Traditional cross talk

Content Introduction

Traditional cross talk is an important part of my country's folk literary treasures. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 600 departments of the survival, and the recordings are not more than 300 paragraphs. These works reflect the historical trajectory of the ripening from the end of the 20th century from the late Qing Dynasty. In the 21st century, we used the precious recording materials owned by China Record Corporation, and carefully edited a group of "Chinese traditional cross talk" ten-disc collector's ten-disc collective records with higher art and collection value. Almost the essence of the maturity of Chinese cross talk art, many paragraphs have now become unbearable, and they are precious.


(1) 1, the winding 郭 启 启 相 臣 2, smart mouth media Po Zhang Shouchen 3, sell the cloth often treven in the white blessings

(2) 1, find马 马 刘宝瑞 2, in the temper of Viwen Mao Zhao Xi 3, eight fan screen Zhao Zhenzhen Zhao Shizhong

(3) 1, Weihewan Su Wenmao Ma Zhi Shu 2, porridge factory Horse Sanli Zhang Qingsen 3, pull tooth horses Season Liu Bairui

(4) 1, the fight is often connected to the security 2, the newspaper name Li Boxiang Du Guoshi 3, the article will Su Wenmao Ma Zhi "/ p>

(5) 1, 马 褂 马 三 郭 启 张庆 森 2 2 , 皮 猴 马 三 3 3, Yellow Crane Lu Luo Rong Shou Gao Fengshan

(six) 1, play cards Guo Rongqi Zhu Xianchen 2 7) 1, the face Hou Baolin Guoqi 2, Luo Cheng played Wang Qianqiang Li Zengui 3, King Kong leg Liu Baorui Guo Quan Baba Season

(8) 1 Xue four provinces Zhao Zhenzhen Zhao Shizhong

(9) 1, catching Cao Hou Bao Lin Guo Quanbao 2, three characters Sanli Zhao Pei 3, crying laughing horse Sea Shizhen

(10) 1 , Sell Ma Hhoubaolin Liu Bairui Gao Fengshan 2, Fushou General Guitian Changbaohua 3, for Spring Festival Majiguqi Queu 4, remove the word horse Liu Baorui Guo Quanru

Traditional cross talk artist

Shidide , 12-year-old worship teacher Zhang Shouchen, once performed in Queen Tea, Tianqiao and Tianjin, Shandong and other places.

Hou Changxi , born in 1945, Beijing people. Tianjin Luyi Group interviewed artist, national first-level actor.

Yu Junwei , the intercounted actor. Frame, Beijing people. When you have made a typographic worker in the Blank Paper Square, the amateur is widely interesting, loves the stringed license, Peking Opera, calligraphy, especially in love, and will learn hard. Performing cross talk, counterpart, and groups.

Striking China , born in January 1928, Hui, Tianjin people. From the small relatives, the teahouse and the intercounted farmers opened by relatives, they were influenced by art, and the artist felt that she had a tanguary, and her family was forced to live, so she said.

Wu Kuihai , is an older cross-sound performance artist. He has been conservative, and it is uncomfortable to teach, encourages the people of the apprentice to learn; he "holding, teasing" is good, and there are many stunts; his "Liu live" deeply Hou Baolin master thumbs up.

Come Gao Gang , the Allegro actor. Hui people, born in Beijing. In 1966, he worshiped the fastboard performance artist Gao Fengshan as a teacher, learning the allegro art.

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