TV set-top box

Function introduction

Digital TV set-top box is one of the information appliances. It is a kind of digital TV program that allows users to watch digital TV programs on existing analog TVs for interactive digital entertainment and education. And commercialization of consumer electronics products.

Digital set-top

Digital video conversion box (English: Set Top Box, STB for short), usually called a set-top box or set-top box, is a connection between a TV and an external signal source Equipment. It can convert the compressed digital signal into TV content and display it on the TV. Signals can come from wired cables, satellite antennas, broadband networks, and terrestrial broadcasts. In addition to the images and sounds that an analog TV can provide, the content received by the set-top box is also capable of receiving data content, including electronic program guides, Internet web pages, subtitles, and so on.

Types of TV set-top boxes

Cable TV digital set-top boxes: have a formal legal operation license for broadcasting and television. One-way reception of TV programs, diversified TV program content, smooth and clear in time. The set-top boxes used in different regions are different. Cable TV set-top boxes also have some content on demand, but most on-demand programs need to be paid separately.

Network TV set-top box: ①Ordinary network set-top box: use Android operating system, can install software, search for TV programs and other entertainment services online, and have TV entertainment functions. ② 4K ultra-high-definition set-top box: support 4K decoding, 4K resolution is 4 times the resolution of 2K projectors and high-definition TV, belongs to ultra-high-definition resolution. At this resolution, the audience will be able to see every detail and every close-up in the picture. The 4K ultra-high-definition set-top box brings this ultimate movie-viewing experience to millions of households, but it requires operators to provide formal 4K film sources. Representative products such as: Guangdong IPTV4K ultra-high-definition set-top box;

IPTV set-top box: IPTV is the use of broadband cable television network infrastructure, through the Internet protocol to provide a variety of services including TV programs. IPTV has a regular and legal operating license for broadcasting and television, and can watch clear and smooth live TV programs; it uses efficient video compression technology to make the video stream transmission bandwidth at 800Kb/s, which has a viewing effect close to DVD (usually the video streaming bandwidth of DVD) Need 3Mb/s); fully and effectively use network resources. At the same time, IPTV can be connected to the Internet to achieve multiple interactive functions such as receiving mail, electronic payment, playing online video, online education and other interactive services.

Telecom IPTV set-top boxes: The products are relatively rich, including standard-definition set-top boxes, high-definition set-top boxes, smart set-top boxes, and 4K ultra-high-definition set-top boxes. Because it is equipped with a radio and television license and has genuine live broadcast and on-demand resources, you can watch live broadcasts and on-demand programs without downloading. 100 channels of genuine live broadcast resources, the signal quality is relatively stable, and there are also more than 50,000 hours of mass on-demand film library for dramas, cartoons, entertainment, sports, etc. Support live channel 2 hours time shift, 72 hours watch back. In addition, there are other home entertainment and applications, such as Karaoke, TV games, TV payment, WeChat photo transmission, etc. In 2015, Guangdong IPTV launched 4K Ultra HD, with 4K set-top boxes and 4K genuine channels and videos. Support MicroSD card interface.

News report

The Cross-Strait Information Appliance Industry Park settled in Huai’an

At the main forum of the 10th Taiwan Business Forum, the Cross-Strait Information Appliance Industry Park was grandly inaugurated and marked The mainland’s first cross-strait information appliance industrial park officially settled in Huai’an. It is understood that in June this year, the Cross-Strait Entrepreneurs Summit formally agreed to establish a Cross-Strait Information Appliance Industrial Park in Huai'an. Its establishment has further boosted Huai’an’s high-end talent gathering, high-tech innovation, and high-value-added electronic information industry chain, promoted the integrated development of cross-strait electronic information industries, and added a new platform for Huai’an to build a Taiwan-funded highland. New momentum. As CCTV special commentator Yang Yu said: “This is another result of the integration and development of the two sides of the strait under the new situation, and it has also injected new connotations into the construction of the Taiwan-funded highland in Huai’an.” In recent years, the development of the information appliance industry in our city has entered. Fast lane. With Foxconn, Zhending Technology, BenQ Darfon Electronics, Minth Electric Vehicles and other leading companies in the world’s top 500 or information appliance industry settled in the development zone, the information appliance industry has gradually emerged, the industrial structure has been continuously upgraded, and the computer has gradually formed The relatively complete information appliance industry chain, such as connectors, displays, keyboards, electronic components, PCB multilayer circuit boards, and smart TV sets, has developed into one of the city's four leading industries.

Huai’an has been rated as a “highly recommended city” for Taiwanese investment by the Taiwan Electric Power Association for 4 consecutive years, and has successfully created the country’s first and only national-level Taiwan-funded enterprise industrial transfer cluster service demonstration zone. It has won the favor of the majority of Taiwanese businessmen. Let storage no longer become an annoyance.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office, the development of the information appliance industry in our city will mainly focus on three types of industries: one is to highlight a major core industry, that is, to introduce Foxconn and its computer supporting industries as the core Intelligent information terminal and core component projects, build intelligent terminals and supporting industrial bases and industrial clusters, and form an industrial chain with complete system, reasonable division of labor, and supporting upstream and downstream as soon as possible.

The second is to enhance characteristic industrial clusters, that is, around smart terminals, actively adjust the product structure of electronic components, and promote the development of electronic components to high-end, lighter and thinner, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and diversified; speed up green energy, Technological upgrades in electrical and mechanical industries such as cables; promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, and create applied electronics industry clusters.

The third is to cultivate potential growth industries, namely software and information service industries, relying on LCD TV, smart TV and tablet PC projects, vigorously introduce new display device projects; develop LED epitaxial wafers, chip manufacturing, and LED chips Package applications, etc.; accelerate the development of cloud computing, Internet of Things and Internet + related software and information service industries to create "Smart Huai'an".

The specific implementation process will be divided into four steps, namely, by selecting business and attracting capital, expanding the scale of the information industry; extending the industrial chain, and building an industrial ecology led by large enterprises and coordinated development of small and medium-sized enterprises. System; strengthen technological innovation and business model innovation, seize the commanding heights of the value chain; strive to achieve innovation breakthroughs in some key links of the industrial chain, and control pricing power.

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