Character Life is

in 1963, the assertion work is "Iron No. 28". In 2009, he won the credit award in the 3rd Japanese Sound Prize.

September 27, 2020, Fuda's cultivation was died in his home because of the disease, and he was 84 years old.

Character evaluation

Japan's veteran sound, starting from the black and white animation era, the senior matching auditor of dubbing work; low sound and stability, good at the old spicy and vital bonus of insidious sinister The wise class character; can also show a gentle and kind elderly role, almost a universal sound line in various personality.

Main work

TV animation


"Iron No. 28" (1963 edition 1 made) Dafu Police Director, Ph.D., Island (1st)

"Iron Arm A Tongmu" (1963 edition 1) - the referee, ア ナ ナ ナ ナ,ベ ガ ガ ガ ー マ マ タ タ 等 等


"giggling ghost Tailang" (1968 version 1) - バ ッ ク ベ ベ ド ド, , Wow, か ち ち, 上 上, 上 岛, 黑, おどろ おどろ, カ ラ ス 天, 轮 入 道 目 目, っぺらぼ, こ こ も も 目 目 目 っぺらぼ, こ こ こ 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人> "Transformation Man 009" (1968 edition 1st Edition) - Dr. Johannes, Galai Awear, etc.


"Ghost Tailang" (1971 edition 2) - チ チ, big tennis dog, あ あ が が, 子 人

"邦 三 世" (1971 edition 1) - ハ ハ マ マ 岩鉄


"Devil Z" - Hell Dr. Nuke, Diablo General (52h)

"Lubang III" (1971 Edition 1) - ジョ ジョ ジ 滝 滝


"Doraemon" (1973 NTV Edition) - A Dream (First Version)


"Gaita Robot" - Early Temers, ジョ ジョ ホ ホ


"Gaita Robot G" - Early Bird Doctor, ジョ ジョ ホ ホ

"UFO Devil Qur'an" - Bra Team (1st), Gan Dal commander, animal husbandry team guard


"Super Electromagnetic Herobatra V" - - Doctor of Tour


"Lu Bang III" (1977 edition 2) - オ オ ベ ‧ ネ ト ト (2nd words)

"星 ボ ダ ダ ガ ガ ド A" - Dr. Dajiang, マガ マガ マガ


"Space Battleship Big and No. 2" - Bauba Baru

"1 million Earth Trid Biography" - ル ボ ボ ク ク ス 王 ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ク ク ス 王 ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ボ ク ク ク ス 王 王 ル ル ル ボ ボ ボ ボ ル ボ ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ル ルコナ コナ ゾ ゾ 警 (18th)


"Space Battleship Big Hall New Trip" - Dedda

"Transformation people 00 9 "(1979 Edition) - Dr. Eisac ‧ Gilmo


" Universe God Sigma "- Wind See doctoral

"The Monors of the Sun" - Daxie Mao Police Department

"Luzhou III" (1977 Edition) - ガ ガ リ ッ ク (143th words)


"Iron arm A Tongmu" (1980 edition 2) - ド ド タ オズ (45th)

"百 王" - Dai ‧ Bazar Emperor, plot bypass

"Six God Gotmars" - Daxie Chuan's Whole Official

1983 < / b>

"Galaxy Drifting Baifamu" - ア ゼ ゼ ゼ, story is next to

"armored cavalry votmos" - Baruzu 高

< B> 1984

"Lu Bang III" (1984 edition) - Chen Mi, ハ ハ フ フ フ


"Gathering" - Father of the ring


"delicious challenge" - Tangshan Tao People

"Luzhou Third Sea Mingwei Pace Puch" (TV Special) - コ コ サノ

< B> 1992

"Playful Picture" - Christmas Tree


"Detective Conan "- Three-on-three martial arts (sections 61 ~ 62)


" Detective Conan "- Mian Tong 1 (107th ~ 108 words)


"Digital Baby 02" - Fei Tian Main Tax

2001 < / b>

"Pokémon" - ショ ショ ノ ケ ケ


"Tokyo Land End Soldier" - Lei Nai Grandfather


"iron arm A Tongmu" - ヒゲオヤジ

"strange doctor black Jack TV Special: 4 live miracles "- Mexuzhai

" Detective Conan "- Fuji branches (333th)

2004 < / p>

"strange man Zoro" - ゴメ ゴメ head

"医 黑 黑" - Mexuzhai

2005 < / b>

"Detective Conan" - Chiktan (415-417)

200 6 years

"blame doctor black Jack 21" - Mexuzhai


" Witch Hunter "- プチョ


" Gintama "- Do not move three hidden

" Scarecrow "- Ni Luo


"骷髅 13" - Ingma Petans (50th)

< B> 2014

"Despite this world is still beautiful" - Yuan Lao · Latcrov

"Magic Fight 1412" - Suzuki Langji

"Detective Conan" - Suzuki Langji (second-generation, 746 words)


"Youth Black Jack" - Accompanying


"Detective Conan: Episode" One "Small Detective" - ​​Suzuki Langji


"Galaxy Heroes Legend" - Alexander Bracic

"armored cavalry votmos" series - Baruzu 高

"Special Search Fair Dominion" - Director

"Devil's Emperor" - Hell Dr. Nuke

"Real ‧ Gatta Robot on Neo Cap Robot" - - Early Bird Doctor

"骷髅 13 ~ Queen Bee ~" - Gordon

"Detective Conan: The Miracle of Legend" - Coach

Theatrical Edition Animation

"Devil Z to Devil Man" - Hell Dr. Nuke

"Devil Z to Hell Dr." Doctor

" Devil Z, Diablo, Nuke, Bird's Fighting Beast バ ディ ディ ディ ン

"Great Devil on the Gaita Robot" - Early Bird Doctor, Nuke

"Great Devil Gaita robot G: air big surroundings! "- Early female doctor

" UFO Devil Qur'an to the big devil "- Gandal Command

" Queran Diassa, Caita Robot G, Great Devil: Decisive Battle ! Big Sea Beast "- Early Biye Ph.D., Nuke

" Devil's Death Dark Black General "- Nuke

" Doraemon: Daxiong Submari Rock City "- - DuPont Films ã-ide nn

"a dream: Nobita's South Sea Adventure" --Dr by Micron

"Warrior ‧ Knight ‧ command SD Gundam emergency attack" - Warrior up

"Gathering in the fingers" - the parent of the ring

"Luzhou III VS Replication Man" - Police Director

"骷髅 13" (1983 Year Theatrical Edition Animation) - Bob ‧ Boolean

"Detective Conan: Industrial Fire Sunflower" - Suzuki Langji


" Gigle Titang's Nothing Monster Qi Tan "- ぬ ぬ か べ

" giggling the ghost Tailang crisis first! Monster Island "- ぬ ぬ か べ

" Super Robot Wars "series - Hell Dr. Hear, Ph.D. Tu Valior, Hell Marshal, Gandal Command, Doctor, Doctor

Ocean painting

"骷髅 13" (Endi, 1973 real movie version) - Max Port

"Police Story" - Criminal Leader Uncle (Dong Wei

"Kung Fu Panda" - Turtle Fairy

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