Turks and Caicos Islands


According to the study, it was found that there was a rich in Indian culture before the Island of 1992 as the first stop of the new mainland. There is a large number of Indian historical sites on the island. Today's island name - Turns and Caicos Islands are derived from Indian, meaning "a string island".

Originally the Indians' Taino tribe and Lucca residents live.

1492 Columbus logs in the island, there are Indians living on the islands. Until in 1678, there were Europeans to settle, first of all Bermuda's British immigrants to establish Yantian Industry. The initial archipelago is a Bahamas government jurisdiction, and in 1874, it is incorporated from the teeth until 1959. In the year, they got a new constitution and set up an independent government, but in 1962 became the royal colony. From 1965 to 1973, the Governor of Bahamas was also the Governor of TX and Caicos Islands. In 1973, they have direct dispatched governors in the UK. In 1976, the new constitution took into effect, held a general election, and established a government of cabinet. At the beginning of the 1980, I tried to independence, but after the independent referend, most people choose to continue from British.

Turns and Caicos Islands are located in the British Mi India Island in the Atlantic Ocean of North America and the Caribbean, with an area of ​​430 square kilometers. Located in the southeast of Bahamas, 920 km from Miami, Florida, 145 km from Dominica and Haiti. Eastern is on the verge of Atlantic, and the western part is expected to be in the Bahamas. It consists of 40 areles of the Turks Islands and the Caicos Islands, 8 areland has residents. Turks Islands is much smaller than Caicos, including Grandturk Island, Saltcay and some Some Sandés. Caicoszs, including 6 major islands: Providenciales, South Caicos, East Kas, Caicoos, North Kazakhos and Xickeos, and there are several Sand America. Cockburntown on Datk Island is the place where the government is located, and the island of Eleas Island is the most developed island and international airport.


Turns and Caicos Islands (6)

The archipelago extension is also similar to the Bahamas's extension. . Altitude does not exceed 25 meters. 35 km (22 mile) Wide Turks Islands Oceanic Channel The east is separated from the western Caicos. The island is surrounded by a coral reef. Warm climate is warm, slightly dry. The annual temperature is from 24 to 32 ° C (75 ~ 90 ° F), and the average temperature is 27 ° C. The rainfall is only 750 mm, which is lacking water, so it is strictly implemented. The hurricane season is from May to October, and there is a hurricane in the past every 10 years.

Plant Types include shrubs, sprouted forests, rare trees and swamps. Mangroves, cactus and Caribbean are visible everywhere, and planted wooden hemp yellow windproof. Landsia animals include insects, lizards (especially iguanas) and birds such as white stalks, red bonch (also known as flamingo), the islands are located on the route perched on migratory birds.

Population Nationality

The total population of the islands is 51,000 (2016).

More than 90% of the residents are black, namely the descendants of the African black slaves, the rest is hybrid or white. The official language is English. Most people believe in Christian new teachings. There are only 8 islands in the Turks Islands living in Datek Island, and there are people living in the Caicos Islands, the main island, Ploviden, Alice, South Kakkos, East Cooks, Caicos, North Caicos and Xickeros. More than 95% of the islanders lived in the Island of Eleas, Privoden.


Political parties

The main political parties on the island are the people's democracy Party and the progressive national party.


takes effect in 1976. 1988 reviscation. The British Queen is the head of state, the Governor represents the British Queen and appointed by the Queen, with executive power, palm of foreign affairs, internal security and defense. Establishment Conference and Administrative Committee. The Governor is the chairman of the Administrative Committee, and the Committee consists of 8 people: 3 of course members (Prime Minister, Finance, General Prosecutors) and 5 Ministers.

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Turns and Caicos Islands


claims Legislation meeting. The representatives of three of course members and 13 programs produced by three specified members and the administrative committee.


calls the Administrative Committee, composed of eight people, three of which are certain members (Prime Minister, Finance Ministers, and General Prosecutors). Prime Minister, the Minister of Administrative Committee, and Minister of Finance, Development and Commercial Ministers, Deputy Chief Ministers, Ministers, Immigration, Minister of Traffic, Communications, Tourism, Information, and ADC, Education, Health, Youth, Sports, Social Welfare and National Insurance Minister, Natural Resources, Program, Heritage, Minister of Coast Resources, Minister of Public Works and Facilities.

According to the "2002 British Overseas Territory", TX and the Caicos Islands is the UK overseas territory. The British monarch is the head of the country of overseas territories, representatives of the Governor of Executive Right. The Prime Minister is the head of the administrative meeting consisting of various ministers and listening to the opinions of the administrative meeting. The legislature consists of 13 elections, 6 specified personnel and the speakers arising from one election.



The island economy is based on high-end tourism and financial services, accounting for 90% of the economic structure, with an average annual economic growth rate The Caribbean is the first place, reaching 5.94% in 2015, reaching 4.4% in 2016, reaching 4.3% in 2017, reaching 5.3% in 2018. The per capita national production is $ 25,000, but the manufacturing and agriculture is not developed, and the items needed have seriously dependent on imports. The island is perfect, the medical level is high, and the postoperative rehabilitation is good. Implement 12 years of free primary and secondary education.

is limited by natural resources, the main industries of the islands are high-end tourism, overseas financial services and fisheries (main export crawfish, conch and grouper). The production of salt is the economic pillar of the islands, due to no profit map, completely discontinued in 1953.

Agricultural fisheries

Agricultural scale is small, planting a small amount of corn, beans, tropical fruits and vegetables. There is the world's largest conch farm, and the aquaculture of the breeding of " World Natural Protection Alliance Endangered Species Red Directory (iucnredListoftHreatenedspecies or IUCN Red Directory) "Queen The main exported fishery products are halfene, cache and grouper.

Service industry

Financial service industry is an emerging industry that has focused on the development of the local government in 2000. Since there is no foreign exchange control and non-taxation, the development speed is faster, and has become an economic pillar industry. one. Up to 20,000 overseas companies registered in the island in January 2020.


Government attaches importance to the development of high-end tourism, tourism is one of the main sources of fiscal and foreign exchange income, and has more than 30,000 people. The total number of foreign tourists reception in 2019, more than 80% of these tourists from the United States and Canada, and the remaining 20% ​​of tourists from the United Kingdom, Germany, France and other countries. A total of 58 hotels in the island, the hotel price is 2,000 RMB / later.

Main Tourist Attractions are the "World Tourism Awards" World Tourism Awards - the World Best Beach "selected by the World Tourism Organization of 2001 to 2020, which is listed by UNESCO Most of the tourists traveling by the World Heritage, most of the tourists travel to Bo Bourne City of Datk Island.


There is an international airport on the island, you can fly to the United States in Florida, Florida needs 75 minutes, New York 4 hours, Toronto, Canada 5 hours, 11 London, United Kingdom. Hours, Frankfurt for 9 hours in Germany. Between the islands through ferry and small inland aircraft, there are automobiles on each island. Outer tourists can rent a car or bicycle tour. There is no direct flight between China and the island.

Financial Finance

Consumption tax and stamp tax and company registration fees are the main components of fiscal revenue, and the UK provides a large amount of funds for basic construction projects and technology cooperation. Wages and subsidies account for 17.4% of the frequent expenses.

Foreign trade

seriously entering the year. Main imports of food, beverage, finished products, raw materials and fuels, etc .; export lobster, conch, grouper and other fishery products. The main trading partners are the United States, the United Kingdom, and neighboring countries.

Foreign Aid

The UK is the largest assistance. A large number of assistance is also available in Canada and the European Union.

People's life

The per capita national product is 25,000 US dollars, according to the government's official statistics 2019, the company's loss rate is only 2%, social welfare follows the British National Health Insurance Plan (NHS), Medical Facilities Improve, the level of medical level is high, and the postoperative rehabilitation conditions are good.

Cultural education


Implement 12 years of free primary and secondary education, the island uses a public education system with the United Kingdom, a UK, USA international School.

News publishing

The main newspapers are: "Turns and Caicos Times", "Turns and Caicos News Weekly".

There are two TV stations and 7 radio stations, and the island can watch TV channels in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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