The truth of history: 100 turns in the history of civilization

The truth of the synonym history (2009 蘅 蘅 编 图 图) Generally refers to the truth of history: 100 transitions in the history of civilization

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What events have a major impact on historical processes?

What findings produce transformative effects on civilized trajectories?

What creates a major breakthrough to scientific evolution?

Who has a decisive role in human fate?


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Creation of ancient Egyptian civilization

Harrapa Culture in the Indian River Basin

Cuban Barba Kingdom

The promulgation of "Hammurabi Code"

Chinese Medicine Development

Ancient Greek Olympic Games

The birth of ancient Greek philosophy

Release "Babylon 's prisoners"

East and Western civilization's first collision - Hippa War

Buddhism foundation and communication

Confucian The formation of Taoist thinking

Alexander East "

China's four major invention

Silk Road opening

Germanic national migration

Roman Empire's rise and collapse

Christian foundings and communication

Ak Shim slave countries rise

Xiongnu enters Europe < / p>

The promulgation of the "Chaser Diki Code"

Imperial Examination System Forms

Tang Dynasty Establishment

Symbol of China-Indian Cultural Exchange - Tang Xuanzhu taking the

Muhammad founding Islam

Arab Empire's establishment

English Geei Kingdom forms

Charman Empire establishment and Split

University Creating

Christianity's large split

Cross Army

Empire of Mongolia Empire

Literature Renaissance

British French 100 Years War

Black Death Braise European

Zheng He Xi Ocean

Tragedy Slave Trade

Coperniced Nikaixiang said

new route

circle sports

European religious reform campaign

Nide Lan revolution

Enlightenment campaign

British bourgeois revolution

Newtonian mechanics system establishment

Peter's reform

< P> First Industrial Revolution

U.S. Independence War

capture Bus Tower

Zhanner Inventoune Pectune

Napoleon Empire

Electric inventions and applications

Central Poppy War

"Communist Declaration"

Crimea War

Internal invention

"Source of species"

Russian farm reform

US North China War

Meiji Rein Sports

Russian Gamese Lev published Element Period

Clact War


LCD appearance

Nobel Prize setting

The appearance of the aircraft


First World War

< P> Russian October Revolution

Paris and the convening of Paris

Mussolini to top

Soviet settlement and disintegration

TV The invention

Liquid fuel propellant rocket came out

1929 to 1933 Global economic crisis

electron microscope invention

Germany Hitler is going to Taiwan < / p>

The invention of electrostatic copiers

Second World War

penicillin inventions

Bretton forest system is established

< P> Atomic bomb appearance

Potsdam meeting

United Nations established

electronic computer advent

inventive transistor

Israel's founding countries

The United States has passed the Marshall Plan

The establishment of the Northern Atlantic Convention Organization

The People's Republic of China established

European Union to set up

The birth of the integrated circuit

"Apollo" first boarded the moon

China resumes the legal seats of the United Nations

1973-1974 Economic Crisis

China-US Certified Communication

Pushing the Berlin Wall

Rwandan Ethnic Massacre

World Trade Organization is established in Geneva, Switzerland

China's recovery of Hong Kong's sovereignty

"9 · 11" incident

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