This is China

Program features

This program is innovatively adopted the "Speech + Live Show" mode. The lecturer Zhang Wei is a professor to the audience with his own political concept and perspective, and launched a discussion and even debate on the scene, and finally put the Chinese system, Chinese theory, China's road, and Chinese culture. The advanced nature is clear, convey the core spirit of "national self-confidence".

"This is China" does not limit the form of the program on paper. Instead, the show breaks through the one-way form of the traditional theoretical propaganda program, with three "role combinations" with two main lines to complete the multi-angle presence of the program.

Diversity plot


1-56-1011-1516-2021 -25

Broadcast information

Since January 7, 2019, 12:30 every Monday at Oriental TV.

Winning record

July 10, 2020, the National Radio and Television General Administration Office of the Office of the 2019 Radio and Television Innovation, the list of 50,000 yuan, the funds supported by 50,000 yuan.

February 9, 2021, was assessed by the General Administration of Radio and Television as a 2020 excellent overseas communication work.

Program evaluation

Program focusing on the power of thought itself, through content, form, discourse innovation, unspeakable official policies, no evasion, direct and young people face-to-face discussions, let the audience prefer Look, there is a feeling, you can resonate, so that you can explore a new path to a theoretical preaching program.

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