia, in the Washer's foothills, announced that Ottoman is offset from Zong Tang, once again become the affiliated country of the Persians.

facing this sudden blow, Ottoman Sultan Muhammad III is dead. The new successful Ahmad, but a 13-year-old child, the power fell into the hands of the guards. In order to resolve Persian threats, Turks sent Joseph, Siwan, Turks, and 100,000 Eastern Empire. But because of the military pressure of the West, the specific mobilization and deployment speed is slower than ever. The Persians overcome Erywen in June, and Six South Passia arrived in November to the eastern part of Anatolia. According to the traditional Osman War law, the army needs to take a break in the camp in winter. Plus Abbas also allows the army to step forward, and both parties have formed confrontation in the Armenia mountains.

1605 Spring, Siunashi is still not preparing to counterattack. Although his troops are huge in the name, the real available soldiers are less. The Re-expanded Naval Army is constantly expanding because the quantity has increased. A large number of local troops are even more difficult to control, and there is a changeable possible. If the Sakarvi army continues to hit Elzumum, they may continue to stay in the original position. Long-term concentrated stationed, has made all troops to become anxious. To a certain extent, Siunan has opened a positive conflict he is not willing.

Trap on Lake Urmi

September 1605, nearly 100,000 Oswoman's army began to find Sa Favi invaders to easily. They along the narrow mountain road in Anatolia, difficult to travel. Tartar light cavalry from Crimea, constantly renaeding with the enemy position. Savarvans don't seem to have a conflict with them and began to retreat towards the big rival.

According to the previous commitment, the Persian army is difficult to win in the wilderness of thousands of people. Therefore, most of the Ottoman officers, including Sixashi, have confidence in the opponents. In addition to exceptional artillery, their prolonged proportion is much higher than the opponent. Even the militia that does not belong to the near-guard system, it is often recruiting the side of the Bargano, and the shooting technology is excellent. Afterwards, the near-demand cavalry and Xipis Knights, although the force levels are not contemplated, but it is also a cavalry force that is taboo. In addition, there are many lightweight cannon gray from places and affiliated countries, enough to push the front of 1603.

Although the military reform of Abbas I have heard, the Turk is still unclear when the other party is not clear. Because of the information display, in addition to the new Gulam near Guard, there are many militia in traditional weapons such as arrows. Their cavalry seems to have no difference with the past.

However, the bosent's trail is just looking for a suitable battlefield for yourself. Including the commands in Abbas, it is clear that the overall national strength of Turkey is clear. Therefore, ordinary defeat battles don't let the Osman army hurt their bones. To make the other party inability to counterattack, we need most of the elite power in the area. Their retreat is to east, in fact, to let Turks relax and arrange the most suitable ambush position.

September 9, Ottoman chasing troops have crossed Ulumi Lake. That is the largest salt lake around the world, and it is also a desolate plateau. The army can't search enough food here to make the decision-making layer more anxious than ever. In addition to the harsh region that quickly passes this environment, the battle is another great choice.

When the rebuy is reported to discover the report of the Persian army, Siunashi realizes that the decisive battle is coming. He followed the classic array model, and most of the army came out of the camp. The most elite near-demand infantry builds its big cars in the central government and deploys field artillery in front. The Xishi Knight on the place served as two wings and some infantry were responsible for cover. But because of the inability of Anatolia, the number of these feudal armed arms is caused, so supplemented by many guards. The rest of the people have become a total preparatory team with Pava. The surroundings of these troops, there are many quantities of 轻 兵 and the conscription of artillery, some people need to defensive camps in the main force.

Compared to the deployment of Saviwei, the deployment of this is a lot of secret. Abbas put most of the infantry and artillery after two huns, only let the gods of Alavadi Khan with cavalry show. So in Soutana, he faced a Persian army in the past.

The battle kicked off in the charge of the Persian cavalry. As in the past 100 years, Alavadi took 1-2,000 people's cavalry, and strikes the entire Osmann. In addition to the red head militia, a redhead of all local provinces, a lot of people consisting of Armenia and Georgian military slaves. Therefore, in terms of mutual coordination and organizational discipline, the Persian cavalry has already changed. After successfully knocked the Tatar and the restriction of the cannon, then slammed the two wings of Turks. This can avoid the strongest central front of the firepower, and you can try to kill the cavalry without political protection.

After a period of comments, the Osman's position is still unhappy. However, due to financial restrictions, many Turkish cavalry equipment have a lightweight trend. When the Persians who still maintain a traditional armed style, they immediately appeared to fall into the wind. But relying on absolute quantities and new weapons such as a pistol, you can still bite your teeth. Soon, the Persians seem to be unable to fight back and start the whole team to evacuate. The Osman cavalry also launched a large-scale pursuit. Because they worry that they and the infantry have seriously disconnected, most Ottoman infantry will immediately leave the position, and strive to follow the cavalry troops.

Unconsciously, you chase my two parties began to approach between two hips. A large number of Persian steppers began to appear on the battlefield and release the fire in a neat queue. Since the latest European fiscal training has been adopted, their fire density and continuity are far more. The Ottoman cavalry focused on the road, hit by a large number of projectiles, and the front is not dead. Folding the horses and clogging a limited space and blocks the upward route of the subsequent force. The Persian Tier takes highlands, uses cannons, fire rope guns and compound bow, and constantly shoot towards Turk. Some Osman cavalry wanted to flee away, but they were gradually caught up and blocked. The whole force will soon be chaos a group, and the number of lords and officers cannot control.

The Persian cavalry who was previously responsible for the enemy was, which was once from the trail of the hill, once again appeared in Turkish wings. Their constantly trying to charge, forcing Osman infantry to stop defense in the original place. This makes the other party become the objectives that the artillery is easy to target, and continue to expose to the infantry firepower. At the same time, there is a cavalry preparatory team to kill from behind the hills, directly attacking the Turkish military camp that is not strict. Since it is a lightweight militia lack of regular training, it will soon be reloaded Gulam. But the Persians are not busy robbery, but turned to the position of the main battlefield.

Ultimately, Osman's horror found that he was completely caught in the Hespeling of the Persian army. After a short panic, all infantry and cavalry were divided into two groups in front and rear, respectively, against Saviwei, and the right wing cavalry. However, when Guram cavalry rushed from the third direction, the Turks who lacked the refilling of the infantry couldn't support it. The fire can only take the imported Dutch fine sword, and the cavalry rushed to rush to seven zero. The lack of the cavalry that can only be passively defeated on the horseback, and the opponent that is also impacted. In the increasingly small envelop, the soldiers who lost their organization began to step on each other, and then they were slaughtered by Savarvans.

Soutana is not in a line of position, so and a few cavalry fled the battlefield. After gathered a large number of lightly militia, it formed a team of fugitives in the situation. But before returning to the coastal area, the Osman's high officials from Sicili will live a life. The Safi army has also fully controlled the Azerbaijan region in the second year and successfully captured Elzumum.

The Battle of Ulami Lake is Saviwei's first victory for Osman. At this point, Persia is no longer afraid to have a large-scale positive conflict with opponents. The whole war will be played in the stop and lasts until 1618. The Osman Empire will face a comprehensive tile.

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