U-MAIL mail system


U-MAIL mail system has been in-depth development by the seven-year development, and has made in-depth development with the e-mail application needs of the vast enterprise unit, and the function of the mail server is extremely The maximum expansion of the function, performance and stability of the enterprise mailbox, has made a lot of improvements on the application needs of thousands of enterprise units, making it more suitable for government, education, enterprises and business groups, and network services for sales enterprise mailbox software. Business, integrator.


1, even if your server's IP is in the other party's spam blacklist, the email is incorrect.

2, multilingual (Simplified, Traditional, English).

3, multi-template (multiple pretty template interface freely switch, plus custom templates can define LOGO and BANNER own.

4, corporate informationization is closely combined (powerful address book, mail group, domain signature, network file cabinet, my bookmark, etc.).

5, multi-domain name support (time validity control, user number, space size, etc.).

6, powerful background management functions, split management (independent management single domain) and super domain management background (manage all domains). Equipped with powerful user management, department management, mailing list management, address book management, announcement, operation log, welcome letter, custom domain name template, domain signature, bulk add domain name, mail monitoring management, etc.

7, software security is high. (Except for strong anti-garbage, viral email, system front and back management supports 128-bit SSL security connections).

8, system height automation management, automatic upgrade virus code base, spam filtering rules.

9, multiple landing pages, user custom selection login page.

10 can customize the product (custom function, template, and other related services) according to user needs.

11, complete technical support and services.


1, support SMTP, SSL SMTP, POP3, SSL POP3, IMAP4, SSL IMAP4, Webmail, CA Server, TLS / SSL, S / MIME, DAYTIME Finable Service mailbox software;

2, support digital certificate services and provide powerful management functions, you can write or read secure messages (S / MIME) over Webmail or digital encryption. Provide high security intensity (4096-bit DH / DSS encryption or 2048-bit RSA encryption);

3, using TLS / SSL standard security socket layer communication protocol (1024-bit RSA encryption), support Including SSL SMTP, SSL POP3, SSL IMAP4 security communication services, preventing network listening, making communication more secure.

Easy to operate

1. Provide excellent web support mail transmission and reception software, allowing you to directly collect, email, and more supported powerful web remote management services directly through IE browser Allows you to log in to the server without the need to log in to the server, you can implement the full management software for the mail system on the IE browser.

2, providing a personalized mailbox boundary scheme, the administrator can set up multiple sets of login pages for users to choose, more by each user to arbitrarily design your own mailbox logo and pattern); < / p>


1, in practical applications: Pentium 4 2000MHz + 512M memory independent mail server can support at least 10,000 mailboxes high performance;

2 U-mail can provide 80,000 email delivery amounts per hour on the machine configured;

DIY function

1, front desk function is modular design, address book , Network hard disk, commonly used gadgets, etc., can be set to whether or not it is displayed as needed.

2, the page before and after logging in, logo is free to replace, perfect to create your own enterprise post office image.

3, the language modular, you can modify the enterprise post office front desk text, cross the multi-language obstacles.

4, perfect web front desk, rich function management

5, rigorous management background: domain management, super domain management, system management, department management, 4 management, detailed Permission distribution Convenient administrator management Enterprise Mail System

6, after-sales users can submit personalized custom recommendations, and enjoy new features for free after development is completed.


U-MAIL mail server can efficiently provide comprehensive services from small businesses to large and medium-sized enterprises. U-mail can better save time, energy and money compared to other mail server software, and reduce mistakes. It is superior to other similar products in the intensity, security and stability of the function, and its operational configuration.

a, functional advantages:

1, the unique global transceiver guarantee function (the server's IP is in the other party's spam blacklist, the email is not Mistaken, close to many business users exist in overseas issues).

2, super security. (U-mail anti-virus is the world's best mail system anti-virus engine Kaspersky, almost 100% filter all viruses; U-mail unique "hotspot" technology and fourth-generation behavioral identification anti-garbage engine In the conservative setting, it can filter 98% of spam. U-mail's anti-spam laboratory has the world's largest spam code library, collaborative international top anti-garbage vendors have hundreds of hot-local dynamic tracking garbage in a global scale. Email.)

3, China's first one-button backup restore, back up from the system to data backup, one button to get, easy and convenient.

4, function modular. Web is free to customize, the text icon is free to change, and it is really customized to belong to your own mail system.

5, multi-level enterprise address book supports sharing features. The system itself supports multi-domain names, except for the common enterprise tree address book on the market, more shared customer contacts and cross-domain address books, so that the group's interior can be shared.

b, service advantage : u-mail package installation package maintenance, provide users with one-stop full tracking service, safe to mail system installation maintenance to later data backup One-stop service.

c, price advantage : U-mail is the only mail system that truly providing a lifelong free upgrade, including mail system main versions, anti-virus engine, anti-garbage engine data upgrade. Platinum Edition is a lifetime technical service.

V9.8.46 New Features

U-MAIL mail system is now updated to version V9.8.46, added multiple functions, allowing mail system to operate more affordable . At the same time, add other small updates, so that the email is more smooth. In this updated feature, the update of the address thin synchronization tool is a great convenience for communicating address management for users.

1. Add a new client Foxmail7, Office2010, implementing the two client address thin data and the server synchronously updated. The user can choose independently when the address is synchronized.

II, the synchronization level option for this sector address synchronization is added, the user has no synchronization of all the addresses, which can be directly selected by the department address synchronization. In this way, the speed of the synchronous update is also speed up.

III, adding the address thin synchronization function to support the Win7 system, so that users have a better experience.

The above introduction is only one of the performance of U-mail this update, and subsequent updates are also in progress. Technology is in progress, U-mail has not stopped the pace. In the continuous exploration of up to ten years, the U-MAIL mail system provides users with a lot of updates, more full mailbox features, bringing users all over. Experience.

V9.8.47 new features

User experience, in today's era, has always been a hot topic, and for the mail server, a good user experience can attract users. Establish a brand word of mouth. As a U-Mail brand that is dedicated to the field of mail server, adhering to the service concept of "user experience is king", continuously introducing new features, many new features for improving the user experience, is applied to the current V9.8.47 version, like a button read, attachment At the same time upload, support the mouse drag, etc. This is the technical research and development team depth dialysis users who have encountered in the mailbox, which can have a better experience when using U-Mail products.

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