(tired) [pronunciation] yā shèng ㄧㄚ ㄕㄥ 'and pressure win (pressure wins)

海 释

Tecorated, "Resignation Sea" Interpretation: Ancient Wutch's witchcraft is a curse uniform or matter. "I am tired", this is, Ya (Yin Yun), "pressure", tip, suitable for suppression, blocking, hiding, suppression.

Tired of the victory

You can often see some tired things, like carved peach, peach, jade gossip, mater, knife sword, door god, etc. Common and more, it is tired of money, and it is called the money, which is a german or evil evil of coins. This kind of money is cast in the front of "Millennium", "The World Taiping", "Justai", "Yi Room IK Home", etc., there is a star, flour, turtle snake, dragon and phoenix pattern for wearing it. There are not a few kinds of stall owners, and it will be called "spending money".

History incident

Tang Gaozong period, Wang Queen is criminally blamed by the prince of Wu Yu (ie Wu Zetian) After the fact that the evidence is insufficient, the Queen is nervous, so he is in the sanctuary with Xiao Shu, and the end of the tired of the victory. Afterwards, he was learned to be anger, and he was hit into the cold palace, on October 13 On the day, Tang Gaozong is also supported by Li Ji and other imperial court Head, and finally, "with" conspiracy to poison, use a tired of hidden hidden hometown, there is a hidden mother's body "," Xiao Shuyu was abolished for the prostitute, and he was imprisoned. Soon after Wang Xiao was killed by the cruel means after being killed.

Borrowed objective ancient ancient has already borrowed objective ancient times. I only remember a "Yuan Day" poem in a king: "The firecrackers are one year old, the spring breeze will warm into the Tu Su. The thousand households will have the old man." I know every time I arrive at the Song Dynasty. " New Year's households put firecrackers and replace the peaches on the door, and the evil spirits are the meaning of the victory. Say these is a pleasant, it is a good mood, a good mood, a good mood. This ceremony continued to today, do not change the peaches to change the Spring Festival, firecrackers are still placed, the ceremony and the ancients are still almost, real intentions. Not the Spring Festival, that is, the first month of the 15th, the Dragon Boat Festival is inserted, the Mid-Autumn Festival is eating moon cake, September Nine Double Nian Festival drinks a male wine, and it is also a customary, and there is no two in the ancients, and even the tricks have relentless, these are tired. Inside. But because it is the national festival, there are many ingredients, and the ingredients that are tired are diluted. Really tired, it is a matter of professionals in a certain thing, you have to use props. This professionals are the gods of the gods. The props are the tired of the victim, and the professional use of the victims will be this original or Whether things are tipped, inhibited, closed or blocked. There is such a story in the "Dream of Red Mans": Wang Xifeng and Jia Baoyu are sick, straightforward dreams, dream of ghosts, gods, Jiamu sent people to send people to the gods Ma Daogao, please This madao is the proficiency of the proficiency of the proficiency, and Ma Daojin, in Baoyu's face, I used the point to paint a few paintings, and my mouth was in the mouth and said, "said:" Custody is good, this is not It is a short flying. "Telling Jiamu to respect a big bright Ming Phu Bodhisattva, Changming light should be more vanosa. Seeing that Jiamu didn't give money, so that the bad teaching Jia Zheng's 妾 娘 法: "Write his two year Geng eight words on these two paper people, one and five ghosts are in each of them. The bed is over, I only practiced at home, I have a self-test. "Zhao Yu Niang did, and the head of Baoyu was more painful. This shows that Madao's ability is, professional technology is exquisite. Later, Madao got out, I was arrested, "I have a search, I have a singer, there is a male and a woman in myxial trial, don't wear clothes, light, two devils, and seven Zhu embroidered needles To the Jinyifu, ask many officials and large women's girls, so they will be in the camp, copy her home, copy some mud plastic, a few boxes, and the null room Hanging a seven-star lamp, there are several herbs under the lamp, with brain hoops, there is a nail in the chest, and there is a lock in the lock. "Look at the" Dream of the Red Man ", This is really good to win.

Madao is making bad. In fact, in daily life, most of the tired of harmful people, most of the tired activities are still in order to avoid murder, preventing the small rituals that are tired, and the small objects that are awesome, this is If you do, you will be relieved, this is actually a spiritual victory. After winning, I have no burden, good health, and peace of mind. Summer street can see many men hanging jade cards and jade faces, in order to avoid evil; the man woman in the wrist Dai Yuki is in order to build a fortune, the light is not pulled.

Does notice

I am tired of it, I also called the victory, no matter how it is called, I'm still a witchcraft. That is to use a little props, one form, press the expected possible or have happened, and may happen, let it happen, and what has happened to let it develop or to well. If the bad guys use it, then it will be, using this form and props to make bad things, so that there is a bad thing, such as Baoyu, there is a little headache, Madao makes bad teaching Zhao Mom. The head of Baoyu is more painful.


The following is only a legend, there is no scientific basis, can't do it, just a more imaginary explanation is tired of


"Wood Techanism" is a kind of tired witchcraft, from ancient witchcraft, the Legend of the Yuan Dynasty became increasingly becoming, reflecting the manner's God said, thereby paying social attention and better The psychology of treatment is sometimes used as a means of venting angerous or unreasonable.


This folk custom originated from when there is no passport, but at least it should be in the future to settle life. The customs and beliefs of "Wood Work" are extremely long in ancient Chinese ancient times, which can find many evidence in the historical literature of the Khan Chain.


"Saying" Volume Seven Terrace Music "Sembus Miscellaneous Notes" There are several stories:

Even / h3>

One: Even the fight: There is a carpenter, the owner does not pay attention to distribute the two heads that are being spread. The naked puppets hidden in the house, so that the family will hear the horn in the middle of the middle. / P>

Brick filial piety

2: "Brick Dai Xiao": Due to the wood work, the bridge has been constantly funeral, and later, after the wind and rain, the land is broken, only in the wall I found a brick wrapped in a filial piety.

Burned dragon bones

three: burning keel: Wu Land's rich business asking the woodworking ship, because "the weeding is slightly thin", so suspected that the wood will have him, so watch the woodwork will collect At night, I lurked to the stern to steal the stern. I just saw that the woodworking was hitting the wooden bones in the mulberry. Later, she did two years before the boat. It was not in the rain. It was not smooth.

The rich man is suspicious, and then takes out the wooden dragon, throw it into the boiling oil, the woodwork is in the next home, knows the loss, come and ask for a forgive, but the rich people continue Frying pocket, woodworking fell to death.

It is said that when it is tired of the victory, it is only to invest in the fire or boiled fry to break its witchcraft effectiveness, the owner can regain peace, and the author will be subject to Corresponding penalties. This also reflects "Wood Work" although "Wood Work" is also aware of supernatural power, this super natural force is not uncomfortable, and it can eventually be crackdown.

"Wood-tired" folk beliefs and customs are quite prevalent in ancient China. So, in order to prevent the wood merits or unintentionally collided with the gods, the folk builds of the house must be awarded the sacrifice to defense, such as under the base, "Duck" and "Press" homophonic, indicating that the earth is evil, It is called pressure towns, and different national defense methods are different.

With the development of society, the improvement of scientific progress and culture, as far as the fast-paced and diversification of modern lifestyle, people's superstitious concepts, ghosts and gods are becoming more faint, and the way of belief is constantly simplified. "Wood-tired", which has been passed thousands of years, has also begun to gradually fade out the historical stage. However, as a folk phenomenon, it has long been survived in history.


The following is said to the building-related wood-winning:

Du Fu has poems: Jun does not see Qin Shi Wei, engraved stone is three rhinoceros . Although there is a tired of the law, the natural river water is east.人 矜 一 一,,, 人 近 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 仪This year, there is a punishment, this or fear is mottled.

This poem is the Dujiangyan of the Warring States Water Conservancy Specialist Li Bing, which guarantees the 1000-year-old "drought water infiltration, the rain, Dussey water, so the water and dissatisfaction, I don't know hunger, then After the Wilderness, the Tianxia Premiere, after the Tang Dynasty, it was finally in the mouth of the field, which made a big thing.

Du Fu clearly put forward in the poem, this excellent water conservancy engineering used a tired method, the decision is the retribution of the demon law.

is how to use it.

There is a legend in the woodworking that the Zhangyi Building in Jiangyu, which is the public area, which is the Luban himself. After the building was established, Luban put a small wooden man in the cross of the beam, and put a rice millet on both sides, keep the balance of the wood, left a sentence: a word: wood does not fall, water is not Near.

After 1000 years, Dujiangyan's decision has exploded a large-scale mouse before the flood disaster. The valley that can be found is to give the consumption, even if you hide the beam. So Du Fu said: Although there is a tired of the law, the Tianhengjiang water is east.

I am tired of tired, not the war, you violate the objective law is not good. General woodworking is not able to use in peers, and can not be used in engineering that is not built.

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