travelling poet

Basic introduction

The line of poet is a medieval specialty. They themselves are genius and talents, they may come from noble and rich families, or they may come from low and poor families. They made a lot of novel stories with their own wisdom. Sometimes I was invited to the Fort of the Jue, the lady, Miss, and their warrior, each person was sitting in the same time, some hand holding a fragrant, some gently slammed the weapon, When I went to you, he listened to him to play him. In the spring, it is in the garden of the garden; in winter, it is in the vast salon. Sometimes, they parade to the suburbs, on the green pasture, the animal husbandry, the farmers near the farming, are surrounded by his story, and pack the figures, in the evening wind In the middle of the village, I went to the village, and I went to myself. So, when you are lucky, they can have a young dance girl song, which is connected to the exquisite break in a few nights; but when unfortunate, it is often unfolded with the violin, and even rejected by the monasteries of good grees. The door is desolated and cool, because Sanlinal has said: "The song of the song is not enough to entertain God."

In order to cater to the listener's interest, the whole body hanging the warrior unique Attacking a fortress, the beauty is holding the bench and tears on the terrace of the moon, the young men and women who have a strong lover, bunch of waist, thin legs, and blonde kiss privately in the Kumbler plexus, which has become their wonderful theme.

Ancient English period refers to the formation period of the British national and English language. The earliest literary form is poetry, circulating in verbal form, the main poet is a bard of poet (Bard, Gleeman, Minnesinger, MinStrel). After Christianity is incorporated into the UK, some poetry is recorded. The most important literary works during this period is the UK's national epic "Beowulf", written with heads (Alliteration).

Historical Background

Board poet (English is: Bard) originally refers to a person who writes ourselves and satiries in the Celtics.

This custom disappears in Gaul, but is saved in Ireland or Wales. Ireland's bard poet has saved the tradition of the poems. In Wales, the word "Bard" has always been a synonym of the poet; the 10th century bard poet is divided into different levels. Although the poets in the medieval vendor declined, Wales's traditions saved and celebrated on the national poets and musicians held every year.

The bard will enjoy privileges in the ancient celtic society. They poem the prince of the tribe, and sing the heroic performance and celebrate the law. Gaul's bardering poet has been hidden under the Roman Empire, but the poet in the Gaier region of Scotland has been present until the 18th century. In Wales, although the competition at the 15th century artist annual meeting is very fierce, it is still greatly reduced in the medieval poet. Until 2020, it is necessary to compete with a number of people at the national artist annual meeting, we must still write poetry in the rigorous and rigorous rim of the rhyme and the rhyme of the rhyme.

Image depiction

From the literal, the two words represented by the two words are to swim in all parts of the world, sing, sing the poetry or their own creation, will If you want to express the world, or to someone else is even sighful to this world, it is relatively easy and more acceptable.

likes to play poetry, its playing songs even with magic.

Wandering around, it is possible to report the heroic epic or the legendary legend.

I like to play the harp of the harp,

perform juggling or performance in the crowd to perform daily income.

A semi-tone is not subject to the semi-section, and the sample is sampled.


Myth and Legend

Celtic Bards

In fact, Celtic's poet is a poet-singer in each tribe, and is an indispensable part of the Druid society. Often, she sang with the harp; where she got a reputation is the guardian of the legend and culture. She is enthusiastic to resist the invaders, but can only borrow singing to motivate patriotic fanatics. The Celtic bard gathered every year in order to sing the game. Expertise can do goodwill animal and specializing in weapons, skills: knowledge (history), knowledge (nature), performance (speech) and performance (string), all showed a lot of interest in Celtic poets.

Elizabethan Players

If the Avon of Avon, the Avon of Avon, William Shakespeare (William Shakespeare) ), It is incomplete to the discussion of the bard. The group of unbounded rude rogue, the people who have been put on, saving the shelf, makes the people fascinated by his efforts to win the achievements. Most of their performances are switched from the buses to the cinema or theater. The playwright also sought an actor as a partner of the cinema company, such as Chamberlain's Men, earned the share of the income. Fool, performance (play) and smart hand help this kind of barder poet live, and weigh the weapon (fine sword) to help them day.

William Shakespeare was once a partner of the Lord Chamberlain's Men (goliard)

These rebellion college students or The dedicated pastor dedicated to the mysterious Saint Golias. They sing the songs of carnival, praise drinking and licking. Wine, women and songs are the topics of barder poems, summarizing the lifestyle of happiness.游 书生 善 假 虔 诚 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权 权The work of the buns will reform the order of the religious and scholars he live in in order to decide. One of the tips such as: focus, document interpretation, knowledge (religion), performance (comedy), and expertise: a strong reinforcement and vocal reel.

Gypsy dance

with guitar accompaniment, knock-like admire applause, hit the feet, a gypsy dance woman wearing a shiny clothing and bracelet Start the Flamenco (Flamenco) - a dynamic dance of her inner feelings. Despite this, she can confuse the crowd and the summoned mysterious energy revealed fate. As a member of other Gypsy immigrant team, she can play guitar, hammering the piano or bell drum, and it is likely to have some training as metalwork or merchants. A gypsy dancer is benefited from performance dance skills, combating instruments and stringed instruments.

The legend of

In a thermal battle, a courageous and integrity officer was sent to the enemy commander. As a horse riding, the trust of the battlefield is dangerous to complete her task. In the peace period, a differential operation immediately fought, the name of the Three Mrs, the title of the aristocracy and the loyalty of the loyalty, in a decent, and motivated them. In the hidth of the Knight, she recorded her family spectrum, imparted excellent and registered Shield (Coat of Arms). A differential changes often ride the battle and know the skills: craft (calligraphy), knowledge (noble and royal), performance (speech) and riding.

lyric poet

Elegant and beautiful; in the southern French wits, the Northern Land Spain, Italy, lyrics sing a warm love song to discuss The joy of the show. He creates a new song with the legendary theme, playing them with ready-made melody - such as Emo's wedding (Caso d'amor), witch's sexual desire; Pastorela, Knight and Shepherd; Or the morning music (Alba), when you are break, the witch's underground lover is gone to the door to warn. A skilled lyric poet offers his own accompaniment, playing violin or harp. Negotiating expert expertise helps lyric poet life, skills: fooling, negotiation, performance (singing), performance (string) and the opinion color.

Northern Poet (English: Skald): The Purchaser of the Nordic Myths

The ancient day Germany believes that the language has mysterious power, not writing the legend, leaving only a very few similar Runenschrift; Runers, fortunately, these myths, the legend of the Northland poet (Skald) is kept in Iceland, and the Norwegian in the 197th century Norwegian Come here, and open the most brilliant era of Icelandic literature.

In Taiwan's famous female cartoonist, the novelist priest, the "Black Princess Series", the poems of the "Black Princess", the poetry, whose singing, sigh, the same song, countless people . In many novels, the bard has a lot of young men in a lot of novels, with the mysterious and etioli, with the elf, with delicate and rich emotions and source Talents. - This profession is the same as the unmovable art like the yin and yang in Japan.

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