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The lava plateau in the middle of the Northern Sahara desert, in the northwest of Chad. About 480 kilometers long and about 280 kilometers wide. 5 volcano elevation is 3,000 meters; Turnde volcano is a hibernative volcano; the highest peak library is 3,415 meters above sea level, which is a dead volcano. The annual precipitation is less than 100 mm, which is more rainstorm to summer. The terrain is rugged, the wind erosion, the seasonal water flow erosion is strong. Residents are engaged in half-tour, with a camel, donkey, and sheep. Local planting coconut dates, barley, millet, watermelon, tobacco leaves, etc. Arabic gum. Wild animals have North Africa, the antelope, a bison, a flattle deer, a horn, a hool, a desert fox, a wild cat, a lion, and the like. For travel, hunting zones. Have tungsten, tin and petroleum minerals. There is a large uranium mine in the north of Austria. Highway along the Western Mountain Nantong Lausa. There is a airport in Edrley. There is a desert research station.

Sahara Desert is the world's largest desert outside Antarctica, located in northern Africa, is extremely bad, and is one of the most uncomfortable bio-growing places on earth.

Geographical location

Sahara desert is divided into several parts: West Sahara; the central plateau mountainous mountain (including the Ahagar Plateau in Algeria, located in the Algel Plateau and Located in Chad Bes raise the original); the eastern area is the most desolate area, which is a deceived desert and a Libya desert. The highest point of the Sahara desert is located in Kuchetan, which is raised in the original, with an altitude of 3415 meters.

Geography Geography

Trumis raises the original landform is a typical Gobi.

The gravel, also known as the gravel desert, China's Mongolian named Gobi refers to the covered ground covering the coarse gravel in the arid area. It is ancient stacked material, blowing away a fine substance, leaving a thick large grazer covering the surface, forming a gravel.

Sahara desert Drought geomorphic type is diverse. Composed of rock desert (rock), grave and desert. The stone mobility is mostly in the middle of the Sahara and the eastern ground, the Ni Ni River is mainly a stone desert. The gravel is more common between the stone desert and the desert, mainly distributed in the stone area of ​​the Libyan desert, the mountains, such as Atlas, Cussenes, etc.. The area of ​​the desert is the most wide, except for a few high mountains, outside the plateau, there are large area distribution everywhere.

The gravel is more common between the stone desert and the desert, mainly distributed in the stone area of ​​the Libyan desert, the mountains in front of the mountain, Cussenes, such as Trumis fleeland, Karansus, Covertiatic, etc. The area of ​​the desert is the most wide, except for a few high mountains, outside the plateau, there are large area distribution everywhere.


Climate Characteristics

Beibes raised the original in the middle of the North Sahara desert, belonging to the tropical desert climate.

The climate conditions here are extremely bad, and the amount of precipitation is small and the rate of variation is less than 100 mm, and more rainstorm is reduced to summer. High temperature, high temperature difference: Due to less clouds, Rizhao strong, lack of vegetation coverage, small air humidity, so the temperature is very fast during the day.

The night is cold, because the night is cloudless, the ground radiation is strong, the cooling is fast, the lowest temperature is generally between 7 ° C ~ 12 ° C, and there is a day with a cream. The annual temperature difference is generally around 10 ° C to 20 ° C, and the temperature difference is larger, between 15 ° C ~ 30 ° C.

Evaporation, the relative humidity is small: the tropical desert climate is often cloudless, the wind is large, the sun is strong, the temperature is high, the relative humidity is small, so the evaporation is very strong. It may evaporate more than twenty times or more, even hundreds of times.

Droughting Causes

(1) North Africa is located on both sides of the northern return line, and is controlled by the subtropical high air pressure belt control, and the dry heat of the dry heat is wide, and the Northern African Northern Northern Wide is. Since the subtropical high pressure strip control has a large range, the dry heat is wide.

(2) Northern Africa is close to Asian continent, the Northeast Letter is blown from the terrestrial land, it is not easy to form a precipitation, making North Africa more dry.

(3) North Africa coastline is straight, and there is an Ethiopian plateau in the east side, blocking the moist air flow, so that the majority of inland areas cannot be affected by the ocean.

(4) There are Nahali cold flow in the West Bank of North Africa, and the western coastal area will cool down to the western coast.

(5) Northern African terrain, flat terrain, no fluctuation, single climate, form a large area of ​​desert area.

Original residents

7,000 BC, the ecological environment in the northern part of Chad is advantageous to live, and the population of the district has grown strong. Some important archaeological discovery (mainly in Borku-En Daddi-Tubes) can be traced back to BC. The Chad Basin has settled with agriculturally vivo, which has been more than 2000. This area has become the activities of various civilizations, according to unearthed handicrafts and oral history records, the earliest is Sasta civilization. In the 9th to 10th century, Sac, the first of the Chad Sahara region, is also the longest empire of the country - Genhim Empire, after the 16th century, there is a deficient kingdom and the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Vada Since then, the three countries are mixed. Genhim Empire and subsequent regimes are based on control through the interpersonal Harra trade channel. In addition to robbing slaves, these regime control have never extended to the southern grassland. From 1883 to 1893, the kingdom was conquered by the Sudanese Rabih Zuner.

The mystery of the Shahai

Trumis raised the original South Sahara desert in the central plateau. Here is hot and dry here. However, it is confusing: in this extreme arid water, the land crack, the rare mineral land of the plant, has once had a prosperous prosperity. Many beautiful large murals on the desert are the crystallization of this ancient civilization. In 1850, German explorer Bars came to the Sahara Desert to investigate, inadvertently discovered that there were ostrich, buffalo and a wide variety of people on the rock wall. In 1933, the French cavalry came to the Sahara desert. It was accidentally in the Central Desert, and the Military mural group was found on the Ecer Plateau, which was all painted on rocky, colorful, colorful. Color is elegant, tangled, and portrait the scene of ancient people. There is a lot of animal images in the mural group, and there are all characteristics. After the animal was shocked, the four hooves were vacated, and if the flying, the tension of the tension everywhere, the image was lifelike, and the creation skills were very excellent. You can compete with the outstanding mural art works in any country in the era. From these animal images, it is quite reliable to negotiate the natural face of ancient Sahara. If some murals have a canoe, the horses are marked, this shows that Sahara has had a river that has passed through the water. It is not only difficult to draw in the drawings of these murals, but also ignorant the image of the strange shapes in the murals, becoming a mystery in the history of human civilization.

Rock painting

south of the Sahara Desert, from the Central Saharan, Agles Plateau and Fee Pastasi to Southeast, after Thanele, Jiado and Tubes mention Borku There are a lot of rock paintings. Each rock painting area in the above areas has its own characteristics: such as rock is mainly intensive in Jiado, Xi Ti Shisi, Bolku and Ali; Cliff murals are mostly distributed in Enneti and Dong Tiubes. Here we mentioned the rock paintings of Mali and Chad in this vast area.

Chad is another inland country in the central Africa. Its northern Tabes raises the original average altitude of 2000 meters. The eastern part of the Darfur Plateau in the East, from the south of Northern, in the dark valley cut, form complex landforms. The rock painted found in the northeastern part of Chad.

The Jernedi is located in the northeast of Chad. There is huge, sandstone, surrounded by tombs. The scene here is very desolate, and now there is only a few Trial, and the Dazazi family is in living here.

The administrative center in this place is Fett, and there is a military station, and it is also a place to seize and kill the criminals. The surroundings are deserts. It is impossible to have hundreds of miles away from the nearest town, and the prisoner must escape. Just in this unhappy mountain, there is a huge rock painted group everywhere.

Here the oldest rock painting is the work in the wet period here, which can be traced back to thousands of years. With the changes in climate, animals that are raised here are also from cow-horse-camels, so that the contents and forms of rock paintings have also changed. In particular, "Niu Era" and "Ma Times", the colorful cliffs were more, and the life reflected in the cliff murals, people lived with a tapered house covered, with vertebrae. The performance of the characters is very characteristic, the form is also a variety of forms: with a shaped, thick, wired, etc. There is also a hanging white skirt. There is also a special way to depict the cow, which may be the original tribal nation to show reproduction. In the colored cliffs in the later colored cliffs, wearing shorts and boots are the performance of the European cultural shadow.

"舂 舂 's women" < / b> Truez raise the original

Ashimir's "depicting the rocky yin" of the cattle is the site of the Neolithic Age. The image of the cattle is manifested from the side, between the two legs of the cattle, there is a white-depiculated emulsion, which may be to express the mood and wish of praying of cattle milk. In addition, there are traces of people living in the rocks of Asimir. In one rock, there is a semi-circular, a semi-circular quarter is accomplished, which can block the wind shield, avoid rain, is a place that is suitable for living.

Mandica's cliff painting "Women" (Figure) is a works in the Neolithic Age. Cliffs are located about 20 kilometers west in Feti, there is a huge rock, which is named Mandica, which depicts many colored cliffs in rocky rocks up to dozens of meters. One of them, women wearing a long skirt is in the rigor, the proportion of each part of the body is close to the real person, and is a very realistic work.

Trumis raised the original - related questions The plateau in the Sahara desert

found an African topographic map, see the terrain of the Sahara. A prominent problem will be found, that is, the middle of the Sahara is high.

There are many segmented plateau in the middle of the Sahara. I have read several times: "Aderal Plateau, Taggust Plateau, Ifulace Plateau, Ahagal Plateau, Aière Plateau, Trumis raised the original, about more than a dozen.

and the Sahara industry has a characteristic, its surroundings are the mountains are the plateau, such as the northwest angle is the high plateau, the southwest is the Aliica Plateau, the northeast is the Libya Plateau, the southeast is the Ethiopian plateau, south is A Zande Plateau and so on. There is also a feature that most of these plateau is a river, flowing to the sea. It is divergent, not headed, they do not flow in the interior of Sahara.

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