third-party software


User defines a third party software: The first party is your own, the second party is your object you have to solve, use additional software to deal with your object. That is to use the third aspect software. Third-party software is a system for other organizations or individuals developed by some kind of software in application functions, and other organizations or individuals developed by non-software compilation.

third-party software


For example, "third party" we can understand that this "third" is the same meaning, but what the result they brought is not The same, the former is destroyed, the latter is supplemented. When we use the operating system to work or study, we have found the problem that cannot be resolved. The operating system does not provide this feature. We can't solve it through your own efforts. At this time, I use other organizations or personal developments. Help us to solve the problem, this time, we call this organization or individual as "third party". Then "the first party" and "second parties" can be understood as official and user.


First we try to find the first party, it is the official of what we said. For the Windows operating system, this is Microsoft development. So Microsoft is official, on this operating system, all Microsoft developed software we can call it official software, but there are many software is our users need, Microsoft. Nothing, or Microsoft provides but the function and use is not then the user, this time has spawned another group, which is the "third party" developed more suitable for us to use, and the child is named as :third-party software.

The operating system is also a software, but we usually understand as a software platform, and many software is based on such platforms, then do all softwares are called third-party software? Answer not like this. I think who developed this software, then who is the official of this software, this believes that everyone agrees. For example, what we often play, the developers of these games are official, then the player's plug-in is a third party. In this way, some of the plugins we often see can also be understood as third-party software.

So here, there is a must explain that the relationship between the "second party" "second party" is closely linked. For example, the Windows operating system is Microsoft official, the game is running on this operating system. When we played the game, I formed "first parties" and "second parties". At this time, the game official relatively close to the official and our relationship is more close. At this time, the official we say is just means the official, "First Party", the player is "second part". That is to say, it is not involved at this time.

Third-party software is usually developed and distributed by separate technology companies or individuals.

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