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Ancient Greek philosophers Plato's advanced work "Tmai Europe" is an important document for Plato thinking. This is a dialogue about the theory and natural science,

Since it is translated into Latin text and has a translation of various languages, the Chinese philosophers pay attention to the study and annotation of the article. And the article as a universe or natural philosophy, the evaluation is the evaluation.

In "Tmai Europe", we can also see the inheritance and play of Plato to Socrates Ethics. The Socrates talked about "knowledge is dexter", "no one is interested in being evil", Plato also talks about "no one deliberately do bad things", the difference is that Plato gives a different explanation. Socrate is a discussion of human nature issues at an ethical level. He pointed out that a person is good or evil, the key is to depends on his knowledge, so everyone is good in his knowledge, and it is evil in his unknown things. Berram, from the perspective of psychiatrics, it is because the functional mechanism in the body has problems, the soul lacks good cultivation; on the other hand, when there is a person who has physical and mental inadvertent in the city and is in the control of the bad government Below, social atmosphere degradation, people have lack a kind of education to resist this toxin, so in adverse induction, people violate their will change. The latter statement has made great significance from the level of social environment.

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Timai European

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