Tongue roots


1. Pronunciations is closed, that is to pronounce by blocking the flow of air in the acoustic cavity.

2. Articulation soft palate, tongue portion that is against the soft palate. Soft palate behind the hard palate, a soft tissue near the throat.

3. Pronunciations type is voiced, i.e. will pronounce the vocal cords vibrate.

4. This is a nasal consonant, air escapes from the articulation nose.

Tongue roots

5. Central consonant, the airstream may flow through from the middle of the tongue, does not flow from both sides.

6. Flows directly from the gas stream is characterized by lungs, rather than flowing from the mouth or throat gate.


1 Mandarin: sounds appear only at the end, such as [ang], [eng], [ing], [ong]. .

2 Cantonese: This sound may occur in the sound first and sound at the end, as I [ng

o5], mild [hing1], Ang [ngaang4]; also separate appear, such as Wu [ng5], five [ng5].

3 Gan: Old suspected mother, the mother character shadow, the initials in Mandarin read zero, the local dialect is always read velar nasal consonant [ŋ], such as:

old suspect mother, "I'm hungry, false, teeth, bite, shore, Yan Aung, Hubei, hard, hinder," and ancient shadow mother "jacket, Europe, even, Ou, dark, duck, pressure, flooded, security , case, rolling, eyes, Yan, uh, dirty, evil, Ecuador, bend, dumb, short "and other words in Mandarin are zero initial syllable, the counties are added to the base of the tongue voiced nasal consonants [ŋ] initials.

Another part of the ancient word suspect the mother such as "arts, instrument, industry, Yan, research, Yan, Yang, abuse, experience, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yu" and so on, Putonghua is zero initial word, area counties were added to the front of the tongue voiced nasal consonants [n] as initials.

Moreover, are "suspect, Movies" other word two female, such as "Wu, five, houses, outer, fear, Committee, tile, dig, play, Wan, central, infant, pro" and the like , consistent with the Beijing local dialect, are still read as hekou call, [y, Qi tooth calls the zero initial syllable. Small numbers such as "fish, language, Yao, saying, Yan" and other counties read [ŋ] initials, Anqing Tongcheng, Zongyang, Guichi other places have been similar in Mandarin, read zero initial.

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