There is a lover in the world


Since 2012, CCTV continuously launched the "World's Lovers" special programs, the program strives to break through, pioneering and innovation, has become a Tanabata brand with certain influence.

Multi-year program


There is a lover in the world, together in Tanabata! 2016 CCTV3 Tanabata Special Program "There is a lover in the world" in China's traditional Tanabata Festival (August 9), live broadcast in CCTV3!

There is a lover in the world

Remember the "two butterflies"? Speaking of love songs, this song is simply no one. This time, Pang Long debuts the Tanabata, I don't know what kind of song will you bring?

This year's Tanabata stage, our male gods are 维文. Every year's Spring Festival Evening, everyone can see his figure, and his song is accompanying a lot of people. This time, the teacher of Yanvin came to the stage of Tanabata, and the style of singing with his own songs.

Ping An and Moderator Zhang Lei wants to stage a wonderful cross-border cooperation in the day of the Tanabata live broadcast, suspense full, and expect value explosions.


2019 Tanabata is the topic of "Colorful Tanabata" to highlight the meaning of "seven" in the folk traditional culture. The party has been recorded in Jiangxi Xinyu Lake on July 22, which combines the "Legendary Seven Family" with the current popular Tanabi culture, and creates the new folk folk folk folk folk folk custom of "the people who love each other." In this way, the public is completed by the new understanding of Tanabata culture, advocating the new trend of traditional culture.

Central Radio and TV Trust Tanabata Special Program "There is a lover in the world" will meet at CCTV3 and the audience at 19:30 on August 7. The program constructs the party theme "Colorful Tanabata", "Colorful Tanabata", "Colorful Tanabata", "Colorful Tanabata", "House and Guosheng Hui Yiyi" The essence of culture. The stage is located in Jiangxi Xinyu Fairy Lake, where it is the "Siya Women", "San Qi" legend and "China Tanabata", and the Chinese folk literary family, the Chinese folk literary family Township.

In terms of hosting lineup, in addition to Yang Fan, Zhang Lei's two hosts, the program group also invited Lin Zhiling, Central Radio and Television Head, Changguang host Xu Mun, Jiangxi Satellite TV host Yin Yu participated in the special link Performance and new media interaction, active atmosphere of love, injecting more vitality and youth for the evening. Li Yuchun, Lin Zhiling, Li Ronghao, Lin Yijia, Dujiang, Huo Si Yan and many other star guests gathered in the lakeside of the fairy, and opened a romantic trip that was about to be burned this summer. Among them, Li Yuchun strength joined the special program of "There is a lover in the world", she will interpret individual classic tracks "see the next intersection", cool songs light.


Tanabata special program is the only party that walks out in the "five small night" in 2020, recording the Kunming pool, the fairy lake, and is quite with There is a source.

The theme of "There is a lover in the world, this evening" is divided into three big chapters, "At this time," "At this time, the most coming" "This life". The whole party uses a short film to build a "Double City, the New Year" concept, and drive the party's process with three stories. The story of the story is novel, with the two-way view scene, the same screen shooting, the protagonist in the story is connected to the two home programs, lead the audience from the movie to the stage. In the program, Li Si, Ren Luyu, Yang Fan, Zhang Lei four hosts lead four actors cross-borders, and the famous film and television actors will give the audience to have a stalk, possessive, and powerful feature. The program is not only in the art of songs, dances, cross talks, but also outside the framework of the traditional party, add a variety of audiovisual means such as film and television shooting to create a new concept of large TV activities.

The stage is incorporated into the red man danced by CCTV media line, and uses "Tanabata's most beautiful dance" to set off the whole people to participate in the boom, and the different body language is swaying. At the same time, collect activities with "steady happiness" for the topic of the video, help you keep the "small confidence" in your life. The program also invited the poverty poverty-ranging grassroots cadres, the ordinary people in the epidemics, members of the anti-vlorative expert group, telling the special love story.

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