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Northern anthem story

1934 Nian 12 on 3, a magazine published in the Northern University "Northern Weekly" and "school song collection notice" has aroused hot teachers and students: "Court after nearly ...... history intends to codify the hospital, and intends to collect the school song. Northern China still has hope each graduate students, the alma mater of its carry forward the spirit of enthusiasm, Wei see each express inspire young man. and Appendix anthem final manuscript in ...... "

after the final manuscript attached anthem: "arsenal Hongkai, verdant good gas around the tower is my oldest Chinese universities, cultural embryos shipped north river hereby moist, Xi Gu Pei planted peaches and plums all over Europe and refining, through casting material.... Fully civil mechanical and electrical metallurgical mining, construction bred talent. look diplomatic judicial towering Tau Kok, Trade and Industry mine Road, enjoys a reputation Teng, realistic foes in the past. to persuade their peers, well continue to work together, so I never made the Northern brilliance, shine Gai mix water with clay . "

from the point of view of literary appreciation, this" school song final manuscript "called beautiful diction, dignified appearance, used as a university school song, is a rare masterpiece. However, when he was president of the University of Northern Li Shutian he was not satisfied. In Li Shutian seems, was in Tianjin, north China, where there is no "good gas verdant"? I am afraid that has long been the "dark clouds"! Let us look at: August 7, 1934, Japanese businessman in Tangshan, Hebei drug trafficking, two days people who died because of smoking up to more than eight hundred; August 11, Japan's large-scale military exercises in Peking, Tianjin; August 25, Japanese troops actually stationed in the city of Tianjin drill street fighting. The specter of war, the fate of the country home Jianwei, an unprecedented catastrophe is approaching.

At a time when Northern University, is diligently practicing their own "power up schools' promise: Northern University first to realize the localization engineering personnel training, broke the Chinese University of foreign faculty in engineering technology reliance; to create a research institute, to recruit the first batch of Chinese graduate students, to lead the transformation of Chinese universities to research universities; to overcome difficulties and successful trial of China's first aircraft engine, the technical indicators are rival or even exceed the original machine Germany , is world-class; convened a large number of giant projects, the creation of China's first hydraulic tests, the national identity of salvaging sprinkling Huang-Huai ocean, building water conservancy projects, for the benefit of common people ......

Li Shutian well aware that such an anthem university, not just shine through "a long learning" "embryo culture" of grand rhetoric, but the current situation of distress should sing, sing home country rise and fall, the Northern teachers and students to sing at home crisis on the occasion of national crisis to play! As he vowed generous Northern University in 1933, the opening ceremony: "national calamity Zi Fang, Yu ran hot ...... school's stately, Hong-li of the device, over faculties of reset, the number of students, must not enough to make the mission of the University of Lords First, the university should offer people new inventions, new creation, but also to provide to invent, create, ethics group leader can best talent, "clung to this spiritual belief, Li Shutian find two giants of the music industry at that time China! - secondary and tertiary Liao Xiao Youmei, please two masters would like to University of Northern mental strength of character, great care, write a school song.

1935 August at the University of Northern fortieth anniversary celebration of the occasion, Xiao Youmei composer, lyricist Liao Fu t "Northern University school song" was officially established. School song melody forceful, concise meaning of the word, profound connotation, embodies the spirit of the school and the University of Northern fine tradition, with more emphasis on the school known for engineering, practice-oriented features. Since then, the song anthem with thousands of teachers and students excited Mian distress tough, rigorous scholarship, patriotism, dedication, as if every word contains endless power: "Flower dike dim, shipped north surging, high towering Northern universities. He said a long history, the construction of compatriots from the paper talk does not succeed, the Chinese want to transform poor field theoretical, Branch-workers;.. heavy experiments, thin carving insects look IAC precursor of Zhuo Luo, efforts should newcomer track. read past the difficult to create, willing Yixinyide a total of Yang school reputation to infinity. "


Xiao Youmei


Liao Fu t


flower embankment dim, shipped north surging, high towering Northern universities, said a long history of building compatriots, do not succeed talk from the paper to the field of Chinese reform.

poor theoretical, Branch-workers, heavy experiments, thin carving insects, Wang Ying Wa precursor of Zhuo Luo, efforts should newcomer to track, read past the difficult to create, the reputation of the school is willing to raise a total of Yixinyide to infinity.


Northern University - Tianjin University school song

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flower embankment dim, shipped north surging, high towering institution Northern. long, said the history, construction compatriots not to show empty from the paper


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talk to field the Chinese transformation. poor theoretical, Branch-workers, heavy experiments, thin carving insects.


5 - 56 7 | 1 7 6 5 | 4 - 43 2 | 17 1 2 - | 3 - 34 5 | 2 1 7 6 | 5 5 6 5 |

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Wang Zhuo Luo IAC's precursor, welcome newcomer trying to track. read past the difficult to create. wholeheartedly wish a


7 - - 5 | 6 7 1 2 | 1 - 1 0 |

German school were Yang Yu to infinity

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