Two women in Lushan


"Lushan Two Women" 1 Volume

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Qingxiang "Xiang Yan Book" this

Ancient Lushan, Buddhist Wu Xian mixed, long-term prevailing. In the Wei, Jin, Southern South Dynasties, the monster story also spread.

This kind of work reflecting people's ghosts, the fairy spirit, and the cause of the injects, the "Lushan Second Women" in the Song Dynasty is highlighted. This novel describes Xuzhou people Liu Ziqing, studying in Lushan, loves to plant trees, thinking to nourish, and the love of flowers. The story is smooth, beautiful, and more reflects the social reality and the wishes of the people on a good life. This is also a novel that he only saw so far in the history of Lushan literature.


Because it is quite easy, Zi will follow the full text:

Song (Guide Liu Song) Liu Ziqing, Xuzhou people also.庐 山 闹 溪. Little learning is smashed, and it is always easy to nourish. Hengihua Tree, its Jiangnan flower, Xi Ting has no growing people.

Emperor Yuan Jian Jian Spring, when you play, I suddenly see the double butterfly, the color is clear, come to the flowers. It is like a swallow, a day or three or four recovery. Ziqing is also surprised. There are three days, the moon is clear, the song is singed, and there is a woman smile.

Ziqing is the left and right: I am five years old, people have to know, why there is a woman? This must be different! 167. Night suits, there is very much. Decorated: Jun often blame the flower, the love of the king, the next arrival, not the gentleman's heart, the son is sitting, it is said that the second girl is: 止 陋 陋, 无, there is I feel this. A woman: here, seek wine yeah! There will be the mountain month, the night will be litter, the gentleman is 岂?? Zi Qing: Yu Fu only Maozhai, willing to Shen Wei. A woman is eastward, smiling as the west of the sitting: Today, let me know. Since then, send the sector room, and it is said that there is a sinister: the closed house is bilbuli, the same is the same, the night is happy, willing to go.

(transcribed from "Lushan Classic History")

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