Tower of Babel

synonym Babylon Babel (religious legendary tower) generally refers to the Tower of Babel (religious legendary tower)


According to the Jewish "Bible" records: the great flood disaster , first appeared in the sky rainbow, God came up and said: "I put a rainbow in the clouds, and it will be me and the earth sign of the covenant, when I bring a cloud covered the earth, the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I I will commemorate and you and every living creature of all flesh covenant; the water is no longer rampant, not to destroy every living creature of all flesh, "and the rainbow people of God to the ground and set the convention, no longer used flood to destroy the earth.

Since then, the people of the world speak the same language, have the same accent.

Noah's sons more and more, all over the ground, then headed east.

In the land of Shinar (near ancient Babylon), they met a plain, settle down.

One day, someone asked a question: how do we know there will be no flood of Noah will drown us, just as our ancestors did drown? "It's a rainbow as evidence ah," someone replied, "When we see a rainbow, think of God's promise that he would never again flood to destroy the world."

"But there is no reason to take our future and the future of our children and grandchildren are pinned on rainbow Yeah, "another argued that" we should do something, so as not to flood happen again. "so, they talk to each other, said:" Come on, we need to do brick, and bake them thoroughly. "

so they take the brick for stone, and tar for mortar.

They said: "Come, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven is to spread our name, lest we be scattered over all the earth."

Since the language we communicate, work together to build a prosperous and beautiful city of Babylon, the tower into the sky, and God seems to advance scientific.

I did not expect the move alarmed God!

God find their oath was suspect, God does not allow humanity to doubt their own vows, as we suspect you do not like people like, God decided to punish these people agreed to forget, like eating a punishment forbidden fruit Adam and Eve.

In this way he saw people together, unified powerful, I thought: if humans really magnificent marble Babel, after that there is nothing doing with it? You got to find a way to stop them.

So he quietly left the kingdom of heaven came to earth, change and distinguish human language, enabling them because of the language barrier and scattered throughout, then halfway up the tower.

That common language is called Adam, language, history Some scholars have proposed some kind of language is the original language, such as Hebrew, Basque, etc. (see Jewish literature).

tower halfway stoppage picture symbolic religious art, represents the human arrogance will eventually end up confusing ending.


Gen 11: 1 the whole earth was of one language, speech, all the same.

Gen 11: 2 when they migrate further east, in the land of Shinar met a plain, and dwelt there.

Gen 11: 3 And they said to one another: "Come let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly!." And they had brick for stone, and tar for mortar.

Gen 11: 4 They say: "Come let us build ourselves a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven is to spread our name, lest we be scattered over all the earth!."

Gen 11: 5 and the LORD came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building.

Gen 11: 6 And the Lord said: "Behold, they become as one people speaking the same language, and now not only do these things come from, in the future they plan to do, there is no no achievement! . the

Gen 11: 7 let us go down, and there confound their language, that they are the language barrier with one another "

Gen 11: 8 so the LORD scattered them from there the whole earth; and they stopped building the city.

Gen 11: 9 because the LORD did there confound the language, the people were scattered over the ground, so that the city named Bar do (that is, "accident" means).

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